Solid Seo Posts Resource Blog

Solid Seo Posts Resource Blog
Looking for solid seo posts for blog.

We have recently launched a new blog, however, we will also be trading from this blog/website, so we only want good well written, clear english seo posts, or related to seo or domains.

Some of the categories are as follows

* Domain Names
* Google Optimisation
* Internet Directories
* Keyword Optimiser
* MSN Optimisation
* SEO Software
* SEO Tools
* Yahoo Optimisation

You may write your copy based upon offerings from other websites, eg if you see an seo tool, simply write a post about it and where to find it. Id it good bad or poor etc

We want brutally honest posts, if its poor say so, if its great, shout about it.

As much work as you can handle.

The work must be your own and copyright free.

Prices per post or price per volume required.

WordPress Plugin (guestlist)

WordPress Plugin (guestlist)
I need a wordpress plugin that allows visitors to submit their names to a guestlist. The guestlist plugin must have an administration section and must be database driven.

The point of the guest list would be for the first x number of customers to add their names to a list so that they can enter the event without waiting in line. A new guest list would be created every week.

Users would login and then fill out a simple form (Name, email address and phone number, and how many additional guests they would be bringing).

If a limit has been added to the guest list, for example, only 100 names can be on a guest list, then the plugin would inform the applicant if the guest list is full.

The total number for the guest list should include the actual applicant and his/her guests. A limit should also exist for how many guests an applicant can bring.


Ideally, all entries should be accessible from the back-end so that it can be printed off for use the night of the event.

The administrator should be able to add names to the guest list manually too.

A ‘Guest List’ should be treated as an event based on the date it was created.

All entries should be editable. Meaning the administrator should be able to edit each entry in a Guest List.

The plugin should be expandable to include future features that would integrate Customer Loyalty programs and marketing.

Auction Website Makeover

Auction Website Makeover
We have auction website (phpprobid) with enhanced functions and want complete website makeover and extra functions.

Layout must be inviting ,clear and header look something like or

corporate logo

And i want all function and website to be like

this means forms to be easy and adding new functions like shoppingcart and new payment options and many more…

Right now we also have oscommerce importer, which we want to modify, so that shipowner can choose to sell directly from auction website, means buy now only, or to have the buy now button to go to his shop, like affilate websites use

Google AdSense is paying our bill right now, we want to have option to turn it off by the user by paying x amount via sms or phone or other means

integration of vchat, we already got this in, but must integrated into the website, its like messenger, later we can use desktop version of vchat perhaps.

message me for my current layout

i have a ready to start development clone of the script already on my server

Flash Template Customization 2

Flash Template Customization 2
I Have a very easy flash template for customization, I’ve already done many parts of it but since I need the website ready sooner I’m going to give it to a freelancer.
Basic some text changes and picture changes and small structure change.
Attached you can find the proposal word document of required work.
The Template we’ll work on is :
Please note :
If you bid on this project, you accept and do agree that you’ll get paid ONLY Upon my complete satisfaction of the final work.

Have good bidding.

Website Creation & Design

Website Creation & Design
Dear Programmers:
Im looking for a programmer that be able to create a website as scriplance,and bring traffic ,new clients,,the website should be more friendly and must be able to recieve payments from paypal, moneybookers ,alertpay and Liberty reserve. the tabs should be the same,also I need to have a webpanel for administrators.
Thanks Carlos Alvarez

Stunnix Advanced Web Servers

Stunnix Advanced Web Servers

Im completing some work on Stunnix Advanced Web Server. I have encountered some errors.

When I create the DVD and run the dvd the database does not seem to run and the PHP files fail to execute.

Also pop up blockers seem to cause problems.

I require someone with alot of experience in dealing with this application to created the project or provide advice. I will provide access to the MySQL database and alos the website files.



Paypal Fix

Paypal Fix
I currently own a phpfox website. within that website is a paypal api that allows me to link my paypal account to my website. I sell subscriptions to my website. currently that api is giving me an error that is not allowing me to link my paypal account to my website. thus when customers click on the upgrade link to pay. Paypal creates an invalid link. I need an experienced programmer to solve this problem and allow me to successfully link my paypal account to my website so i can start recieving payments ASAP

Slice Webpages For Load Speed

Slice Webpages For Load Speed
> I need a programmer who can slice three html webpages so they load very fast.
> I also need viral social media links added: facebook, twitter, tell-a-friend.
> And I need the pages checked (and adjusted) to be viewed accurately with all major internet browsers.
This is an urgent need, that can lead to steady work for the right programmer.

Development Of Drupal Module

Development Of Drupal Module

I need a hardcore drupal developer to develop a custom module that can read data from some custom tables and the allow the designer/themer to use these functions in some custom template files. It would be extra good if these datas are available through Views as well but it’s not neccesary.

In short, it’s an existing shop system where the categories, product overview, view product and a simple basket to remember what people buy, The payment of the goods will be handled by the other shop system, so it wont be neccessary to incorporate this in the module.

Some groundwork to the module has already been made.

There will be alot more drupal work in the future.

WordPress To Ipb Bridge

WordPress To Ipb Bridge
1) Integrate my wordpress register/login with IPB register/login (Will Converge + the WP Module work for this?)

2) Instead of Recent Posts (on wordpress) make it show Recently Created Forum Topics? (, you can see where I want it. Is this just a simple RSS Feed to integrate?)

3) When I “publish” a story on WP, I want it to create a Topic in the forum,preferably, if I publish a story in the auto category, it makes a post in the auto forum ( and have this, but post in 1 forum)

4) How to make it so people can’t leave comments on wordpress, but when they click Comment, it takes them to the topic in the forum to post (see #3)… also ( and have this)

Something similar to this:

Website For Insurance Broker

Website For Insurance Broker
Were looking to develop a website for our insurance broker. it will have approximatly 5-7 pages, we wanted it to be fully content managed, with the capibility of adding articals to every page of the site. the site will also need to have forms which can be filled in by user and sent to us via email. also the banners on the site need to be flash based.

were looking for someone that is an expert at seo as we wanted to be ranked page one of google for our products and dont want to wait a long time, we understand that this is an on going project and are looking to pay monthly fees. so we need someone that can build back links , write seo focused articals to get up very highly ranked.

look at for a bit of guidence,

Slice A Psd Into Html And Css

Slice A Psd Into Html And Css
I need a PSD sliced up into html, css, and some javascript.

I have a homepage designed already. I also have a jpg of the homepage with detailed notes on it. It is very easy to understand. There is form that needs to be built on the page as well as javascript image rotator in the page as well. I have the script already available just plug it in for me. Also the form has all values already put together in a doc.

I will include a BONUS if this can be completed perfectly in 24 hours and it is ready for migration to live server.

Whoever picks this job will also have the option of slicing up a subpage of this site as well, which will be less pictures and more content so it will be much easier.

Please respond ASAP. Urgently need this completed. I have attached a jpg of the notes on the site. Please let me know if you can do this quickly.

A P2p Website

A P2p Website
Hi guys i need a website where i can stream live sports event from the live stream websites like justintv and ustreamtv

Something like this.

I want to start with this project now and i am ready to pay.
So if you know you can do it, then lets get the cheapest bid ever and if cannot please don’t bid to waste my time.


Fix Mysql Inserts And Updates

Fix Mysql Inserts And Updates
I have a script which I am integrating into another already functioning Application. Both work together already.

What I need is for someone to adjust some MySQL Queries so that certain items are shown from a certain table, and when these items are sent to other users they are either added or updated to another table.

Very simple project for someone who knows php/mysql, I need this done today and unfortunately I have to leave the house for awhile and can not complete it.

Please checkout the attached rar file which contains a Wordpad Doc further explaining the project, and the database table structures and the index file of the gifting page that you will be editing.