Dubai Web Pen Tester Needed

Dubai Web Pen Tester Needed
I am building a high profile team and need 5 penetration testers to help develop software whilst testing some client sites which a currently vulnerable to certain attacks but we need to know if that is just cos we know or if just anyone can get in…

We are very good at what we do but as you know software security is something that should be taken very seriously these days…

We are doing preliminary site tests so apply if this is something you enjoy doing and are good at – successful candidates will have full time profitable ositions with our company…

Thank you

Payment immediate on completion thx

Get Playlist/flv Url From Site

Get Playlist/flv Url From Site
I want a php function written to get playlist or the file url from the website. they use a file with url like
that is one example from their site. They embed videos from myspace but hide the url somehow. i want to get the myspace flv url so i can embed the videos on my site too.

If you go to that url it says error 404 but when on their site it plays the video. A quick php function or someway to play the videos with this type of url on my site.

I suspect they’re detecting access to the file from a remote host and returning a 404… find me a way around it.
I’m unable to post the query string because scriptlance blocks the at symbol that is found in the query string

Paypal Reservations Form 3

Paypal Reservations Form 3
I need a simple reservations page with basic options:

first, last name

reservation field:

select dive shop: (x) Any ( ) Cabo Pulmo Divers ( ) Pepe;s ( ) Pilu&Henri ( ) CP Watersports ( ) Miguel’s ( ) CP Eco Adventures ( ) Ricardo’s

(x)first dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)second dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)third dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)fourth dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )
(x)fifth dive day (month) (day) number of divers ( ) number of snorkelers ( )

(button: Process my reservation)

this creates a (paypal) confirmation page, containing calculation
of number of divers/snorkelers/number of days = 12% of total cost deposit
and then sends a paypal money request to customer with the details
containing the link to follow by which to pay or create an account and pay.

copy of email form sent to me, site admin.

some tweaks and changes in the above form pending

place your bid based on 2 work hrs.


Joomla/word Press Css Fix

Joomla/word Press Css Fix
I have a finished site that needs some minor fixes that require a programmer who knows joomla and WordPress + CSS style sheets.

If you are familiar with the CorePHP WordPress for joomla integration, even better. 🙂

I. Joomla Only: Originally, all the subheadings on my page (module titles) had the first word in green, and the remaining words in gray. Somehow the green disappeared in most titles, except for one, which is now all green.

II. My WordPress blog shows on the index page of my joomla-based site — It needs to be lined up better under the Joomla title (higher up and more to the right on the page).

That’s it. PLEASE only bid if you know for sure you can do it.


Design Two Page Website

Design Two Page Website

How are you today? Please I will like you to design a two page website for me.

You will design the home and about us pages of the site. As for the rest of the pages, I will take care of them.

What is the least cost that you will charge me and how soon can you complete these two pages?

I hope that the website that you will design for me will be better than my own websites which I attached below.

Can you show me the BEST THREE websites that you have designed in the past?



Googlemap Api Integration

Googlemap Api Integration
Locations stored in a database should be displayed on a Google Map depending on an address or city selected. By clicking on an marker set from the database, it should display details in a box.

Script language is PHP5, database MySQL and for the AJAX part prototype/scriptaculous is required.

For an programmer with basic skills in GoogleMaps API and prototype/scriptaculous that shouldn’t be a big deal. Please consider that in your bid.

Multisites Linked Together.

Multisites Linked Together.
I need the structure setup for a chain of sites on the same server.

A way to link 9 sites in total on my server (I will build the sites myself using Drupal, unless this in not a good idea), They need to be all linked together (so I presume using the same mysql database unless this is not a good idea) and one of them will be a “multi-vendor” estore where users will have their own store page/area inside it (my favourite is Interspire Virtual Mall but I am not sure if it is possible to integrate the Interspire system into a Drupal CMS or if Interspire has a registering and payment for users to have their own store that is automated.

In short, a way to interlink 8 Drupal sites to a Multi-vendor shopping Mall that all use the same SSO and an “open a shop inside the estore” function that is fully automated.

The successful person to help me with my project will be able to tell me why their method to achieve the above will be the most adaptable for any future changes and why it will run the most stable.

Please ff free toask me any questions if you need to know more about this project.

Domain Registration

Domain Registration
i want a script which automatically connects domain registration sites and registers the domain.

Registration sites i want:

Example input:”name”&password=”pass”&domain=””

i will just post my username, password and the domain name, script will automatically register the domain.

Install A Penny Auction Scri 2

Install A Penny Auction Scri 2
Hello everybody,
I need someone to help me install a penny auction script. Its not a telebid script. The files are already uploaded onto the server, so all u need to do is install..
You also need to know some php.. because there might be need to change some stuff up.. rarely.

Well, if you have any questions.. please ask them before bidding.
I would really appreciate it .

Php Code To Remove Http Www

Php Code To Remove Http Www

I have code that works fine when used on a regular domain like but if used on a subdomain like it is not working, it strips everything but

Here is what I need it to do. The $domain is pulled from the database on the host site it could be or or even and maybe even sometimes

I need to check $domain for the host site against the $siteurl data that is stored in the database, all of the $siteurls are the domain only no http or www.

so what I need it to do is if $domain ( remove the http://www and compare it to the $siteurls stored in the database which would be, if a match then do this action.

Hope I explained that well enough for someone to understand.

Here is the existing code:

$pattern = ‘/\w+\..{2,3}(?:\..{2,3})?(?:$|(?=\/))/i’;
$url = $domain;
if (preg_match($pattern, $url, $domain1) === 1) {

if($domain1[0]==”$siteurl1″) {
$enabled = $sitestatus1;
$site = $site1;
} elseif($domain1[0]==”$siteurl2″) {
$enabled = $sitestatus2;
$site = $site2;
} elseif($domain1[0]==”$siteurl3″) {
$enabled = $sitestatus3;
$site = $site3;
} elseif($domain1[0]==”$siteurl4″) {
$enabled = $sitestatus4;
$site = $site4;
} //end prgmatch