Fix Phpbb Forum

Fix Phpbb Forum
My 3.0.4 phpbb forum has a lot of issues. I had a cache issue a few months back and it was supposed to be fixed by a programmer, but I was getting blank pages in certain admin sections. I did not realize in time to get the programmer to fix it. So a couple weeks ago I tried to update the forum to the latest 3.0.6 version and it messed up more than it fixed, so I reverted back to the previous version… or I thought I did. Not sure, but still having issues. Blank pages in certain sections of admin. I get them if I try to move or create topics. Then yesterday I had a user that gets the no forum message after logging in. I logged in as that user and saw the same thing, but I can view things as admin. People are posting, so I know that it isn’t everyone. I checked her user settings and they were fine. I have no idea what is going on.

I think what may?? need to be done is a fresh 3.0.6 install done, my custom style updated with the 3.0.6 changes and the new SEO mod installed. The person that does this will need to save all topics and users, as I have had this forum for many years.

Member Registration/login

Member Registration/login
We need a PHP script for a membership for various level of access (free and premium) designed as per attached mockup and diagram.
Scope of work:

> create a webform as per attached mockup
> use AJAX to hide/show the various memebership types
> create simple free and premium membership pages after members have
successfully logged in
> apply proper form validations
> use PayPal’s IPN features
> create the full registration procedure of the ‘free membership’ feature such as activation and password change and the ‘forgot password’ feature ( user will be sent a new password which has to be activated again).
> create database table
> make the values of the 3 premium membership variables in a config file
> create a CSS file to control appearance of register/login webform

server: LAMP

Tshirt Flash Website Mods

Tshirt Flash Website Mods
I’m willing to pay $100-150 for this. It must be done in less then 10 days (though you’ll have more time when the client wants mods).

I have a flash app made. It needs some tweaking. Basically the categories it has need to just be hidden. They will no longer be applicable to the project.

Their need to be function to allow images to save on each side of the shirt. They don’t work right now.

XML needs to be added for easy use to add new products to be called to the application.

Here is how it will work and what you will need to do:

1) Visitor goes to http://project(REMOVE_THIS)

2) They can browse categories, subcategories, find the product they need.

3) They choose price, size, quantity, etc. all in the product page which is here: http://project(REMOVE_THIS)…

4) Product can be added to “Cart” and user is then shown the shopping cart page. User can update cart for each item or click on “Custom Design” for each product.

5) If they do click on custom design, then the appropriate black outline for that category is automatically shown and user can start to design the shirt. If they upload a picture in word or pdf, then message is shown and file is uploaded.

6) After design is done, user is then shown the cart again but it says “Designed. Click to Edit” for that product only. If they click on that button, then it will allow them to continue the design from where they last left it.

7) User can checkout and purchase.

8. The save function needs to work

9. The image of the shirt and what was uploaded (2 seperate files) must be saved for creating the shirt purposes.

So the client whose application this will be for will add the product’s image, title, etc to the xml file. It will then be called to the application. then we just need your designer to save the designed work and give it a unique ID.

Other small work will need to be done. Anyone who accepts this bid will agree to that.

WordPress Plugin Programmer

WordPress Plugin Programmer
I am looking for “at least one” WordPress plugin programmer (multiple winners are a possibility) to start working on a part-time to full-time basis.

Preference will be given to those who can handle a full-time workload and are able to give their full focus to my projects.

Part-time exceptions can be made, but will based solely on experience and proof of experience, as well as focus.

My current projects will last a minimum of two weeks and most likely I will require help for at least a couple months.

To qualify for one of positions avaialable, you must first be willing to work during a timeframe that matches mine in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

I am online most of the day, but prefer to not to have to work past 2AM nor begin before 10AM, so your day must start and end somewhere inbetween in EST.

Second you will need to supply a working porfolio of “WordPress Plugin” related work you have done in the past.

This DOES NOT mean “installation” of WP and it’s plugins or design of a theme!

This should showcase SPECIFIC experience of “customizing” WP plugins as well “creating” WP plugins from scratch.


Please supply the details to these specific WP plugin projects you have worked on in your PMB, including Scriptlance project links and external examples of how these projects turned out.

If you add links to “Private Projects” or projects outisde of WordPress, please add detailed descriptions of the links, so I know WHAT you have personally customized and created.

If you did “everything” please tone it down to a component level(custom or new) as well languages / plugins used to create components.

Beyond having WordPress plugin skills, you must be also showcase your skills with AJAX / JSON / JQuery and custom scalable CSS in your porfolio links..

ALL of my plugins require unique ways to gather and display data from MYSQL and use all of the above to complete those tasks.

WordPress plugins will also require a LARGE amount of “ADMIN Configuration” to ensure that all features and settings can be EASILY configured by “Novice Users”.

Most of the confiruation ideas will be taken from existing GNU licensend plugins, however you will still need to create some new concepts, as well as configure the options to work with the customized code. AJAX, JSON / JQuery will also be heavily used within Admin.

Lastly, you must be online in Skype during your agreed work period and will need to utilize your own task management software to keep track of what you are doing and how long it is taking you.

This is so I can determine you strengths and weaknesses and adjust the workload accordingly as again, there will most likely be multiple people working on the same projects.

Communication and availability will play a very large part in my decision, as well as past experience. You must have 10+ reviews which related to the work involved for me to even consider.

Test period will be one-full day with an agreed upon project, with escrow based on the steps you can agree you can complete during your test day. If you pass the test, I will commit to weekly escrow with daily releases, again based on agreed upon steps that you will complete during this time.

DO NOT BID until you we have discussed your skills in PMB. Again, communication and attention to details, so if you don’t pay attention this detail, you will already be out of the running.


Please mention in your PMB, your hourly / daily / weekly / monthy rate as well as the amount of hours you expect to offer per day / per week.

If you have less than 40 reviews on Scriptlance, ensure that you in clude very descriptive explanations of your example projects, including the compontents you configured and what languages / plugins you used.

If you have any further questions, please also send them in a PMB.

I do not want any delays based on “miscommunication”, so I will also use the content in your PMBs, as a reflection of your current level of communication, so please be clear and consise.

Joomla Developer

Joomla Developer
Hello Every

We have developed sales invoice and inventory software , now we want to extend our software to online .

What we expecting from the developing team is to create a small tool that extract the data from our program and update to joomla e-commerce sit. our software can automatically export the data from our database and export as XML file to server and we will export the picture also to the server . your job is to take this data and update to joomla e-commerce site.

The data that we will export to the server is Category, subcategory, products and picture for the products. The picture name is organized according to the Product ID.

the main objective of this project is , anybody using our software they can use this tool automatically to update to the e-commerce site , they don’t have to do the same thing twice entering the product information into our program and e-commerce site. Any changes happening in the XML data that we upload to server, this changes must immediately applied to ecommerce site. Specially the quantity of the product.

Link 2 X Joomla Using Jfusion

Link 2 X Joomla Using Jfusion
This is a simple and easy task for anyone understanding JFusion.

Need to use jfusion to link up and sync another joomla site database (slave)to my current joomla site (master)with dual login facilities.

Both joomlas already installed and up and running.. just need someone to configure jfusion to link up the websites and work in the right manner.

The following programmes all control the master site and are already in full use.
joomla 1.5.15

End Result wanted:

Client A logs into master site and is immediately logged into slave site too. S/He is also subject to all the user controls that applies to his/her membership status.

Transfer Vrtuemart -new Domain

Transfer Vrtuemart -new Domain
This is a simple project for a seasoned Joomla programmer –

Need an existing populated Virtuemart site with all it’s products and flypages to be exported to a new domain which has Virtuemart installed.

Both domains reside on the same server.

Would also require the programmer to provide a step by step of how it was done.

English Text String To Spanish

English Text String To Spanish
I have file of about 3100 strings in english that I need translated to spanish. More translation is in the pipes.

Each line may contain 1 word, or 2-3 words or even a sentence. On average I would say there is 5 words in each translation string.

This needs to be translated in excel format, line by line. Text between lines has no connections.

Please state your translation experience, and education, and work experience to help us choose correct person for translation.

Fast turnaround and most of all professional work is extremely important.

Adult Copywriting…

Adult Copywriting…

I need some talented ( English native writers preferred ) who have experience in writing adult content. Examples of some topics are:

montreal massage
montreal asian escorts

I’m looking for 35 weekly. To begin with the payout will be $2 per article will I will increase in future. To start with please bid $30 only.

Send me the samples of your previous work. I’m going to choose someone within 24 hours.