Seo Keyword Software

Seo Keyword Software
I want to get a software designed to know those keywords on a certain page (on a certain website) which have been indexed by google.

E.g. page has a content written with a prime focus on 3 keywords namely :
1. gemstones,
2. Birth Stones
3. Rashi Ratna
But Google has indexed this page on the keyowrd “Navratna” or “bracelet”, “Gemstone Ring”.

The software must be capable of connecting over the net and finding these keywords which have been indexed by google for a certain page.

The Software must also have the capacity to search Yahoo, Altavista and all country-based versions of Google like,, and

with best wishes,

Dr. Aditya

Web File Manager Changes

Web File Manager Changes
I am using the Web File Manager module in Drupal:

It works very well but I need some minor modifications.

After a file uploads successfully, the refresh button (on the file manager) has to be clicked to see the file.

Also, the right click file menu needs some modifications and the file browser should automatically be expanded when file manager is opened.

You will need to download the module and make the modifications on your server. When you have the changes completed, you can email me the modified module as a zip file.

I will release full escrow upon delivery of completed modifications.

Please ask any questions prior to bidding.

Search For Store Opening Hours

Search For Store Opening Hours
Search for store opening hours for cubecart 3 shop.

I will start off with a little explanation of what my shop does:
It collects data for store opening hours (including description etc.) so it’s only to be used as a service and not for buying items.

I am looking for someone who can make me a special search page that will find out which stores are open right now. You should know how cubecart works!

So this search should be in its own file, but still be viewed in the main area, as any other
existing files.

Please see the attached file for the layout of the search and necessary forms.

I need:
*search area
*tick box (to be checked at start) to include subcategories when searching
*3 dropdown:
— 1 with ONLY the TOP level of category -> Store/TOP category
— 1 with ONLY the 2nd level of category -> Store/TOP category / 2nd
— 1 with ONLY the 3rd level of category -> Store/TOP category / 2nd / 3rd

Example: New York (state) / New York City / Restaurant

This is very important!

Please note that the user does not have to select every dropdown menu to search.
It should work with one dropdown selected. + The user can leave the search area blank and only choose from the dropdown menu!

*Then a submit and cancel button.

*The output should start with “The time is XX:XX and the following stores are open right now:”

We only use one language so all text can be written in English and I’ll change that manually

Search example:

The time is 21:05 and I search for SUBWAY and choose 2nd category NEW YORK CITY and hit SEARCH.
Now I should get the results of which SUBWAYS that are open right now.

I have 6 database values to make it easier to return the correct opening hours of the store.
Mon – Fri: [Open_mon] [Close_mon] Time in 00:00 format.
Saturday: Open_sat] [Close_sat]
Sunday: [Open_sun] [Close_sun]

I want to be able to follow every step in an easy way. For example:

1) Find the following code …
2) Replace with…


Save and close.

Upload file a, b and c to store location/includes/ etc…

Pretty much as any other mod install instruction. I have some knowledge
but it’s much easier with proper instructions.

I have added a few extra searchable lines but they are working fine with
the standard search. More details about the database values etc will be discussed with the programmer we choose.

If you have any questions regarding this project, don’t hesitate so contact me.
I am new on this page but will have several projects to offer in the near future!

Kind regards,

Small Problems WordPress

Small Problems WordPress

This website need some last fixes:

See in the attachment how the website fixes must look.

1. Carousel: Adding a carousel (jquery) module for only images under the header.

2. Background: Adding a gradient to the background. I deliver the 1px width gradient image

3. Header: fixing the centering problem of the header when resizing the website

4. Sidebar: center the icons of: Social media, partners, photo’s

5. Sidebar: Close Top en bottom of sidebar with image. I’ll deliver the top and bottom image.

*No changes in graphical design allowed
* The site is based on Dynablue theme:

Website Redesign – Make It A+

Website Redesign – Make It A+
I need my site redesigned to make it look professional.

– the redesign will include the front page along with the pages linked from the Nav bar, but *not* the example page
– must work in IE6+, FF, Safari and mobile devices
– must be able to host the pages you’ll work on to show the work in progress
– I have logos that are 700px wide, I would like to use them, unless you are prepared to create new logos and banners
– must be a good communicator, be able to share various ideas

I’m looking for a clean and light weight design. You can take what I have and embellish it or come up with a new layout. When you bid, please describe what you envision. I’ll consider your previous work but more importantly study in detail your proposed design. If you have questions, please ask, don’t assume anything. The website is:
Looking forward working with you.

Need Many Writers

Need Many Writers
Hi all,

I require 1000’s of articles written. The topic range from gadgets, technology, health, general articles, ezine articles, SEO articles etc.

Most of them are of 250 words and 500 words. Since the quantity is bulk, I will be looking out for the cheapest rate. Majorly the rate for 500 words ($1.00-$1.5) and for 250 words, I can pay ($0.8-$1)

I need quality articles i.e 100% original and CS passed.

The nature of the project is long term. Those writers who give quality and adheres to strict deadlines stick with me for months.

In your post, please mention the number of articles you can handle per day.

Copyrighting Project

Copyrighting Project
Main Criteria:
I need people who can write well and good in English (Not necessary need to be good in writing novels but has to be exceptionally good in writing marketing text).

Marketing text are required to be clear, concise, short and is able to attract busy crowds in a few seconds.

Please show me sample short Marketing/Welcome text file via pmb

Affiliate Network Tweak/change

Affiliate Network Tweak/change
First off I need someone very familiar with affiliate marketing tracking, and pay processor IPN tracking to start.

I am need of changing some of the main features on the way the the site operates. The current script is completely able to be edited/added/changed, etc. as it is not encrypted.

I have an affiliate network site that needs some changes.
The site already has the affiliate, merchant and Admin accounts set up that is operational but needs help to function to my satisfaction.

Changes to affiliate site

We will need to create a new page called “Advertiser Checkout”

We would like a system that requires the payments from a merchant for creating a program in a more organized manner. Basically, when the merchant creates a program it should be inactive, until they pay for it and once they pay for it via paypal..(or possibly other methods as well), the program then is enabled and able to be seen by affiliates. So until the payment is made the merchant’s content program they listed on the New Content program page will not show up

We want a more organized pool of programs like cxdigitalmedia, similar to .. and in addition to what’s there (and removing the “pre-pop“ thing), I’d want a checkbox with the label “Incentives Allowed?” Yes or No

Signup Page:
In addition to what we have (But organized better) we want a box requiring people to describe how they’ll advertise
we want a checklist of what type of traffic theyll bring — seo/ppc/email/social bookmarking etc

implement a system that something says on the affiliate page when they login that they need to submit a w-9 to us (and link to the w-9 form).. and then we can manually remove that from the individuals page through the admin panel with like a one click thing saying they submitted it

our payout system.. i want it to be hooked up to our paypal account for paypal payments so that we can just hit something like.. send payments or something to automatically compile masspay. For those that selected check payment, or wire payment,

We also want adjustable payout timeframe (net-7, net-15, net-30), with the standard payout being net-30, and adjustable via the admin panel for the individual affiliate. We want to get rid of the ability of the affiliate to request a payment at any given time, and just have a universal net-30 standard, again with the ability for us to adjust that.

Change Merchants to advertisers and change Affiliates to publishers.

When creating a program, we want there to be a choice of pay for impressions, clicks, leads, or sales .. rather than having them all together (and all required to be filled out when creating the program)

For merchants (advertisers) billing, we want a system that the advertisers are able to select whether they want to be billed weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly for the leads/sales they received. The weekly/semi-monthly/monthly payments would be invoiced for sales/commissions that are made in excess to their account balance (since they’re required to deposit at least $300 into their accounts to run any affiliate program).

Php/msql Project

Php/msql Project
please download attachment for full project details. Programmers who can complete this project fast and quote me the lowest and show me your portfolio will get the project.

Winning Developer will also get to work with me long term as i get new projects almost every week. So be smart and quote me lesser for long term more projects = more $$

Getafreelancer/elance Clone

Getafreelancer/elance Clone
Hi there,

We’re looking for a professional design firm to build for us a clone of or Elance. This script needs to have the same functionality as this site and incorporate all upsell pieces as well as Escrow and payment gateways.

If you know of a great script already built and can customise it to act the same (and look the same) as this site (or ELance) this is more than welcome, although the script MUST be:

– robust
– secure (in all forms including SQL injections
– built using PHP and MySQL
– be made using the latest methods of coding such as JQuery
– cater for many users without load issues
– allow for future additions
– contain payment gateways
– allow for rating system same as that found on ELance
– have great CSS styling for easy template changes
– work in all major browsers flawlessly

Again, you are more than welcome to use another script or CMS to accommodate this job, but the entire project needs to be a professional creation led by a professional team of developers/designers.

There is a lot of ongoing work associated with this development, so please take this into consideration. We are from a legitimate business ourselves so are not looking to be in the same marketplace as Elance or GetAFreelancer, but do wish to have the same admin capabilities of these great sites.

Please do not bid if you do not have a good rating and you MUST explain what you have done in this area before, SHOW ONLY RELATIVE EXAMPLES, and be precise in your recommendations to us if not building from scratch. Anyone not following this will be instantly removed from the bidding group.

Communication is key here also and contact must be on a regular basis with regular updates.

Happy bidding and looking forward to hearing from you.

Php/mysql Website Mods

Php/mysql Website Mods
Our Business Rating/Review Site is almost ready to go live. We have some additions to enhance the functions already working well.

This is a complex site and you must be well versed in PHP/MYSQL along with Javascript, JAVA, Ajax.

These additions are to complete area’s that already have programming in place, we just wish to enhance that particular function so we feel the programming needed should be somewhat minimal for most of the requests with only about 3 of the requests needing more work.


1. Add another Info field in the Admin Section.
2. Display Newest to oldest on Latest Rants page.
3. Copy same Color/font/thumbnails to second pages of the Promotions.
4. Show “Sub Categories” for business listings on Home Page
Programming in place, just not displaying.
5. Add “Browse” option for picture upload in User Account & Admin section.Field already there, just need programming to finish.
6.1st Review showing full review, shorten to display up to 3
lines only.
7. Add 2 new fields to the Users account and the same into
the Admin area.
8. Make all Website Urls for listings “live”.
9. Minor change of style or color of pop-up Coupon.
10.We have an option for restaurants to upload their Menus.
We would like to show the word “Menu” under the business listing
and have it be live so that the User can view the menu
without leaving the page.
11.The upgrade/Downgrade option in members account needs to
UPDATE the information in their account and admin panel.
12.Add the Star Rating and adjust minor layout on small
area of home page.

13. Adjust the Thumbnail pictures to display better.

We will supply you with screen shots of specific areas to try to make it easier for you to understand the requests and complete in your quoted time frame.

Essentially we want someone who is a cracker jack programmer and wants to continue working with us on an ongoing basis.

THIS IS A RE-POST due to lack of communication from previous bidders, we respectfully request only serious bids please.

Please PMB for more info and site Url.

Thank you to all bidders for your time and consideration.