Website Design From Template

Website Design From Template
Creating a website to give an instant price indication for insurance based on about 15 questions.

Need simple website customized from template here:

Special customization needs:
-Need webform created:
-Captures email to get started
-Asks about 15 questions
-Gives user a price indication based on questions answered
-Might want to add an audio or video file for when visitor first arrives.
-Would like main headline to rotate between different text (ie. Save 20% -> A Rated Carrier -> etc -> etc.)

Need programmer to help upload site and get it live.

Look forward to speaking with you about the best way to accomplish.

House Hunters Network

House Hunters Network
I have a newly created website that when uploading to the host server, did not fully intergrate and show the graphics and the flash photos. The site is hosted on hostgator, but was designed by Yepster Development and originally intended to upload onto Interscape hosting servers with CRM. My website is: Can someone tell me why the landing page does not work but when clicking on the blank intro icon on the left side just above the text, you will bypass the intro page and enter my website onto my About Us page? I can’t figure it out. Also, my photos have watermarks on them and when the designer sent new files, I am unable to review them because I don’t have a PSD file reader. Does any of your programmers have an Adobe Photoshop application? Please advise

Merchant Intergration

Merchant Intergration
Our company needs our website to be re-programmed with our merchant account. The current setup works fine when approving & accepting credit card payments but we want to be able to verify the billing information matches the card information before we approve the sale. We also want to setup recurring billing.

The merchant gateway we use is Transaction Center and it is integrated on our website with a modified version of aMember. Attached is the guide for the payment gateway and information on aMember can be found on their website.

Please only bid if you are experienced and have done research on the gateway and aMember.

Fanduel Clone 2

Fanduel Clone 2
I currently run a sports video sharing website using phpmotion (version 3) and would like to incorporate fantasy sports within my site. I would like to have a clone incorporated within my current website and use my members database. You can go to the site and play around with it to see what exactly I’m talking about.

Conecpt: Draft a fantasy sports team of athletes in either the NBA, NHL, NFL, or MLB and possibly a concept mix of the sports. Once you complete that draft you can either challenge a friend, a random member or allow us to automatically assign an opponent. Each entry has an entry fee decided by the individual who’s making the challenge and that entry fee has to be accepted by the opponent. The fee’s will range from $5 to $50 most likely.

The competitions are shorter in length, usually a nights or days worth of NHL, MLB, or NBA games. In the case of the NFL, they draft a team for the entire week. The winner is decided by a points system assigned to goals, assists, shots, touchdowns, catches etc depending on what sport. If the entry fee was $20 then the winner takes all meaning $40 (essentially winning the opponents entry fee), minus a small percentage taken by us.

Need to have admin control to input player statistics, player names, injury reports etc. A payment application, most likely pay pal for users to deposit and withdrawal money.

Will help if you have knowledge/experience either playing or building fantasy sports scripts.

If you have any further questions relating to the project, please feel free to ask.

Look forward to working with you!!

Drupal Installation + Design

Drupal Installation + Design
I want to install and implement DRUPAL to my website template (PSD). 1 domain name + French and English version.
5 x Quick Forms + autoresponder
3 x contact forms (email,name, adress.)

About 20 pages of small text content.
I will take care of adding all text and content to each pages.

I want my website to be finish and online as soon as possible.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards,


Template Redesign +blog Design

Template Redesign +blog Design
Hello Bidders,

I am just new in posting a project at GAF. I have a very important project that’s need to be done soon. What I need right now is to redesign the Template that created. The first template is for the homepage, the other one is for the blog section. I attached here the template that needs to redesign and the image for the BLOG Header.

Please be creative, the website is about selling spiritual books I am completing right now. I don’t have any references but this more on spiritual/metaphysical/quantum in nature. I want to have the illusion of a glass path that is seen from the perspective of the traveler’s eyes.

The path can begin to “disintegrate” as it moves further into outer space and become just mist or stars or whatever effect you think is striking, as long as it is not “cartoon-like.

I would be appreciated receiving an mock up (redesign version of the template I created and blog template) The best design and the chosen designer can have a chance to work the complete website including flash and e-commerce pages. So goodluck, please don’t bid if you can’t provide a mock up. Thank you very much.

Bulk Article Writing ( 3

Bulk Article Writing ( 3
This is an assignment for BULK article writing. Each article must be original 450 – 500 words, grammar and error free and good English.

The assignment is for 2000 articles as quickly as you can produce them.

I will consider hiring more than one applicant for the job, so if you are a good writer and can produce a good volume, apply.

Please send samples of your writing with your bid.

Best Quality, Lowest Bidder will win.

Fresh Template + Payment Sys

Fresh Template + Payment Sys
please check the website
freemilan dot com

i want a fresh template for the site that should look same in all browsers

and i want the following option to be added to the website

the admin should be able to
1) Enable/disable payment for account signup mandatory
every user should pay to register, so that means account will be activated only after the payment is made.

Payment through if paid sucessfully then the user gets activated automatically or otherwise it should show manual payment info,

there will be no billing cycle like monthly or yearly, just one time payment to get your account activated.

so no accounts page is required for looking at payments made

one more thing required is you can access the admin page of the website at

freemilan (dot) com / admin

user : admin
pass : admin

Joomla Website + Add Ons

Joomla Website + Add Ons
We need a joomla website with blog module addon. we will also need social module which will include member blogs, calendar of events, connect with most popular social sites, including Facebook and Twitter, upload photos & videos. Access to certain videos and blogs posted by site admin will be accessible only to certain members of a designated groups.

Modify WordPress Author Plugin

Modify WordPress Author Plugin
Hi – there is a plugin we are using ( and we are looking for a programmer to modify the plugin to achieve the following output as attached. Please let us know if any questions. Every bid must include a personal comment to eliminate automatic bids. Thanks, Marshall