Redesign My Site

Redesign My Site
i have a sight that looks just horrible. just redisign. all content stays the same and functions. need it to look better.

1. redisgn.
2. use same content (with minor changes)
3. ill need an admin area so i can change content, page heading,page meta title,page meta keywords, page meta description whenever i want.

Make Me A Sales Letter.phobia

Make Me A Sales Letter.phobia
iv taken the structure of another product page that isnt mine i want you to convert the text for a seduction baced product (not mine).
into relevent phobia removal product sales page. it has to make sence . it has to be true . it has to have calls to action.

all you have to do is change the text so that the page look similar
but is selling my phobia removal product .

if you accept ill give you the page in html that i want you to covert . iv done the first part for you .

ill view the end result to see if iwant any changes made .

Template Cutting Project Pdf2

Template Cutting Project Pdf2
I have a template that I have designed that would like you to cut for me following some very specific directions

1. I want the template to be a php template
2. I want the template to be split into a header.php, body.php, footer.php
3. I want the header.php to have two parts to it top.php and buttons.php
4. I want the buttons to have a roll over effect
5. I want space in the body.php to be a place for html text that has a scroll bar on the side and fixed left to right.
6. I want the template to have a maximum width of 780px
7. I want the background image to be as shown
8. I want the template centered on the webpage
9. I want to be able to change the image at the back of the logo
10. Area outside the 780px has the same color as the inside of the content area

header.php has two files top.php and buttons.php

top.php has the following:
all items above the buttons

just has the buttons
make the roll over effect nice

has the content holder with scroll bars up and down and fixed left to right

I have attached a copy of a sample blank jpg template that you will use, i will provide a better resolution layered pdf

Note: For cutting i will provide you a better graphic
Note: For cutting I will provide you a better graphic

Fix Website Hack

Fix Website Hack
One of our websites ( has been hacked. It seems that links have been added to many of our web pages.

See the following google links:

I need someone who will remove these links from the infected pages.

I will provide you with the source pages (in a Zip file) for the whole site and I need you to check each page and remove any offensive links or text.

Please bid on the whole project.

Get First Search Engine Result

Get First Search Engine Result
I would like a script that gets the first search engine result for each of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The script must:
1. Use API access instead of scraping. Please tell me in your bid that you understand the difference.
2. Be structured as a function with one input parameter (the query string)
3. The function should return a URL, title, and snippet/metdescription

Drupal Site Modifications

Drupal Site Modifications
We require a drupal programmer to do some modifications to our site (in development).

1. make the page more presentable to users (formatting changes)

2. make the site run faster and improve page load times

3. complete the ‘my account’ pages – landing page with intro text and navigation buttons. A page for users to see their profile/details, a page for login info, a page for email nofitication preferences / newsletter subscription.

4. Add ‘browse listings’ page that has categories, countries and price range links for users to browse listings

***When you bid please PMB – when you can start, how long this will take you and whether you are available for more work when this project complete.


Web Developer/master Marketer

Web Developer/master Marketer
i have web project that i need a master level php/mysql/ajax programmer who is ALSO a master marketer

you will take over the site in exchange for 5% of company net income…

the site isn’t making any income now but they have great potential.

this project is for $10 to take the project and then 5% of the net income.

this will allow you to take your talent and put them to use on some great ideas!

Moving Sites To New Vps

Moving Sites To New Vps
I own a series of websites that are currently hosted on VPS cpanel/WHM server with I have had my hosting with this company for about 6-7 years now. My hosting company is offering newer VPS packages on different servers. I order to take advantage of these newer servers, all my sites need to be moved to new VPS server. I need an experienced tech. to perform the tasks involved in this move for me.

I will need someone who is experienced in working with VPS servers and is aware of all the settings and configurations involved in transferring these sites over. I will need someone who understands how to back-up and properly move all these websites’ files, databases, e-mails, e-mail settings, and server settings over to the new VPS. This person will look through my server’s settings, domain DNS settings, website files, scripts, and databases before working to understand how these sites and accounts are setup.

This person will also need walk me through the process and keep me apprised of what is going on, letting me know when important changes will be made, when switches to the domain’s DNS settings are being made, and let me know when to shut down forums and to avoid changes before the transfer. I will need this transfer to go flawlessly. Extended downtime and any of the sites not functioning for any period of time is unacceptable. This transition must go smooth.

A little bit about the sites/accounts on my VPS server.

• -I have six different accounts setup for all of the sites on the VPS right now. They are all assigned different IP addresses on my VPS. One of the sites has two addon domains with additional sites under them in sub directories. I will need all my IP addresses to correspond to each site when they are moves.

• There is an active vbulletin forum on one of these sites. This same site has additional php scripts that use databases. I also have a coder currently developing another script using Tomcat/Java as well as the databases. This is a heavy traffic site with a community in these forums. Downtime is not an option.

• Almost all of these sites have newsletter cgi scripts installed that allows people to subscribe to a newsletter list. I have thousands of people on these lists right now. These scripts allow me to use the server’s email server to send out a daily newsletters to the entire lists on each sites script. All these scripts must work properly when the sites are move to the new server.

• Several of the sites have ecommerce payment systems which allow subscription purchases by clickbank and paypal. It is vital that these scripts are not down AT ALL as this means losing customers and business.

• Two of these sites have wordpress blogs installed.

• I am using Thunderbird for the mail accounts on this new server. All my mail and my mail settings must be transferred over and working exactly as it is on the current server.

• The domains and DNS settings panel for all the domains are with another company.

I am not entirely sure what has to be done with my domains, but I believe my VPS has it’s own namesserver where I am pointing the domains to. The tech who I hired will be responsible for looking at these settings as well as all the sites files, scripts, and databases prior to starting any transferring.

These sites are established and have high traffic. These sites have lots of different php, cgi, & Tomcat scripts installed. The person that I hire for this job will need to go over my sites to make sure this move to the new VPS goes completely seamless with no downtime. We will also have to make the DNS switch and make this move on an agreed date and time where my business and traffic is at its slowest possible time and the hired tech is available to work.

I will need this new VPS to be configured properly at the same time getting all my sites and scripts functioning on the new server exactly the way they were on the old server. Again, I need this done with no downtime. I will need all my scripts, databases, blogs, and forum, all running as it was on the old server once this move is complete. (Please include the words “ACCVPSMOVE” with your bid to confirm that the bidder has read the enire project description before bidding)

I will also need the VPS server’s setting to be properly configured using basic DNS protocol as far as the mail server goes and the email setting. I don’t want any errors if a DNS check were to be performed on my site’s IP and domain.

Opinion Pieces Article Writer

Opinion Pieces Article Writer
I am looking for writer to write articles on different niche topics.


Top Ten Most Romantic New Years Destinations
Opinion pieces

Each article must be around 500 words.

Articles should be SEO friendly, and will target 1 keyword or phrase per article.

Each article must be well researched, completely original, adding pictures will enhance it, grammatically correct, and pass Copyscape.

You agree not to resell or use these articles again in any way.

I am looking for a long term relationship and BONUSES may be given for excellent work / quick turn-around.

Bid for 10/500 word articles.

Swoopo Clone W/ Core Features

Swoopo Clone W/ Core Features
I need a site made similar to swoopo, bidrodeo or bidray. I need to be able to test the site before it being delivered. I need the core to be working properly and should be able to integrate with a custom design. I already have a team of designers working on a layout and design. Please submit your bid as well as the features and your previous work. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Savevid Clone

Savevid Clone
hi guys,

i want an exact clone of savevid dot com. and when i say exact, i mean it, every single feature of it. Please analyze the site from top to bottom , to the minute details before bidding here.i am a webmaster myself and i do realize that their are many scripts out there to perform the basic function of the site (download videos from public sites) but i want to be added to it are the other features of this script. a decent basic design is enough i ll design the site myself later. no admin panel needed. no high bidders please.

Magento Follow Up Module

Magento Follow Up Module
We require an experienced Magento programmer to code a Follow Up email reminder module that does the following:

– Sends 3 reminder emails to users that have ‘abandoned’ carts (3 days, 2 weeks and 3 months)
** Email needs to include a link that allows user to recover abandoned cart
– Sends 1 email to users that have a ‘completed’ cart (1 month)
– Sends 3 reminder email to ‘inactive’ registered users (3 days, 2 weeks and 3 months) to action them
– Add the ability for us to easily attach a coupon code to any or all of the above emails (need to have drop down list of all available coupon codes and enable/disable checkbox)
– Can be managed from the admin backend of Magento (community edition)
– In the admin page we must be able to change the delay for when the emails are sent
– We also need to be able to edit the email templates, each template will need to have – logo, welcome message, text area, the coupon (if applied to the email) and a related products list for the abandoned carts and completed carts templates (based on the cart contents)

You should be able to complete this work within 10 days. You need to build the module and install on a Magento installation with no bugs.

You should only bid if you are able to start work immediately. No escrow until module tested and demonstrated to function.

We are seeking to keep module development cost under $100. Please PM me if you want to discuss further.

Thanks for your interest and best of luck bidding.