Original Articles In Bulk

Original Articles In Bulk

The project we are involved with as of now requires Two Hundred, 100% original quality articles written.

All Articles provided by you will be submitted to Ezine articles so ALL work must be 100% original content and pass the EZA publishing requirements.

Upon Bidding Samples Must Be Provided.

The complete details of the project will be given upon bidding via the PMB.

The author must be capable of writing in simple English in a conversational manner You must be able to write content in fluent English, without spelling or grammar errors.

It would be beneficial if you have some experience in Publishing on Ezine Articles, along with marketing and promotion online, but more important is the ability to follow directions.

I am looking for an individual for this job rather than a team, or company with employees. I prefer to deal exclusively with 1 person.

I will give special consideration to those who are disabled, retired or stay at home moms.

The key to this job is quality first, but equally important is your ability to stay in contact on a daily basis. Communication is essential.

However to help me get a clearer view of the nature of your work, you will need to supply me with article samples on a variety of subjects ranging from rewrites, product reviews, sales letter summaries and information based articles.

You will be required to provide a minimum of 1 article per day and a maximum of 20 articles per week.

You will have to research the topics and write ORIGINAL content…

a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 400 words will be required for each article.

The specific layout and format of the articles will be supplied in the PMB.

Feel free to ask for any more clarifications.

The maximum we are ready to pay is 2$/article of 400 words.

This project is only stage one, more work will be required but The total requirement for this initial project is to write 200 articles.

Providers who are confident of providing this count should bid for this project.

If you are not able to deliver at least one article every day then please do not bid for this project.

You must be able to respond to all emails from me during the business week quickly.

Each and every article should pass copy scape. Work would be rejected if any flaw is found.

Before escrow payment is made a minimum of five articles must be submitted and approved.

The successful candidate will be decided on in the next two to three days, and for the right candidates more work would be awarded.

If this describes you, and the terms are satisfactory to you, please bid on this job and tell me why you are the right person for the job.

Only apply if you are committed and will provide the minimum amount.

Looking forward for a long term relationship.

Need Help With WordPress Probl

Need Help With WordPress Probl
I have wordpress and have been using it it for a while. I am having some sort of problem and think it has been hacked or something is wrong. Some pages of my website that were great on Google have vanished and Google will not pick them up. When on the admin side I noticed when I make a post, the place to make a post is very slow. The server is a dedicated server, so it shouldn’t be slow. I just need someone to look at the coding and see if anything is wrong or if there is something hidden messing with the performance of the wesbite.

Twitter Api Php Parse Script

Twitter Api Php Parse Script
I require coding for a website I am working on. This will be placed into an existing signup script that already inserts other user information into a MySQL database. Ok to include library.

This project is for coding that will get a Twitter users Avatar (image) URL and return the variable. The Twitter username is submitted via form (field : twitter_name)

$twitterAvatar = “http://a3.twimg.com/profile_images/519988777/my_logo.jpg”,
if the script cannot find the url, either because the user doesn’t exist or for error, the function just needs to quietly fail and set variable as follows:

$twitterAvatar = “logos/noavatar.gif

Simple project. I can pay via PayPal ONLY after project completion.

Guitar Tab And Partition 2

Guitar Tab And Partition 2
Hi programmers, I just want a guitar tabs and sheet partitions
PHP, with a good referencing (SEO). I wish you could enter easily all my database at once, not part by part (if possible). I also want a forum, a free access for files (search bar) and I would enter two types of tabs: guitar pro tabs and tabs.txt I already have my data base. SO;

* In home page I’d like to find new tabs, most viewed tabs and what’s up in the forum.
* I’d like the language will be chosen automatically for the language of the visitor.
* To download any tab it will be good if another webpage will be opened instead of the home page.
* A forum.
* I’ll be able to decidde of each tab (accept or refuse)
* CMS with a control panel.
* the alphabet of search in the top of every page of the website.
* a chords dictionnary.
* adsense blocs will be directly under the alphabet search bar (at the top of every page of the website)
And a Powerful Admin Panel. You will be able to manage everything on your website through it.

Search Results Problem

Search Results Problem
I am running a news site using Joomla. When people are doing a google search we come up fine in the results but the links to our articles is bad.It doesn’t land on the right page.

For example if you google: The New Zealand Week peter calder
We come up about 3rd in the list. But if you click on it it leads you to the page where the article was. But it has since been archived.

If you do an internal (site) search for ‘Peter Calder’ you’ll get the story.

Looking for someone to diagnose and fix this problem.

Php Mysql Torrents Script

Php Mysql Torrents Script
I am looking for development for a torrents website. Will consider commercial if it is not encrypted.

For a custom write, I am looking for a very simple script. With the following only.

1) Main page that has torrent search, link to register and login and generic listing of torrent categories.

Users can register which gives them the option to upload torrents and comment on other torrents. When uploading torrents, must select categories which will be set via admin. (is. Movies, Music, TV)

User interface. Have to be logged in to comment on a torrent. Quote vote option on if the torrent is good or fake.

Search results. When search results appear, has to display:
Name of torrent, date uploaded, user that uploaded the torrent. Votes on good/fake, number of comments.

Ideally the site should have functionality for seeders and leechers, but as this is a small budget it’s a wish list. Please indicate in your bid if it includes torrent tracking.

Admin Area
Manage users. Delete, suspend and edit.
Manage torrents. Delete, suspend and edit.
Manage torrent categories

I would like the scripts to include one template file which I will make myself. All functions need to be clearly marked and I would like same page parsing. Variables (database login info), must all be in one config.php file.

No design
No css
No smarty

Must be written for PHP 5/MySQL.


Please do not post lists of sites you have done. I am interested in torrents scripts only, just include your portfolio when you bid.

Videotube Battle Script

Videotube Battle Script
I need a site where users are allowed to embed videos a list of sites and vote on them.
Basicaly users post embedded videos to my site and they show up to at the time.Then you click on a button
to vote which one is hotter. (similar to a hot or not clone)

These are the features that I want:

* user registration.
* voting possibility
* top of videos (most won and worst)
* video categories
* url rewrite for the whole site.

Please note that I will only pay after the project is complete, that means no escrow. If you agree
to these terms please bid.

Website – Penny Auction

Website – Penny Auction

I need someone who has experience on penny auction . Someone who knows in and out how penny auction works.

I want to build a site in Malaysia that has better features than

Need to outbeat the above website

I have limited experience in this and need someone who can build the website and guide me through the processes in penny auction.

Search Query To Token

Search Query To Token
I need a WordPress plug-in, which will capture the searched keywords that the person used to find the site.

The exact search query can then be used anywhere inside a WordPress blog.

By using a attributes such as %%searchedWords%% or anything similar

Much like Chitika.com Premium ads use.

the plug-in should also have a place where negative keywords can be added so that not every search string would appear.


if you have a WordPress blog on calculator’s and someone finds your web site by searching with the word “Texas Instruments PX 115 calculator”. I would like to put in the sidebar or in the header or in the poste page. Find the latest Texas Instruments PX 115 calculator. Click here

if someone searches the word calculator and finds the site. I can predefine calculator as a negative word, as I do not want to post Find the latest calculator click here. This term would be too general and would simply display the entire site.

if you are able to program something like this. The money will be placed in escrow till the project is completed.

Virtuemart Mfg. Logo Scroller

Virtuemart Mfg. Logo Scroller

I am in need of a Virtemart manufacture logo scroller for my e commerce site.

One that scrolls all of the logos of the brands I offer across the top of my website and links through to the brands products once the logo is clicked. I would like it to count the number of times it is clicked, like the ad banners do.

http://www.edaintromit.com/ – This site does exactly what I am lookign for. They have hacked the mod_rokvirtuemart_scroller. I would like this exact same scroller, but to add the click counter each time a logo is clicked. I can provide the original mod_rokvirtuemart_scroller module if it helps.

Example of the original mod_rokvirtuemart_scroller:

To give some other examples of manufacturer scrollers(not on virtuemart):