Flash Redesign

Flash Redesign
I need someone to change layout in a flash file.
The flash can be seen on: adamkorczynski.com

I want you to use another loader.

In home I want you remove any background color in text field and make a 1px red border around the text field instead. The text then should be black. This you do so it is like that in all pages.

The header and footer background color should be changed to red.

Remember, this is a designing task so you should make sure to ues some colors that match.

Flash Designer Needed

Flash Designer Needed
I have several real estate designs that I need to add some flash animation to. Each design has a header image (banner). We will be animating this header image/banner for each design.

In other words, I will provide the image/design and you will animate the header banner as instructed. This is a pretty simple job for an experienced banner designer.

I have 122 designs; each needs animation.

The flash banners needed must be in dynamic flash.

You must give me examples of flash work you have done – especially dynamic flash. Please do not send me to your portfolio; I only need to see relevant links.

When you bid, bid for only 5 flash images.

Bids without this information will be ignored.


Website Design/customization 2

Website Design/customization 2
I have bought a template and need some adjustments. Im also interested in implementing the website into oscommerce/joomla/virtuemart.
I need this to be done ASAP since im leaving os christmas holiday.

So contact me and we will discuss whats need to be done and a correct price for the work.

Thanks, and merry xmas to all of you.

The website adress is: www.oslohudpleie.com

And it is a Skincare Salon website.

Magento Module Fix

Magento Module Fix
I have a magento module that was customary built to allow customers to choose a additional service on checkout.
The problem is that when the customers dont choose an option the module keeps on defaulting to a option without it being chosen.
I need to be able to turn the module off from within the admin panel and to stop the defaulting issue.

Bing Cashback-oscommerce Site

Bing Cashback-oscommerce Site
Need to update oscommerce site to enable Bing cashback functionality. Use pixel tracking method as described in the file (see link below). The only twist is that I actually have 2 Oscommerce installations in one main store. Which means I have 2 separate checkouts that will need pixel tracking (they are virtually identical) and will need to combine the products from both to create one feed to Bing. I have my account approved and ready to go I just need the implementation on my site so they can test it and get things rolling.

Two steps:
1) Create a feed (needs to combine both stores) and upload it to the Bing FTP Site: The Integration Guide explains how to create a usable feed and the login credentials below will allow you to upload your feed to our FTP server

2) Generate a mechanism to track orders: The Integration Guide will explain how to generate a mechanism to track and report cashback sales via batch upload or pixel. Your Merchant ID below will be used in the process.

Backend Php In Lamp Environ

Backend Php In Lamp Environ
Looking for hard-core backend PHP expert to cooperatively develop new features for an existing B2B SAAS, working in conjunction with existing development personnel. If you’re frontend oriented DON’T quote. Extensive experience in LAMP environment a requirement.

Some experience or exposure to OS and hardware/architecture integration with back-end code is a plus but not a must.

Looking for long-term relationship, new feature project will be ongoing.

WordPress Update And Install 2

WordPress Update And Install 2
I have had a blog for a few years now and I want to update it to the newest wordpress version. I also want to install a plugin for TwitPic so that when I upload a photo to twitpic, it uploads on my blog as a post, but also in the right hand column. There are plugins online for this that can be easily found. Please let me know that you can do this, and whoever takes the job MUST backup the data before uploading, this way data isnt lost.



Design Project

Design Project
Looking for someone competent in graphic design (css, html, php) to redesign live support (kayako live support) chat box and slide-in chat request box with our website logo and colours.

This project should not take more than 1 hour to do for someone that is experienced.

Only serious bids from bidders that are quick, efficient, familiar with “Kayako support” or php and available to work on this project need to apply.

Advertising Network

Advertising Network
This job involves programming an Advertising Network to run on my server where my website visitors can easily place ads to advertise on any of my my websites, paying a monthly fee for the ad.

The ad can be customized the way the example site does it and will run in the same location and same size as the announcement about the availability of advertising on the site in upper right of screen.

All features on the example site are needed, including the same user ad customization ability, same payment options, the ability of myself to set the monthly ad cost from a control panel – which I will do based on traffic the site gets, and doing everything else the example site does during the ad design, placement, ordering and paying process. Exacty the same steps and process being done by the example sites.

As far as actually inserting the ad on the target site goes you will note if you follow an example site that is done automatically and in real-time so that function would need to be programmed too.

A good way to see what is involved would be to go to an example site and in the upper right corner you will see the box announcing ad space availability. I suggest you click on the box, complete the forms to see what is involved.

Once I select you as my programmer you may actually place an ad yourself (I will give you the 5 lines of ad copy) and you can follow all the screens which come up from start to finish placing the ad on one of their sites. In the meantime you can simply follow all the screens at the example site until you get to the point of submitting the order after entering your credit card info.

After you are hired you can actually place the order so you can see all their screen in the ad placement and ordering process. I can then reimburse you the ad cost by PayPal of the ad you placed.

Example websites you can look at are: http://www.sunnyvalecalifornia.net/ or http://renthotel.com/
Here are 2 other example sites running the same Ad Network I would like cloned: http://eatingdisorder.com and http://headcolds.com

Ecommerce Developer

Ecommerce Developer
Hi Guys,

This is REX, and I need a website, which would be more likely a web-platform. In my website i want features like ::

1. Any one who registers with my website will be able to list items on my webpage.

2. There would be a login form and registration can be done via verification of email. id.

3. I would have the access to the database and would be able to make changes I:E I can either deletd a user’s account or can restrict some features .

4. The person the list the product instantly on the page and It would generate a unique item number for the same.

5. Payment tie up is with paypal so there would be tabs for payment via paypal.

For reference , I need exactly a page which looks like this::

Hi All,

I own the website that I purchased from php probid and the same needs to be re-designed and developed as per the PRD mentioned in the URL.And it must work independently . The escrow payment mentoh would be used in the web-developement.

Let me know the project cost.