Design Comp Recreate Scrnshot

Design Comp Recreate Scrnshot
Your task is to view the image below taken from the movie “Gamer”. This is a low quality shot of a site you are to reproduce in PSD format.
The bottom of it is cut off as are the woman’s legs on the left so you will need to use your imagination a bit to finish it.

Attention to detail is essential.

You will need to complete the design before your bid gets approved. This is a competition, the best recreation will win the $50 and a 10/10 feedback rating as well as future design work.

Joomla Web Cam Integration

Joomla Web Cam Integration
We have an aquarium site in which I need an experience Joomla programmer to help upload files that had already been created a while ago (and was backed up) back onto a hosting server which includes using database (SQL) to support the files (easy part). AND in addition, help incorporate the site with webcams that will be necessary to showcase 10 or more live aquarium fish tank images on the site.

Contractor Bidding Sit For Job

Contractor Bidding Sit For Job
Need a standard script for contractors to bid on work.
Need each to get a profile to update (Name, Business, about,Contacts, etc.)

Will need email notification system for both job posters and bidders.
Clone operation like a (scriptlance) in reference to functionality.

Employers must be able to come and post jobs to be bid on.

Admin area must keep track of stats
Paypal Subscription Integration needed to keep track of paid subscribers.

Also escow acount option available

Craiglist Clone

Craiglist Clone
we are looking for a site like Craiglist with rotating banners at the bottom of the page
if any one has any thing like this let us know and send us a message here
we would like it to have all the countrys and citys in it like Craiglist has.
send us a link for we can take a look at it and we also want to take a look at the admin panel
and let us know what you want for the site
thanks ken and mary ann Viewers Booster Viewers Booster
I need a fake hits script that will instantly boost the number of viewers on my page. This site has flash players and keeps track by the number of people who are actually watching a player on a particular page.

I don’t care if this is programmed using web based script (linux server) or desktop software. But, I need this to work. If you don’t know how to do this, please don’t bid.

Joomla Vitumart Custom T-shirt

Joomla Vitumart Custom T-shirt
I looking for a custom t-shirt Flash interface working with Joomla Version 1.5.14
and VirtueMart 1.1.4 like
I need the same for better price. Check features. I need to load unlimited items like t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc…
Be able to difine print areas and provide templates for the customer to upload his picture and text like
and he can buy per piece or in bulk.

Budget 100$ to 350$ USD.

Thank you!


Clothing Resale Website

Clothing Resale Website
I would like a website designed the same as this website for starters I do not want to copy the site exactly. Just would like same link layouts of the following Links (GIRLS, BOYS, ACCESSORIES, CLEARANCE (I want it called Bargain Bin). Also a Link ABOUT US. This is a good start. I need the website to be very easy for the ADMIN to navigate and add new pieces of clothing. I want the adding of clothing to be VERY SIMPLE!!!!!!!! Kinda like this Click Add new Item, Select from a pull down menu where it goes, Select from a pull down menu the condition (New, Mint, Etc), Add a Description, Click to add a picture, I want it to automatically give it an item # then click Done and it lists it on the website. That easy, nothing complex. Once I figure out who I would like to design this site I will explain alittle more. Please look over the website I want my site to look like as this will be what your pricing it on. I will provide my own graphics. Thanks

Sales Copywriting

Sales Copywriting
HI Guys,

This is my first projext on here..

I am looking for a sales copywriter with html skill who can create a sales page that looks like www dot massppv dot com. The site which i need doing are www dot listbuildingexploded dot com. As you can see it is been started on but now need to take it to the next level. The angle is there already just a matter of getting creative. Plkease let me know if anyone can handle this project. also here are good examples of nice formatting also for more reference points,,, CAn anybody out there think they can do this for me?

Forms/login/database Php

Forms/login/database Php
I need some forms made with certain specs (three forms go into one email)
Info from forms go into a database (name, address, phone, social security number, email, etc)
Once the forms are filled out, either a Username using info from the forms is generated or a Associate ID #
That also goes into a database

To go to a certain page, they need to login using only the username or Associate ID

If it is forgotten, it can be retrieved immediately from the database by typing in the email or social security number they filled out in the form

Info is emailed in email (forms, name, email, address, etc) to the email I will provide

Email is sent to the person filling out the form with a confirmation of stuff filled out and a seperate email is sent with only the users username or Associate ID

Must be generated, not provided by associate

Need this script working by tomorrow evening (9pm Eastern Standard Time)…

Cheapest bid gets it.

Spider&clone Artcles Directory

Spider&clone Artcles Directory
Would like to spider and clone selfgrowth d-tcom, and put the articles into my own articles directory.

I had a programmer install a script called Articles CRM. We customized a few features and the templates, but no major changes.

Articles CRM uses a mysql database on the webserver (we use host gator to host our sites). Articles CRM is written in PHP and is easily customized.

Important: I’d like to be able to run an update once a day to see if any new articles have been added to the original articles directory, and then spier them and bring them over to my articles directory.

If possible, I would like your coding to create an account on my directory for each individual author. And then create a random generated password. Then any articles that are spidered by the author on the original directory, would now be added to this author’s account that is now created on my own directory.