Analytics Script

Analytics Script
analytic script that i can put on my site so i can see how many people are coming in and what they are doing and how much time they stay there…

using cookies and ip

it needs to have clean and with graphs and other stuff like getclicky

i want to install it in the website using php

include ‘xxx.php’;

Php Spamassassin Checker

Php Spamassassin Checker
I need a custom-written PHP function that checks the content of outgoing messages. The script should be able to read Spamassassin ruleset files, and search the message for words, phrases, and other content that might cause it to be recognized as SPAM.

The checker will be implemented into a mailing program, so it only needs to check the subject and body. It does not need to have any of the other advanced features of Spamassassin, such as learning new rules from user input.

The function should return an integer for the number of rule violations in the message. The name of each rule violated should be passed by reference in an array. For example, “FS_AT_NO_COST” and “FRT_WEIGHT2” are two names of Spamassassin rule names. These names would be in the Spamassassin ruleset files.

The function should be in the following format:

$violations = check_spam($subject, $body, &$violations);

Other than the ruleset files, this function should be independent of Spamassassin and not require that Spamassassin be installed on the server. The ruleset files would be uploaded to another folder, so the script just needs to access that folder and gather all the ruleset files inside when checking a message.

I would need exclusive ownership of the finished code for this project.

Secured Pages And Admin Area

Secured Pages And Admin Area

I have a website and I need you to create 2 things:

– a secured members area;
– an admin area.

Secured Members Area:

In my website, I sell an online product. When people buy it, they should be redirected to a page where they place their name, email, and choose their username and password in order to enter in the secured area (all fields are required). Once they register, they access all the pages (there are several), and they must all be secured. If they close the window for example, and want to re-enter in the members area, they should place the username and password again; if they close their browser, the same should happen. All this pages that should be secured are under the same folder in my server.

So, you need to create a form for people to register and a form for people to log in, besides protecting all pages.

Admin Area:

This should be a page created by you. I honestly don’t care about the design. It may be a table with some rows, columns and buttons. What I need to have here is all my members’ information (name, email, username, password, and when they bought the product). I should be able to edit any of the fields, add a new member or even delete a member.

I believe the best option for this is to create a MySQL database where I have all members stored.

So, as soon as someone buys my product and they get to the register page to enter their name, email, preferred username and password, and fill all the data, this new member should automatically appear in this admin section.

If you have good knowledge about php or MySQL, you won’t have any problems doing this project. If possible, please show me some of your previous work so that I can see what you’re capable off.

Please let me know exactly how much time this project may take.

Thank you.

Two Simple Mail Forms

Two Simple Mail Forms
Hi , I`m looking for a programmer who can create 2 simple forms in php.

I need 1 form to enable visitors to schedule an appointment with a consultant ( selectable by selecting the consultant from a drop down list ). Three confirmation mails should be sent to > admin , customer , consultant/ Confirmation email should be done in html , the design will be supplied.

The other form is a simple application form with several fields. The confirmation email should be sent to the visitor and the admin. The design is ready.

Both forms should have a captcha to prevent spam.

The application form should have a upload option. Files should be stored on the server in a seperate folder. Only .txt , .doc , .doxc , .pdf files can be uploaded.

Let me hear your best offer.

Simple Php Changes 2

Simple Php Changes 2

my raffic exchange makes each new user surf 1000 sites to recieve there initial credit bonus

I need you to add a function to the admin area where i can change the numer of sites needed to surf to recieve there initial signup bonus


job 2
update admin area to do the following
add content boxes (text area form) that can be editied from the admin area to update the content of a txt file

each content box must update its own txt file

content box 1 will update file surfbar_left.txt
content box must have the option to save and delete information in the surfbar_left.txt file

code must be placed in the surf bar to call the contents of surfbar_left.txt file

from what i have read something like
<?php echo getad(‘surfbar_left.txt’); ?>
but i need many of these where as i can edit through my admin area that will update each individual file so i can call selected ad files for perticular locations of my site

********image has been added to show the type of content box i am referring to that can be edited in the admin area to show the content in another location on the site*************

Deciquesi .com Clone

Deciquesi .com Clone
Looking for a clone of deciquesi dot com
I’m looking to buy the Dolphin Software and looking for someone to design my new website using Dolphin but with the look and feel of deciquesi dot com
My site will be a networking site for the gay community but NOT an adult site.
Please note that I’m looking for design work only. NOT programming needed as Dolphin has everything I need.
I need a fresh, clean, unique, modern and yet fun look for my site.

Please contact me with samples of previous work. Must have experience in designing Social Network/Dating sites.

Thank you!

Video Player – Dynamic Content

Video Player – Dynamic Content
I need help finishing up my custom video player(flowplayer(….

We are very close to getting this where we want it, we just need:

-The slideshow (on the bottom) to stop playing when one of the videos starts to play

-We need to be able to pull content dynamically into the player via using a base url for the rtmp stream

-List of content being pulled by the slideshow and the video player needs to be able to be pulled dynamically from our database

Everything else is working as it should be for us, although we really need to resolve these last few issues.

matt L

Easy Power Point Presenation

Easy Power Point Presenation
I don’t have the time to do this and I need it done right away. Please only contact me if you can perform this task immediately. This should be a very easy and quick job for someone who knows PP as I have already organized the points and flow (and photos). I need the right person for this small project. This power point MUST be first class and look professional. Please don’t waste my time by learning how to do it while working on my project. If you would like to see the details then send me a message.

Filtering For Online Catalogue

Filtering For Online Catalogue
I’m looking for a solution for my online catalogue of products similar to the one found on where you can filter product listing by different criteria. We have a solution at the moment but it’s working much too slow. We need a more efficient and faster solution. Please contact me and I’ll send you the website address and source files.

Magento Website Design 2

Magento Website Design 2
I need a Magento Pro to implement and integrate affiliate datafeed file within a new storeview in a magento website. The affiliate feed with price comparison will be obtained from

– A new storeview with a link to the main website.

– the homepage will have a category menu (script obtained from

– the homepage will have menu optional link to a merchant menu page (script to use will be obtained from

– the homepage will have menu optional link to a rebates/coupons/deal menu page (script to use will be obtained from
Refer to the example link on homepage.

– the home page will have a search bar or search box at the header and footer sections (script to use will be obtained from

– shopping tools will include price search engine, product price comparison, rebates/coupons/deals, shop by store, brand & category and search bar or search box all obtained from

– you must include product banners, comparison banners, advertisement banners etc.(script obtained from

– Integration methods to use include JAVASCRIPT, PHP, XML, and JSON.

Previous experience implementing/integrating datafeed into magento is required for this project.

Website – Odds Aggregator

Website – Odds Aggregator
Hi! We need a nice and easy website, something like a small version of which sums up the best sport events (priority to soccer A,B series, WorldCUP, Champions League, EuropaLeague, F1, MOTOGP) and the highest ODDS.

(we will develope in a second time : volleyball, basket, horses, rugby, tennis, cycling)

How it should work: like
1. user searches through the menu or list of events
2. user clicks on the event
3. the website aggregates the odds (highlighting the best ones) and the bookmakers (we provide the list of italian bookmakers)


recap: we look for a developer/ webdesigner to create a simple application to act as “best odds aggregator”- to find automatically the events and highest odds on the events. the website has to be in italian so we deal with text. we need a cms system to manage the website.