Online Music Portal

Online Music Portal
I need a portal where visitors can listen to music online. That to maintain the portal I just need to upload the files in MP3 format in the appropriate folder by musical genre, album or artist.

The site should be easy to administer, preferably by a CMS. must have advertising space and space for users to share links of songs are listening with others. Optimized for search engines. With sitemap.xml

This page will be hosted on a Linux dedicated server.

Whoever makes the project the best price and offer me the best support and maintenance will be my exclusive service provider for this project, we will work together for a long time.

I expect something similar to:

Xml Programmer For Travel Site

Xml Programmer For Travel Site
I am updating one of our travel sites and I need an XML designer who is willing to develop the XML interface AND to make themselves available for technical updates as the provider demands at future dates.

The graphical update of the site is complete. You will be adding a vacation search box using the XML system of either IAN or wctravel. I have a example of what I want the new site to look like.
The site also uses CSS, and will be published on a secure page.

Successful applicant will have a minimum of 2 past clients for either,, or both where the integration of their XML systems have been worked through to completion.

You will also need to know the scripting language used on the back end for the XML to work, plus how to upload, troubleshoot, and otherwise make operational and will be given ftp access to make that happen. You will be responsible to do whatever work is necessary to make the site fully functional and complete all necessary troubleshooting. CSS, html, SEO skills, and Javasript also a plus.

Once completed, the site and its XML will need to be approved by the technical department of either travel partner before payment is released. Again, existing knowledge of their parameters is mandatory (see above paragraph).

Logos (125) Needed – Basic

Logos (125) Needed – Basic
Hello 🙂

I will need roughly 120 logos done for some affiliate websites we are doing. I was using and it worked great. Feel free to use that or another program.

We do NOT need original designs – just quick logos to go with our themes.

We will provide you the the (1) theme and (2) color of the logo. Just one color.. not multiple colors.

You then need to find the logo that relays what our site is (for example, flower for flower site, etc) and put ‘Your URL here’ next to it.

I have attached a sample that I did using the software at

Easy job, just don’t have the time!



New Splash Page

New Splash Page
I want a new splash page that is sexy, and looks like the people in it are wealthy and having a great time. I want it to say the same thing and I want it to have exactly the same programming to work with this auto responder system. I would like to have it hosted somewhere also and I don’t care if the web address is a long one that’s not memorable. Stick it anywhere – I’m just using it in a traffic exchange (Traffic Swarm). I want the graphics to blow me away.

Only 1 change in the programming – I’d like it to take the prospect to a different website after the prospect enters his contact information if possible.

Here’s my current splash page that you can get the programming out of:

Thanks so much.

New Website Needed

New Website Needed

>>> Bid with peace of mind! I’ve selected “HIDE PROJECT BIDS” so nobody can see/ view your bidding price/ details <<<

I need a new website for promoting my phone apps. Here are two links to 65 cool sites that also promote phone apps. My new site should be as cool as them:

My site can be slightly different from one of those websites. Or, you can take a few of those websites’ concepts and mix them into one for my website.

My phone apps are photo albums for beautiful flowers/ animals. Nothing high-tech. I want my visitors to feel pleasant & comfortable.

I like to know:
1. What’s your suggestion for this project after you’ve visited those sites?
2. your best offer and what is included (SEO, etc.) in your service.
3. What makes you better than your competitors?
4. Your proudest achievements… I like to know.

And, if you have designed such website before, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Good communication is very important. Do not bid if you can’t communicate well or if you think you know everything in the world.

Take your time. Think and plan carefully for the best you can offer before you bid.


Joomla / Jobline / Jomsocial

Joomla / Jobline / Jomsocial
We have a website built using joomla. We also have a variety of extensions running including jobline, jomsocial, SOBI2 and others.

This project concerns the jobline and jomsocial components. We would like for registered users to be able to set-up “job alerts” so they can be notified when a new job is posted in a category they are interested in.

1) Registered users will login, go to jomsocial profile, and there will be a new tab titled “Job Alerts”.
2) Within this tab, they will have the option to subscribe to receive alerts when jobs are posted in any category they select.
3) This should be built so that a cron runs one time per day. When it runs, it simply looks for any user that has subscribed to job alerts and if there has been a new job posted within a category they have selected, then they will get an email with the job title and a link to the job.

We would prefer that the email field be pre-populated with the email address associated with their profile.

Photoshop Joomla Photography

Photoshop Joomla Photography
Need an expert with photography and photoshop background to help fix and upload photos to joomla gallery. Have 1000 high resolution modeling photosper month. Some will need to be color corrected to look nicer, Need to add watermark, and need to upload to joomla gallery. 1000 photos per month. Before and after examples will help.

Fix WordPress Theme

Fix WordPress Theme
I need a WordPress theme fixed. When I use the plugin Google Translate, the fonts and the sidebar CSS all spoilt. Also the spacing or padding need improvement because the banner does not appear all the time.

Also need the coder to teach me how to use a banner inside the header image and change the colors. I will supply the theme to the coder.

Css Ie Fixes

Css Ie Fixes
This should be a simple project for a skilled CSS designer/developer.

I have a website that in IE the coding needs fixing. Just need a coder to go through and make the fixes so the css and html work across all browsers (IE 6, 7, 8, Safari, firefox)

Please send over your experience.

Ziddu Clone

Ziddu Clone
I am looking for someone or a team to develop me a site like or Project includes logo design, website design and backend (coding, mysql database)

Users will be able to sign up as members and upload files. For users to download the files they will need to fill out a survey or email submit, zip submit, etc. The offer that the download sees will need to be geo-targeted.

After they fill out the offer they will be shown a download link to get the file.

The second part of the site should be able to allow affiliates to sign up and post files as well. Any file they post that is downloaded they will get some of the earnings from the offer.

Site needs to have admin panel:
Post offer affiliate links (make active/inactive).
View/Add/Remove earnings from affiliates.
Add/Remove countries for geo targeting (e.g. people from Canada will be linked to Canadian surveys).
Determine payout amount to affiliate for filling out download.

Affiliates should be able to view the following after logging in:
Upload Manager
Bad Downloads
Message Center (messages from admin)
Top Earners

I have registered to use with the site.

Please create a quick account with sharecash to see how it works.

Coder/desginer Needed Asap

Coder/desginer Needed Asap

I have a project that needs COMPLETED ASAP…I need a professional Coder/Designer that will work on my project around the clock until its complete…The site is simialar to and has some features such as Ebay…You must be familiar with these two sites, and if you are not PLEASE DONT BID! I dont want to babysit you, I want you to have the insight to COMPLETE the project…The site is about 85% complete and just needs alot of ins and outs including some design work..I would guess the site needs about 36 hours of work to get everything working correctly..So roughly 12 hours a day for 3 days is what I will need to hire you for.

If you are not highly skilled programmer/designer or you are not familiar with PLEASE do not bid on the project. And again the project requires 36 hours of your time–12 hours per day–for 3 days…to many little things to list all jobs seperatley.