Need New Look For Photo Script

Need New Look For Photo Script
I need a new look for my website, I need a New Logo Banner, I need a new CSS file, for my photo php script. We are looking for a theme which reflects the southwestern look of the US. There is a few php progamming fixes that need to be done as well.

This is a simple project of a web designer that knows this script by ktools.

please visit, again we are only lookin for a new look, top banner with Logo, font change, color changes. These can be done within the css file of the script.

This should take less than a few hours to complete…

Clone Of A Video Email Website

Clone Of A Video Email Website
Another project from SavvyTech. We’re calling it SavvyMAIL.

I’ve seen a project uploaded here before. (but i want less function than they have (vmdirecT) download attachment) )

-“will give out commission for each sale, every month to programmer that works with me” –

Who has done this ? Someone with the script with knowledge of FLASH MEDIA SERVER.

Check this link out (this is a VIDEO EMAIL)
(check attachment)

Click on the company (check attachment) (they are more complex) we want the simple functions of it.
i) (just VMDIRECT)

Another company to view . Free Email video (register and test it out)

We want to have a function where people can use their primary camera or webcam. And record and send an email out.

They also have templates they can choose (20 designs)
– CMS to be able to add new templates
– Able to write in contents
– The video that is recorded will be on the server for 30 days before wiping it off away.
– The template they can add links and contents and comments.
– Monthly or yearly subscription and package prices and restriction.
– putting in an affiliate software.
– Giving out Free accounts too.
(it’s hard to tell exactly what we need) but in short we want to clone vmdirect website.
With expert suggestion.
Prefer able to do it in C SHARP. Will have to use Flash media server

Will own the script eventually.

If you are serious,check out all the site. I’ll ask you some question to check if u did your homework on all the site i’ve given. I have enough of programmers who didn’t do their homework but summit a good BID and I accept but eventually they couldn’t do the job.

Let’s get serious here. Do your homework and check. In short I want to do Video Email Business here dude.


Programming Work Needed::..

Programming Work Needed::..

I would like to make some minor changes to my website. Please take a look at my website Then take a look at the mock-up I attached. I want the website to look like the mock-up. You will notice a couple of changes. The middle bar was removed, the two drop down box’s were added to the left side, the advanced search bar from was also added to the left side. Just follow the mock-up for necessary changes.


Creating Video Email 2

Creating Video Email 2
I’ve seen a project uploaded here before. Who has done this ?

Check this link out (this is a VIDEO EMAIL)

Click on this link (check attachment)

We want to have a function where people can use their primary camera or webcam. And record and send an email out.

They also have templates they can choose (20 designs)
– CMS to be able to add new templates
– Able to write in contents
– The video that is recorded will be on the server for 30 days before wiping it off away.
– The template they can add links and contents and comments.

Prefer able to do it in C SHARP. Payment Form Payment Form
I have, I need to use SIM method.

I want the following features:

1. They’re on my website, they click “Pay Invoice” (page already made)
2. They Choose Residential / Business Payment (page already made)
3. The Payment form on my website will prompt for the following:
Name, Technician Name, and then a drop down menu for hrly rate.
The dropdown rate and name will be parsed to SIM and then they will be asked for their billing information and so forth.

I hope I have been clear, to re-iterate, I need a simple SIM Payment form for my website, it needs to ask for name and technician name, then how many hours the tech was there, the amount of hours will parse the correct price to charge to and will only show the “1 Hour, 1.25 Hour, 1.50 hour, 2.00 hour, etc) to the customer and then the price will only appear when they click “Process Payment” on the page which will show the page.

Plastic Surgery Site

Plastic Surgery Site
Our marketing focus is on plastic/cosmetic service providers, made explicit in this plan, and renews our vision and strategic focus on adding value to our target market segments. We intend to build a website that caters only to plastic/cosmetic surgeons and their procedures. We want to create an environment where future patients are able to research the surgeons in their market and what the surgeon’s credentials are.
The patients will be able to read about the doctors past experiences and testimonials, which will be provided on our network. Not to mention, patients will be able to provide feedback to each other, as well as, to those whom are inquiring. In addition, the surgeons resume and education background will be made available, links to their websites, contact information and much more.
Our site is built on the assumption that the management of information technology for business of plastic/cosmetic surgery information, surgeon introduction and blogging environment. People that are doing these life changing procedures often just rely on personal experiences and have no way of researching various options in their area at the same time. This website allows prospects to view different profiles for different doctors and explore all their options all on the same website. This will help the patient be more knowledgeable about all of the surgeons, view their before and after transformation, and the patients personal opinion based upon their results.
Our site will also give the surgeons more exposure. It will make it easier for the public to search freely, with a broad variety and confidence to make this life altering decision a pleasant one. It is a marketing company which provides serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor.
Website Functionality
We have found a website that is exactly what we need as far as search engine internally and over all functionality and searches. The site that we are referring to is located in the attachment to this ad. This site does everything that we need our website to do. Every aspect of this website must be the same functions wise. (more about this later) It must be very easy for plastic surgeons to sign up to one of our three marketing packages. We would like the website to be totally web based to sign up, advertise and upload all info for each client. The site has to have every function that the site has. Every single function has to be the same.

Please let me know what your bid will be on the project. And if you have any questions or concerns before you bid. Please don’t waste my time if you feel that you can’t build exactly what I asking you’re for. I am on a time schedule and I have a lot more work if you can complete this project on time and to my specifications. I am not looking for another site you might have created. I have gone over exactly what I need. Please only bid if you can do exactly what is asked. I am ready to start project yesterday!

Project Writer Wanted

Project Writer Wanted
English language freelance writer need for 125-150 article project.
Must have complete understanding of English.
Must be able to write 500words for $4; 300words for $3.
Will be writing 5 daily articles 5-7 days per week.
Articles will be paid through paypal each week.
All articles must be 95% original. Checked by copyscape.
Happy bidding!

Edu. Social Network For Kids

Edu. Social Network For Kids
I’m looking for a team of web developers who can take on this huge project. Name of site: Go2Youroom

It will start out in flash (animated 3D kid) already being created. Concept: 3D living Room, long hallway and a virtual Bedroom with many (hotspots) Bookshelves (books) English, Math, Languages, History, Science, Geography, etc. Also in the room, Musical instruments, Solar system, Computer desk, puzzles, microscope, printer, world Globe, play station, etc. (kids will be able to click on images and take quizzes, test etc.

kids- will have the option of uploading a photo of themselves or creating an animated charactor.

They can then earn play money/points based on correct answers. This play money will be used to buy or get discounted products or services by sponsors.

Teachers – Will be able to upload and create quizzes, test, submit homework projects into the site. IF POSSIBLE, CAN THEY BE GRADED?

Teachers – When creating test or quizzes, they SHOULD BE ABLE TO archived by name, subject, age group, class grade and district. Other teachers will be able to use created documents.

-ability to download/save work offline

Some examples of possible tools include:
-a tool to create a quiz or test
-a tool to create a crossword puzzle
-a tool to grade projects automatically
-a tool to add a piont system
-a tool to organize lesson plans for the day/week/month
-a tool to create & print out projects if needed.
-a tool to create a and or upload math, english, history etc. test.
Please do not limit yourself to these. I am looking for even more

Both parents and Teachers will be able to sign up the children, one or by a group.

Security- This site will need the highest security features and technology available, prior to launch – I do have a list, but It has room for improvement.

Sponsors- Will be displayed by a 10 by 10 row of squares (category)Click on sponsor and products available will be displayed with purchase price – (fun money)

Also, admin section will allow me and sponsors to submit logos and products.

Children- Once they are in thier room will be able to customize a personalized avator, drag and drop furnature, games, instruments, etc.

I’ve already created the point system (chart)

By biggest concern is teacher’s being able to work easily with the site and submit test and most inportant would be the security features to keep pedphilers away.

I will also be adding the and a customized coupon script similar to

funds for this project will be available in Febuary.

If you have any further question or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for the latest sex offenders software to intergrate into this site.

creative ideas.

Several programmers will be chosen for the project. Please describe clearly your ideas, and note the time frame for completing your tool(s). Also note any other requirements I may not know about (i.e., if it requires a database or certain PHP version).

I will discuss more details with those who submit bids to make sure expectations are clear.

Fix My Paypal Ipn Script 2

Fix My Paypal Ipn Script 2
One month ago, my paypal.cgi script suddenly stopped working – this is a 1-3 line fix and could be done quickly by anyone. My guess is that Paypal changed something in their API on the call-back.

I will provide FTP access to the paypal.cgi script.

Payments will be made as follows:

20% up-front via Paypal
80% upon project completion

Thank you

Locate Phone And Email Address

Locate Phone And Email Address
You may use software to achieve this. But what ever you use
it must be accurate and results oriented.

I have a list of thousands of names and addresses
in which I need the email and phone number for
each name and address.

I am willing to pay up $20 per 1000 completed name and
email addresses return to me for the names and address
I submit.

You don’t get paid for “can’t finds”. You get paid for results.

eg. If I give you 1000 names and address and you return 800 email and phone number for me. I will pay you $16.

If you return a good yield this can become on going. For now it will
be about 1000 names and address I submit for email addresses and phone numbers.



Portal 3d House Plan Design

Portal 3d House Plan Design
Looking to launch the 3D House plan Design portal like also like to have building information modeling (BIM)feature with it.

Also you can take a look on the flow chart how the complete site supposed to integrate:

Preferred party have this specific experience on this type project and sample site to show.

Script To Display Text Ads

Script To Display Text Ads
I need a script that my affiliates can use to display text ads using a xml feed i give them.

1) Script can be js or php (i guess) I’m weak on the tech portion. The idea behind this is so that publishers who normally only use display ads priced cpm … can EASILY implement my xml feed … and the key part is easy for publishers. Easy to implement and easy to configure to where it looks OK on their page.

2) Script will not contextually target, instead my downstream affiliates need to be able to input a list of keywords and rotate through the list.

3) Your finished work should be formatted and explained in an email, that i can simply copy and send to affiliates (along with my xml feed). Email message should contain examples of each required ad sizes.

4) Your finished work should contain a brief explanation to my affiliates “How To Use”

5) Click may be made on (a) ad title (b) ad text or (c) displayed ad url.

6) When ad click is made, the destination page should open in a new page.

7) Ad sizes & number of default listings per ad:
Full Banner (468 x 60) with 2 listings
Leaderboard (728 x 90) with 2 listings
Skyscraper (120 x 600) with 4 listings
Skyscraper (160 x 600) with 5 listings

Affiliates / publishers need the capability to edit the number of listings displayed in each ad format.

Web To Eps File

Web To Eps File
I am looking for someone to create a web application that a person can go to and see a sample of file on the web add some text to it and then when they are done I need for the application to create a print ready eps and pdf file of the file that the person added the text to.

Please only bid on this if you know what you are doing.

payment will be put in escrow until the application is done.

this application must be done in php/MySql for i am on a Linux server.

please once again only bid on this project if you are capable of doing this work.

Thank you