Edit Built2go Script For Music

Edit Built2go Script For Music
I sell alot of sites to music artist and producers. I have a Built2Go.com script. The script is a basic shopping cart site. But I wanted to edit it to where instead of actual items, the client can add music. So each item would have a flash player.

If at all possible, let me know.

Here is the url for the demo: http://demos.built2go.com/shopping/1/

I attached a jpeg of where Im wanting the flash player.

Twitter Tool

Twitter Tool
Need something that will..

-Update statues for multiple accounts (every 5-20 min would be nice)
-Mix and generate sentences ex. Make money online, join free , after mixed something like; earn online, join free on charge. ( Things like ; . ; 3 5 can be added to .. so If i insert once sentence I would expect to get about 100 that look the same.

Original: Make money online, join free, payal proof http://bit.ly/60srVT

mix 1: Mmake money online, join free, payal proof http://bit.ly/60srVT

mix 2: Make money online, join free, payal proof .. http://bit.ly/60srVT

mix 3: .Make money online, join free, payal proof .. http://bit.ly/60srVT

mix 4: Make money online, join free, payal proof ; http://bit.ly/60srVT

etc …….

Seo Software Reviews

Seo Software Reviews
I want professional reviews of seo softwares ( reviews should be keyword rich and seo friendly) who have actually used the software or donwload the trial version use it and then critically review it. The review should be very creative from a medium professional users point of view. The fields of review should also include

1) costs _ if its worth the money.

2) service – If the customer support of the software replies fast.

3) updates – If the software is updated regularly. If yes are there any costs? if yes then how much?

4) features of software explained ( and usefulness of it). eg some softwares has feature of submitting the articles to article directory which is actually waste ( as google filters the duplicate content) etc etc

5) yearly update charges – yes or no , if yes then howmuch etc

6) ease to use the software

7) simplicity to understand

etc etc and anything else you can think of.

The software listed below are the ones I am interested in, but if there are other good ones then please suggest me.



Design A New Home Page

Design A New Home Page
We are looking for a designer (or programmer) to come up with a new idea and new design for the main page of our website. www.candleswest.com

Our current design is good, but we are looking for something better.

Design, ideas and concepts only. No implementation, no programming.

We are looking for something creative and unique. Please browse our website to understand our business.

Please present and provide a bid for your 2 best designs for this project.

Please provide a link to your portfolio.

Simple Html/css Template Edit

Simple Html/css Template Edit

I a quick simple job that needs doing.

I need all the content of this site sandringhamconservatories.ltd.uk copied to this template http://themeforest.net/item/green-clean-business-template/19116

I want to lose the bottom navigation plus change the background color.

I want there to be 6 pages

About us
Other Serrvices
Contact us

I also mite need a few other minor changees but nothing big!

the logo will need to be interrogated on to this site so it fits in.

If there is anything extra thats big that I need doing I will pay extra.

This job will need to be done as quick as posible!

Please do not bid unless you have 10+ ratings!

and please don’t bid silly prices as I have been doing this for a while and know what costs what.

kind regards


Two Websites Needed

Two Websites Needed
I am after a professional dating website and a professional auction website with similar count down clock as swoopo. The dating website must have a front page for log in for Australian members and International members. It must have facilities such as;
mp3 music uploads, video uploads, live web cam chat for multiple users, live chat similar to skype, access to twitter, youtube, facebook and all popular sites. Must have a professional flash header. It must have room for banner advertising by businesses, which will be charged for a fee. It must have greetings that members can send to one another for a fee. The auction website must be interlinked with the dating website so its 1 log in = 1 username 1 password. For example if you log in to the dating website you have automatically logged in the auctions. Admin needs to be CMS so its easily updated, edited, changed in any part of the website/s. Admin needs to be able to control every part including advertising, video uploads, music uploads, banners etc. The colour sheme needs to be same on both websites. There also needs to be a section in both websites that messages can be written in admin and automatically displayed in bothe websites. For example: Merry Christmas to all members. Auction listing and advertising fees need to be similar to ebay however not a clone. The dating website needs to have a few membership types, like Guest, Bronze, Silver and Gold which would show up next to each profile type. I really want a professional job so if you are not up to it please do not bid. Must be completed in 7 days. So happy bidding !

Gpt Site(custom)

Gpt Site(custom)
am looking for a script similar to shiftcode.com. It is for an incentive get paid to offer website with the ability to have ptc (payperclick ads), ptr (payperread ads), and the typical paid to signup, and paid to do surveys like www.simplegpt.com, gptcashcow.

I wanted it to have these options:

The ability to manage Paid to Click and Paid to Signup advertisements.
Allow advertisers to purchase their own Paid to Click or Paid to Signup advertisements that will be shown to your members. The advertiser will have options such as demographics, detailed stats and much more.
Easily communicate with members through the Trouble Ticket system that will alert you via E-mail when a member has a question.
Members will be able to withdraw their earnings at any time. Integration to send PayPal and many other payment processors right from your admin panel.

Banner Rotation
Contact Form
Help System
– Paid to Click
– Paid to Signup
– GptTracker.com
– Promo Bonus
– Proxy Detection
– Telephone Proof
– Trouble Ticket
– Upgrade
– Withdraw
-way to detect cheaters

*a list to your members of all the recent events that have occured on your site. This product can display newest members, latest offers approved and latest withdraws.
*Ability to run contests, can have a contest of who completes the most, or completes the most worth of offers. Also run a first to reach contest where whoever earns a certain amount the quickest gets a prize.
****Also very important: A way to have members be able to withdraw (please refer to the websites i mentioned above) from the website with paypal.
I will be using advertisers such as leadpub, instantdollarz, etc so I may need a way to be able to organize these
shiftcode has a way for members to advertise on the gpt sites. They can buy ptc, ptsu, ptr ads. This is optional but if it is possible that could work well.

I am looking for any ideas on how to make this site stand out.

I would prefer those who have experience with coding these type of websites. I want something similar to SHIFTCODE, but at the same time something original. There are tons of GPT websites out there and I want mine to have unique features that make it stand out.

I am going to make my own design for it, so it would help if there is a way to customize a template if possible.


Youtube Comment

Youtube Comment
I have a member based site. I want to create a section that will pay my members to make comments on youtube. How? (X page is the page needed to be created)

-Logged in member on my site goes to the X page and browses offers he can complete: There should be a table of offers that include “offer name” “youtube comment to be posted” “money earned per comment” “number of comments to be posted” “submit” where when they press submit they would have to enter their youtube username they used. The script should then look up the username and the comments he made and request a “pending reward” in my admin panel. I should be able to see the username, sample comments and the total amount of comments on what vid in my admin panel so I know if the user completed the request. If I approve (manually), money he earned should go into his balance (every user already has a balance so wouldn’t be too hard to do that)

So short said.

User interface:
Table with offers (check above)
Submit button where he can enter his youtube name

Admin interface:
Pending requests(approve or deny) that show site username, youtube username, amount of comments made, where he made the comments and sample comment or something like that.
Option to add new offers, edit and delete.

Before making a bid for this project, I need to know 100% though if it is possible to do what I requested (youtube name, comment extract…) If not, let me know so I don’t search further.

WordPress: Php Code

WordPress: Php Code
About the Project:
This Project refers to a small PHP coding, in my existing wordpress Blog.

I want a function, that will pull random number of lines (say 1 or 2 or 3 or 4… till the total no of lines in text file) from the text file (“.” delimited). The Text file will be Hosted on My server.

Example: If the text file has 300 Lines in it, i want to pull say 3 r 4 or 5 Random lines from it. (No of random lines i want should be a parameter, so i can change it later).

This output will be an Input for one another Function (I have plug-in for this function). So the output must work in this Plugin Function.

Do let me know if you can do this. We start immediately.

Thanks & Good Day,

Website Needed I Have Example

Website Needed I Have Example
Western Designers Only!!!!!!!!!

Do not bid until you send me an message and I give you more details, including the example of the site I want.

I need a simple website with SEO, I will give you the keywords. I may need some very simple artwork, we can discuss. Website will probably be less than 10 pages.

I have an example of what I want, it is very easy to do. I also have the colors of what I want.

I need it in about a week, if possible.

Should be left easy for me to add content by myself using composer html editor. I need to be able to easily add content by myself, I mostly just need the design.

If a CMS is needed, you will need to quote separately.

Site should be done in HTML to make it easy for me to modify. Or if you have other ideas you can let me know.

Site is pretty simple to do, so I hope the price is right. Easy project to get your rating up.

Site will be paid for 100% after work is completed.

Classified/betting Site

Classified/betting Site
The concept is this:
The site is like a classified site but instead of people selling coins, books, computers etc people are “advertising” bets. There should be a possibility to place a bet on many sports and events.
The main point is: Think of it as a classified site to make it simple. There is an attached file with detailed info that you should read before you bid.

We had a programmer on Scriptlance do this site for us (www.gamble2day.com) a couple of years ago but it has a lot of bugs and is not functional. If you think you want to re-do this existing site its ok. What is important is a simple site with the functions we want and a nice and clean/modern design.