Design A One Page Quick

Design A One Page Quick
I need is my template tweaked a bit. I need the aweber code put in place to work with the template and some images put in place. I do not have any images in mind just yet.

I want this one page website to look sharp. I have the text written on the page now, but it need some adjustment.

I know nothing about you, the price is right and it this works out to where I choose you and you do a good, fast work I have 14 more similar projects that I will need to have done in the next few months.

File Mirroring Script Fix

File Mirroring Script Fix
I started a file mirroring site and i have problem uploading large files like 100mb and i want a php expert to help me fix this little problem site is located here

-fix file upload problem(bigger files wont upload)
-i want to change the upload button to html it is currently in flash
-redirect user to a page where they can get the download mirror links
-i want to fix filefactory upload to collect points.
-grab links(there’s a function to upload from url) i have premium hotfile account but it cant grab links from hotfile it needs cookies
-teach me where to edit the texts in the upload progress bar

i will give you the script admin login as well as the server login so that you can configure what’s need adjusted at the php.ini etc

This is not urgent project though but i need a reliable programmer to add more mirrors soon.

Blogger/webmaster Needed

Blogger/webmaster Needed
Seeking a Blogger/Webmaster for about 30-35 hours of work per week.
You must be a fast worker with excellent English skills. Some of your tasks will include the following:

• Blogging
• Article writing, rewriting and distribution
• Forum posting
• Blog commenting
• Social networking and bookmarking (including account creation at various sites)
• Myspace/Facebook/Twitter (and other social networking sites) page creation and maintainence
• Posting articles to wordpress blogs
• Moderating blog comments
• Google research
• Keyword Research

…and related tasks of being a webmaster/blogger. I’m looking for someone who is a fast worker and can get a lot of things done in the time given. You should also be resourceful enough to work on your own and figure things out on your own if need be.

1. Fixed starting salary of $400 usd per month, however, you will be starting out with a 1-2 week trial. If you prove yourself within this time period, then you will continue indefinitely.


How to Apply
Please bid and provide me with the following information:
1. Resume stating past experience
2. A few samples of your writing.
3. Links to your myspace/twitter/facebook, etc. page.
4. Tell me what you are good at in terms of the skills/duties mentioned above.
5. Your bid for 1 month of work

Property Management Systerm 2

Property Management Systerm 2

i am looking for an online property manaagement system that will manage both landlords, their properties and the tenants. It will be based on a desktop version that i have attached details of.

The following will be required

1)properties linked to landlord and tenant, with all their details
2)ability to tracke property acounts that track rent received, commission paid, repair deductions, and payments to landlords
3)ability to tracke contractors, repairs and payments
4)track tenants rents payments and rent arrears
5)ability to allow us to design letters and emails form templates
6) landlords can go online and view their property accounts
7) track agents income and commision
8) import rent payments from bank statements and allocate to correct tenant and property account
9) generate file to import payments out to landlords
10) provide management reports
11) provide financial reporting
12) bank reconciling faciites
13) ability to set up reminders and also to remind us of things expiring

there is a good element of mathematical calculations, so will require someone that has got expertise in this field.

This is for no novice, so please DONT email unless you have read the spec, looked at the attached file and can confidently provide this work, including ongoing support.


WordPress Plugins Make Work

WordPress Plugins Make Work
I have a plug in called sexy bookmarks on my blog and cannot get it to work. My blog post are suppose to have my picture beside them and it is not working. I also have amember pro in my cpanel of my main site and would like it to be moved to my other domain. Nothing is on amember just need it moved and work on so I can use it on my other domain. Any questions PM me. My blog is Josh

Wholesale Add On

Wholesale Add On
I have a webite – writen with php that has a shopping cart for retail business. I now want to expand to wholesale too. I, therefore, would like the follow added to my site.

1) Add a new login for wholesale customers. so only they can see the wholesale prices.
2) The wholesale prices should appear next to the retail price on each item, also with the pack size. Add a log in button to see prices
In admin-
3) In Categories/Products,(new product) please add the option to add the information for wholesale prices, minimum quantity and pack size for each item.
3a) The quantity ordered should not be deducted from the stock quantity. When they get to check out they should confirm order, and then go to a page where it says “your order will be processed. We will email you an invoice in due course.”
4) Payments should be via the modules that are on the site now.
5) Please make new menu whole customers, (like customers) for wholesale customers. In this menu I would like the same as customers – customer list, orders, referrals & export.
5a) In customers, orders, it should look like the order page like now.
6) Under reports, full order list for wholesale sales, products purchased wholesale,
7) Add to Tools menu, send email & newsletter a new option to send to only wholesale customers. There is already option to sent to customers or newsletter subscribers.
8) In edit pages, add another page Wholesale that should appear on the top right-hand corner with other info pages.
9) Add in Configuration, wholesale customer details, with options like the customer details now.
10) When a wholesale customer registers he should be listed in a wholesale customers list. they could use the same log in form but then add a check box next to company details for wholesale customer
11) Add to localisation, orders status, awaiting payment confirmation, the payment links that I have accepted in module, payments.

Very Simple Data Entry Work

Very Simple Data Entry Work
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Cms For Website

Cms For Website
I need the CMS for a website.
I’ve created the design and you just have to:
– transfer current website design to content management system, so that I can manage the website by myself.

The layout is already created, the website is already created in HTML and it is only working. It has some specific design structure for some specific links, the sublinks pages are based on the main links pages design structure, so it is very straight forward, it is easy to understand how the pages have to follow that design structure.

So from you I may just need:
Create CSS template
Install CMS
Follow the pages design layout for the correct CMS

You do not need to load the content onto pages, I’ll do it.

Tell me what you need for this job.
I’ll supply the temporary hosting space that you’ll be uploading the website.

The CMS must have to be really simple to manage, also it must be relatively easy if I change a little bit of the design/website structure to still be able to use the same CMS, in another words, using the same CMS what kind of changes I’m allowed to do, tell me the maximum of changes that it is possible with your CMS type.

It must be easy and simple to insert new pages even if they are main link pages or sublink pages.

Please only apply if you are confident of getting guaranteed:
1- Only programmers who place bids will be considered and I will not respond to copy and paste bids.

2- Need a serious and honest programmer so we don’t get any problem or trouble in the future.

3- Make sure you understand, know if you have what I’m asking for.

4- I need a 100% quality work and expert.

5- If you didn’t deliver me the files like you’ve explained to me, if it’s damaged, not according the quality that is demanded, not the correct file or not even send me all the files, I will leave a negative feedback about you. You will only be paid if its according all the quality demanded.

6- In a way of give me a good product and better understand what I want you can ask me all the questions that you really need to know.

7- Don’t bid if you’re not able to accomplish these tasks.

8 – You only receive the payment if you deliver what it was asking for and what you’ve promised to deliver, otherwise I will leave a negative feedback about you.

9 – This is a project that will grow so if you keep the things very professional and efficient I’ll be interested in keep a continuous business relation with you.

10- At the end of the project you need to deliver me the source files.

11- I will only choose the programmer after you showing me your portfolio that proves experience on this field and after you giving me the samples about what you’ve done before like this, put them online in order to be able to see them.

12- At the end of the project I Must have a tutorial on a word document with all the steps to teach how to customize the website, how to use the Content Management System, how to ad or delete pages and links on the website, etc.

13- At the end of the project you also must give me at least 2 months of technical assistance.

Thank you

Need Site Design And Inventory

Need Site Design And Inventory
I would like a site design done just like the site you see at

I just need a site template done with the the same images, buttons etc. Then once I have this done I can create the rest of the pages myself using Dreamweaver. I just don’t know how to do the graphics and layout.

Please be able to duplicate this site with blank pages so I am able to fill in my content with my own info! Any questions please ask. I would like this done soon. Thanks!

I also need this function to work on my site: Please make able to have this fuction work 100% ! Which means I will need a way to add inventory so people can search what I have in stock. I should have an admin panel so I can keep track of inventory etc. Please be able to add this into the site!