Javascript Image Slideshow

Javascript Image Slideshow
Please see the attached image before bidding. Please note that there is a large image in the center of the page, and to the right of the image is a block of text.

Also note that at the bottom of the page, there are 4 smaller images. We will call these images A, B, C, and D.

Here is what we need to do: Each small image (A, B, C, and D) will have 3 LARGE images associated with it (A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, etc…), and a block of text associated with each large image (The block of text that you see to the right of the large image in the attached file).

On initial page load, the large picture will rotate in a fade-in/fade-out fashion in the following order: A1, B1, C1, D1, A2, B2, C2, D2, A3, B3, C3, D3, A4, B4, C4, D4, A1, B1, etc….When the large picture changes, so will the block of text to the right of it.

Now, if the user mouses over one of the four images along the bottom of the page, the slideshow will change. For example, if the user mouses over image C, then the slideshow will begin to rotate C1, C2, C3, C1, C2, C3, etc… When the user mouses out, the slideshow will go back to normal rotation, from where it left off (IE, if the user mouses out when the slideshow is on C3, then the slideshow will resume with D1, D2, D3, A1, A2, etc…)

It is important that the transitions on mouseovers are done smoothly and that the slideshow effect includes a fade-in/out pattern.

I need this done TODAY. If you are not able to do it today, please do not bid. We also need the PSD sliced and coded, so please include that in your bid (Needs to be XHTML/CSS and tableless coding)

If you have any questions, please get back to me ASAP.

Search Engine For Bigcommerce

Search Engine For Bigcommerce
I’m not a tech head, so give me a break if the description is not optimal, but on the content part of the homepage of my BigCommerce website (see work in progress on I wish to create a search engine like on (upper right hand corner). Upon entering the first letters/numbers it needs to provide suggestions from the database (including links to the result).

No idea how it’s done, but someone told me it’s flash + javascript with a SQL database. It does not need to search within the website, but within a database I can control (preferrably through ftp).

So far (apparently) easy, but here comes the ‘tricky’ part; on the homepage I need two search boxes. Search box 1 will search on:
a) postcode, which will have to link to a page with all stores within that postcode area;
b) suburb/city, which will have to show all suburbs/cities with that name + postcode to select from (because of the same suburb/city possibility in the different Australian states) and then upon click link to a page with all stores within that suburb/city.

Once on the selected postcode or suburb/city page, the visitor will (besides the alphabetical store list) see another search box on the top to enter the delivery street name + number (without suffix, level, etc; just the streetnumber) in order to determine which stores in the database fall within a 5km delivery radius from that specific street address (possibly determined by longitude/latitude) and display the alphabetical result.

Still with me? Ok, similar thing goes for search box number 2 on the homepage, the product/service search box. Once a product/service is selected, the visitor goes to a page with a postcode or suburb/city search box like in box 1 searching for stores within that area that provide that specific product/service and displays the store list resultpage with on top a search box for delivery street + number as mentioned before to specify the stores within a 5km radius that deliver the selected product/service to that specific address.

In the final street radius result page there should be an option for me to add stores to the result in the database (stores that deliver to any address regardless of distance).

Looking forward to the response.

Mysql Drill Down Field Results

Mysql Drill Down Field Results

This is a Project I am reposting that I awarded to one Coder that started and never completed the from/code, so DO NOT BID Just to place a bid, READ ALL the details BEFORE BIDDING!!!

Please show samples before bidding on this project, if you place a bid and do not show a sample url then i will not accept and will remove your bid , so please read the full project details and ask any question before you show or place your bid.


i.e., The user selects the Country of the USA, using the [Country Pulldown Field] then the State Field should have a Pulldown to show only States within the USA only!, and then when the user selects the State of California from with the Pulldown Field, the city Fields should show a list of only Cities within that State selected by the user, so if the users selects the State of California then the [City Pulldown Field] should only show Cities within the State of California, then the last pulldown will display a list of active categories from the listing in the DB, then take that to then display the search results.

All the Country, States, and Cities are all stored in the DB, and the register form already uses the pulldown method, just need to use the selected users data values to post the form action and then get and display the search results

The search results display file uses this syntax format: (see sample search file results) Marketing and Advertising

So i need to grab the form $stateprov, $city & $category values to then call the file search4needles.php and replace the $stateprov, $city & $category with the users search form inputs to then display the search4needles.php using the user inputed values to show the search display select by the users input

*** Please bid ONLY if you are 200% sure of what needs to be done, and can start and finish this quickly (it should take no more than 1-2 to grab the form input values and code the line for the search4needles.php url), and you must be able to start today and get it done soon as I select the coder/bidder. ***

Thanks in advance

Xcart Product Dropdown Menu

Xcart Product Dropdown Menu
We have an xcart system set up on our server. This site sells college textbooks, and there are thousands of them. We tried using fly out menus but they are not good for accommodating large inventories. We need a menu system using a series of drop downs.

The following page contains the EXACT functionality we are looking for.

Select, textbooks and course materials to see the menu we need.

Our inventory system is already set up and ready to go, we just need a good menu to make it work.

Education Based Web Portal

Education Based Web Portal

Our company, Best Digital Marketing, is currently in the process of tendering for professional services in website and programming design for our new start-up website which relates to the education sector in Ireland. At this point, we are confident that Drupal is the best engine for our Content Management System (CMS). We are looking for an excellent individual or company who has an 1) impressive track record of creating websites in Drupal 2) is competitive in terms of price and who 3) fits with our requirements as outlined in both the technical and visual requirements sections below.

Technical Requirements

1. Forum: We intend to have a large forum section so it needs to be efficient and robust to errors and easy to use. For the forum section, we would appreciate recommendations on whether to use 1) the built in Drupal forum engine 2) PhPBB 3) Smf. It would also be useful if you could briefly outline some pro’s and con’s and explain if the Drupal theme will port over and that there is general compatibility between engines. As an example, we are impressed by the functional layout of (the slide down options from the menu at the top) but visually we would need a more simple and clean look. We appreciate your comments on this.

2. Blog: Like the forum, we require user blogs. We are considering both WordPress (google appear to have a preference for this) or alternatively we might use the blog features in Drupal.

3. Main Page: Some elements which are important for our main page will include:
An article driven setup – snapshots of recently added/important articles
Moving text feature – we will require 1) a live news feed and 2) regular inbuilt updates of recent articles

4. Other Required Features

a) Users must be able to have a ‘site-wide’ account whereby they can create blogs/use the forum/access other member only content, all on the same account.

b) We envisage the need to handle private forums for certain groups and therefore we will also require administrator/moderator security options etc.

c) We also require the ability to run polls and subsequently post results as graphs/charts. We therefore require a module that uses the Drupal poll engine and gives us a choice of how to display the results anywhere on the site.

d) Our website will include all of the above features but is not limited to them. Additionally, we intend to grow rapidly in the coming months and we may require further items such as social media updates such as facebook and twitter, video, podcasts, online store. If you had the ability to provide these future items this would be helpful to us.

e) We require recommendations on spam protection modules/repair and maintenance if necessary and how they can be applied to each section of the site.

We have a more detailed proposal available which we will send to those companies which best fit our requirements for the best price. However, we are happy to supply all companies with this detailed proposal if they wish to tailor a more individualized proposal of their capabilities to us.

Visual Requirements

We expect the content of our website to be significant and to grow over time and therefore it will be essential that our information display on the main page and other pages, in terms of our headings and subheadings, are clean, neat, logical and are extremely easy to navigate for users.

We are confident that Drupal can provide us with the graphical look that we require but we are aware that although some website designs are excellent many look cluttered and visually weak.

We have chosen a few websites as examples of what kind of look we would like and if you could briefly describe your ability to achieve similar templates to those outlined below:

In terms of the website color and font displays, we would ideally be able to have a template setup in Drupal whereby we could customize our own colors and fonts.

One critical aspect for our website will be the addition of analysis such as charts, tables, graphs and graphics from a microsoft word document. As a practical matter then, we would like to have full confidence that when we complete such analysis in a word document that we can easily and compatibly transport it into relevant sections on our website. As an example, we expect that we could display information as seen in this link on the economist website below:

As a final point, we are investigating bringing in an interactive template to our website in addition to the Drupal template albeit this is just a consideration at this time. For example, we are considering an interactive look for our main page only which would then be compatible with the rest of the Drupal template. We would be very interested to hear any recommendations you might have on this in terms of workability and price. Some interactive templates which we find impressive are:

Concluding Remarks

If you are interested in working with us, perhaps you might be kind enough to let us know which of these requirements you can (and cannot) perform and, where possible, provide us with your estimated cost for each.

In terms of a timeline, we are aiming for our website to be operational by late January.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you very much for your time,

Kind Regards,

Mark Moore
Head of Operations
Best Digital Marketing
Co. Dublin


I need 30 original and unique articles that are structurally and grammatically correct. I will provide a phrase/keyword list that each article should cover.

All of the 30 articles will be about one topic. The articles need to be at least 400 words or more in length, no more than 500 words and have at least four paragraphs. You will also need to include a 15 (average) worded short teaser description/intro of the article.

Articles should be SEO friendly, and will target 1 keyword or phrase per article. I will provide the list of keywords/phrases.

I would expect you to use the internet and all of it’s resources for any research.

The articles MUST be unique. I will not pay for nor accept articles copied from somewhere else. I will confirm this using, and my own software. So if you feel that you can not write grammatically correct articles in English that are original, please do not bid. Poorly written articles will always be rejected and the project cancelled, wasting both of our times. So do not bid if you can only write in broken English.

The project guidelines need to be followed exactly.

In your bids, please place the TOTAL cost that you expect to be paid for the project and the TOTAL time you expect it will take, not the cost per letter or time per article.

Please put a sensible “delivery within” time, as overtly optimistic timescales suggests that you do not understand what is required.

Write 6 Articles

Write 6 Articles
I would like 6 well-written, well-research and original articles written on bellow topics. I need them well-written by a FLUENT ENGLISH writer. Please bid on writing all 6 articles together, not a select few. Thank you.

I need 6 original and well-written and well-researched articles done on the following topics:

1. Self defense for women. include statistics and top 25 techniques for women to defend herself against an attacker. small images of techniques included would be good. – 3 pages single-spaced

2. Article about value investing. Why it is best method of investing in stock market, how it works, who uses this method, and 25 top rules of value investing. 2-3 pages single spaced

3. Free Tibet – describe how Chinese killed peaceful Tibetan monks and tried to kill the Dalai Lama, who had to flee to Dharamsala India. How illegal killing and persecution of Tibetans especially lamas continues in their home land, and how Chinese have taken over the region, using part of it to dump Chinese toxic waste. 1-2 pages single spaced

4. Wildlife preservation – statistics on current wildlife extinction worldwide, how important and fragile the balance in nature is, how climate change will affect people especially coastal cities when ice caps will melt, and what are the best initiatives people can get involved with now to help the situation. 1-2 pages single spaced

5. Child Sexploitation – describe the problem of small children being kidnapped and sold for sex services, and how RedLight Children non-profit tries to address this problem 1-2 pages single-spaced

6. Education in US – provide overview of how bad public education is in United States, statistics on how many Americans are illiterate and how many kids drop out of public high schools. What can be done to change the system. 1-2 pages single spaced

Budget is $50. Turnaround required is no longer than 1 day per article.

Re-code Website & Database

Re-code Website & Database
Our existing website ( was coded using Frontpage & its extensions, including ASP and Access, which are no longer supported. We want to re-code the website using MySQL or similar database.
Project requires backend scripting (probably PHP or Perl/CGI for functionality); setup, programming, installation, & instruction on using MySQL; testing & error trapping.
While the site has more than 1000 pages, the project is smaller than it appears. There are 5-10 template pages (forms) that search the database and return results, alphabetize the results by author &/or title, & format the output to screen.
Can provide more info as needed.