Rewrite – Non-fiction

Rewrite – Non-fiction
Rewrite for 20,000 words non-fiction typescript on the subject of forgiveness. You must have an excellent grasp of English grammar! Not word spinning! Please provide your interpretation of the 521 word appended test piece for consideration with your bid. Please do not bid unless you provide the test piece. You will see that we have awarded bids in the past, we do not want you to do a test piece just so we can skip off with it! We want you to do it so we can see your quality of work. Supplied in Microsoft Word 2007 or Word 97-2003, we expect it to be returned in Microsoft Word format. At least 90% change to text is required for the rewrite! If you cannot provide this then please do not bid and waste your time.

File for the test piece is attached in both Word 2007 and Word ’97-2003, take your pick.

I will be paying FAST through Scriptlance by paypal.

I would like to thank you for reading my project. I appreciate it.



Magic Book

Magic Book
I am a pro magician. I need someone to write a book for me on Magic. It will contain some history of magic, some effects, and ideas on creating magic effects.

I can provide much of the information and many resources. I have been performing magic for many years but dont have time to write apart from the fact i have never written a book before. I will also provide photos of the effects i want included and explained.

Interested bidders contact me

Create A Mlm Website

Create A Mlm Website
I am looking for someone to create a mlm website that monitors downline and create spillovers. I want a real-time server that updates regularly. I want member to be able to sign up and pay fee, and necessary amount distributed to appropriate member. Need system to go 6 levels deep and 5 members wide. When member has 5 members on 1st level, I want the remaining signups to spillover to next member with most members on their 1st level. System should contain products listing. Members Sells products and earn commission on sales. Member should be notified if they complete a level, and when someone signs up. Payment through Liberty Reserve, alertpay or Local Bank Deposit. Any suggestions will be considered since this is a start-up.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering
I’m looking for a on line ordering system for multi restaurants that can room over a 400 restaurant and cope with a traffic over 1000 ordering a day with the possibility of expanding in the future.
the idea is to set up a single web site for many different restaurants where people can search for restaurants by zip code. address , or cuisine type, once these info are entered the customer will have to chose between pick up or delivery and results will be displayed,. once the customer choose which restaurant to order from, their menu will pop up then choose the items they want to order, upon finishing they will be directed to a check out page where they can confirm the order, enter name. address, payment methods and hit the submit bottom.
-order from website will be faxed or emailed ( fax is a must)
-an application must be in place to keep track of how many orders and how much form each restaurant.
-the customer will receive a confirmation text or an email of their order
-each restaurant will have an access to the back end allowing them to change info and prices about their restaurant only.
-must be able to manually enter munes.
-once the order is faxed an automated phone call will be placed to remind the restaurant of an order have been faxed, and then enter a special number to confirm the order.( numbers must match)

there are a lot more to add but i will keep that open to the programmer and the web site designer imagination and creativity.
similar websites are and

Mods For An Etsy Style Site

Mods For An Etsy Style Site
I have a site running a etsy style shopping mall script and here’s what I am looking for:
Site is

– Send admin an email when a new user signs up, a new item is posted, when an item is edited or when an item is deleted

– Right now I can view listed products on site with store owner name but I want to be able to click on store owner name to view all users products, with this the ability to edit/delete or suspend item

Payment after completion and testing on my server, I need this done asap with no errors or bugs, since the site is currently live. I can escrow half up front and half when it’s done, I will not escrow the entire bid.

Drupal Project Changes

Drupal Project Changes

We need a vendor to do the following work on an ecommerce website:

1) Drop Down Navigation
2) Add all content pages
3) Add side navigation on inner pages as per our design example
4) Search Module for products within website

Before quoting on this project please be aware that we need someone who can be really quick working on these smaller task. Thank you

Expert Php/mysql/ Programmer

Expert Php/mysql/ Programmer
I am looking for a talented programmer to support an ongoing project. The tasks you get will be defined into separate jobs. For the purpose of this project, the first task is likely to be small (like $50). Subsequent tasks will be bigger if you have the needed expertise.

You must be an expert in php/mysql, quick thinker who can solve problems fast and able to co-ordinate changes in complex programs.

The application you will be supporting is a template-based website built on smarty. You therefore need experience with smarty.

Some experience in design and flash programming would be an added advantage but not a must.

I will give you a short task at first, then wil escallate tasks until you are fully comfortable. You are likely to get continuous work, as long as you can handle it and as long as you have the necessary expertise.

When you bid, please let me know how long you have been programming and your specific experience. Please do not take me to your portfolio, I just need relevant experience for this project.

Obviously the budget for this project cannot be fixed, but will most likely be based on the tasks at hand. For a start, $50-$100 is reasonable.

Payment arrangements will be the most convenient for you.

Cubecart 3 Stock Level Mod

Cubecart 3 Stock Level Mod
This job is for one of our clients who needs more functionality from cubecarts stock level function. Let me try to explain clearly.

1. The client sells single products for which he will use the current stock level functionality no problem.

2. The clients main products are sold by weight and in different strengths. What he really wants for this is a stock control mod.

Products meaning nothing here is an example.

He sells the following product

5 x strength super washing powder.

In the 5x strength category he will add several products

10 Grams of 5x strength super washing powder $xx
20 Grams Of 5x strength Super washing powder $xxx
30 Grams Of 5x strength Super Washing powder $xxx

With Cubes current system each product would have to have a stock level assigned to it which is no good for the client as he is taking any order in this category from the same bulk stock.

I am thinking a new page in admin with bulk stock control where name of product and gross weight inventory can be added/edited.

Then on the add edit product page an option when it comes to assigning stock levels either

Individual stock control (Cubes current function enter how many you have)

Bulk stock control, If selected the client would need to select simply the product name from a drop down depending on what he added in the bulk stock control page. This way an order of any amount will be deducted from the gross stock level.

That is issue 1

Now for issue 2

The client also sells 10 x strength super washing powder at a different cost this is fine if all the customer is ordering is either 10x or 5x concentrate but the client also wants to sell packages eg

10g Of 5x concentrate and 20g of 10x concentrate and 10g of 10 x concentrate

The packages would be fixed weights and price but obviously a purchase of that product would require 3 bulk stock figures updating/reducing.

So this would require a modification to cubes add edit product routine to allow three products to be added as a package with a gross price.


All stock levels whether individual stock levels or bulk stock levels should be reduced on ordering.


Should an order be marked declined, deleted or cancelled in cube admin the inventory/stock levels for that order need adding back to the gross stock figures whether they be individual items or bulk stock items in order to keep the stock control correct.

Happy Bidding

Eventful Clone

Eventful Clone
I am looking for a clone site with same features as Difference is i need different levels of paying membership. One including free membership and easy upgrade to other members ships or add more features for there posts/events. Project possible to be started within the next week.

Phpfox Project

Phpfox Project
As a leading outsource company i wish to hire an experience company/team to work on phpFox template integration and features customization.

it would require 1-3 team members (or one superman) todo the following:
1- PSD -> HTML conversion
2- creating more HTML templates for other sections from the PSD
3- XHTML -> phpFox integration
4- customize the look and feel of the existing features how they look like
5- some misc. tasks

the effort is 25 days for 12-16hrs/day starting immediately

if you are a phpfox guru but need the HTML to be sliced and given to you please mention this in your bid to consider the conversion

Simple WordPress Install

Simple WordPress Install
I need someone that can install WordPress and set up 13 plugins for me. This is a quick project for
anyone that has installed a WordPress site before.

Here’s a list of plugins you need to install.
* WPstats * All In One SEO
* YATCP * Yoast Comment Redirect
* Comment Luv * Subscribe To Comments
* Do FOllow * Top Commentator
* WWSGD * AdRotate
* ShareThis * Tweetmeme
* Comment Relish