Arabic Website Design Al Hayat

Arabic Website Design Al Hayat
Hello there,

We need an arabic design of a website for a polyclinic.

to include :-

1- contact us.
2- request an appointment
3- about us page
4- specialities
5- a breif summary about each doctor
6- directions
7- women care arabic blog
8- beauty care arabic blog
9- implant a video we have to the polyclinics
10- an image rotation on the top of the pages for the equipments.

thank you,

Photographer Hire System

Photographer Hire System
I need a new website created for a customer.

Need something like this website. But then for customers who are in need for a photographer, and that the photographer can get leads.

The details for as far I can see now are:

Information from the customer who need photo service.

Name, address etc.

E-mail address with verification check true e-mail.
Needs to pay for special extras like here. (for example if there is
a fast need for a photo session.)
Needs to be simple to place your hire add in the system.

Needs to be able to pay something true paypal.

For the photographer i need:

Payment system for leads. (He pays a amount for like 10 leads)
All his information like sample pictures and contact information needs to be in the system.
No direct contact between the customer and the photographer untill the photographer has paid for the lead.

This is just a basic idea.

If you have experience then tell what you can offer. The customer like to have investors as well. So if you can invest in this it will be a plus. Be short in your response. No long copy paste story.
No high bids above budget. I trow them away without looking in to it.
Sorry. It is just a trial. So I need to make it a good job.

It is important that you have read that there is maybe more needed, then above mention, but you bid on this is for the whole project. Tell me that you read this by saying. I read the whole project in your response. Sorry, but most projects are not read. It is hard to find someone then.

I also need someone that is communicating true Skype. So, if your mic is broken or you have no Skype, or whatever reason you can think of that you can not communicate true skype. Then do NOT bid on this project.

Do also NOT bid on this project if you have NO experience in it.
I need to see something like this before I choose you.

Thanks for reading this.
Additional Info (Added 3/12/2010 at 15:12 EST)…
A example site:

A person that needs a photographer can ask for it for free, and a photographer can get leads.
I need something like that!

Jpg To Avi Script

Jpg To Avi Script
I need a php script that execute these tasks:
-Select an undefined number of jpg file from a directory in the server using a defined expression to select file. (for example the expression could be *20100310*.jpg to select the files create the 10 March 2010.)
-The selected file should be moved in a different and defined derectory
-The files selected should be joined in a AVI video. Every video is a frame of the video. The frame rate could be defined (es. 0.5 second for every jpg file)

The script will be hosted in the shared service of and should work in that environment.

The script will be executed in crontab.

The preferred language is php.


Credit Repair Sales Clone Proj

Credit Repair Sales Clone Proj
I need a sales letter webpage equivalent to

But for a credit repair

The product will be everything some one will ever need to fix any problem with their credit.

I need to have the credit card payment option to charge for the product and the money to go to my paypal account.

I want it to be set up just like

This will be a 1 page website “sales letter” 2 extra links on the top of website 1 for directing them to my other website, and the other link to have affiliates option, for others to sell my product for a commision.

I want just like the said website to have a squeeze page box That pops up incase someone decides to get out of site to get their name and email for follow up..\ Just like on the said clone site

I only need bidders who will provide “WRITTEN CONTENT” Other wise i am not interested, I will provide many ideas and details and write some stuff but Need Help Writing Content.

Thank you..!!

Only if you understand this please reply
Thank you!

Hyip Templates & Banners

Hyip Templates & Banners
Urgently need straightforward templates AND sets of banners (728×90, 468×60, 125×125) all for goldcoders script. Can be sort of eclectic but must look fresh and design and logo must reflect content. All texts & plans will be delivered.

Some examples:

Some conditions: Apply ONLY if you have proof of skills. Payment by escrow. Budget $100 to $250 per template.


Reverse Auction- Joomla 2

Reverse Auction- Joomla 2
I have TPLancer which is component of Joomla.
I would like to customize it to be a FULL functionality multi language reverse auction site.
It must have content management and templates (separation between front-end and back-end).

Please provide the following:
1. any previews reverse auction sites you have build. Please note that you will be asked to show them on your server in order to prove they are build by you.
2. Maximum 3 most complicated Joomla sites you have developed
3. please write if you are willing to show me some change on the software prior to the agreement so I can be sure you can deliver the work.
4. your profile in other places so I can review your feedbacks

Game Site (flash) 3

Game Site (flash) 3
I need site made just like remove the XXXX

the graphics for the site, and part of the, and games are all already made.

The site won’t have the friends, shops, or community section at all So it’s really only half or less of that site.

I’m wiling to pay $200-250 for the site.

The ecommerce functionality, instalation and all of the other stuff that goes into a site and making it are required.
Additional Info (Added 2/6/2010 at 9:34 EST)…

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Job Type:

* Flash

WordPress Photo Site ( 3

WordPress Photo Site ( 3
My client needs a big photography site made. It needs to bed one in 16 days or less.

It can be made in wordpress, joomla, drupal or any type of cms you want. I’m leaning toward wordpres because the minisites with there templates are easy to make with wordpress.

When you place a bid note the type of cms you would use.

You have 30 days to do the work. I’m willing to pay $300-400.

Note: I’m having the client have someone design most of the pages. Not all of them but most of them. Some of those pages are already made, but need to be moved around and to what the client wants. You will have to make the template designs for the mini sites. They all will look very similar. They will only will have a few differences.

The person who accepts this project will work on myserver. The very first day they will need to cut up the psds and put them on the wordpress site.

Project is to create a website where photographers can sign up, open an account and create individual mini sites for each one of their clients (i.e. bride and groom). The photographer will just have to upload the photos he wishes to be on the mini site and complete a few short steps and the mini site will be created for the client. It will be something like The site will be password protected, and will be managed by the photographer as well as by the client. We will refer to the client as the site host. After the photographer is done uploading the photos and publishes the site, the host will be sent an email to come view and customize their site. They will need to first access their site with the sites password then sign on with their host username and password to further personalize their site.

The host can select from different template, hide photos from public view, change the site’s password and send out invitations that include the sites password to their friends and family. We will call these people visitors.

The visitor will be able to come to the mini sites they have the passwords of and will be able to browse the photos, leave comments for the bride and groom, purchase photos, and use the photos towards the customization of photo products like mugs, calendars, t-shirts etc. (note this customizer is a flash application I’ve already had made. You won’t have to do any flash work. You will have to send the photos to the flash applicaton, but in terms of the flash application I”ve already had that made, and will get someone else to customize it to fit this project. So keep that in mind if you see any thing about a customizer in this description.

1.2 Purpose

Purpose of this document is to serve as requirement document for the project and understanding of the functional requirements from provider’s end.

There are four different “user types” that will be gaining various different functionalities with our site.

Admin Portal

This user is the super admin of the portal and expects the following standard features

o Secure Admin Login Interface

o Manage Photographers: Name, Address, Phone, Email, Billing Address, CC Number, Expiration etc….

o Account Suspension, Reactivation, Deletion of Photographers accounts and deletion of specific minisites

o Admin ability to manage/ search the accounts in an organized fashion searchable by Event host/ Photographers/ and Visitor Accounts

o Manage Orders & Payments (View Successful and unsuccessful Orders). Export in excel function will be available
o Order sheet should be accessible in admin panel next to the orders and should be able to be emailed directly from order manager panel.
o View Photographer Statistics includes no. of event sites and sales across each site (This feature is only for Administrator in order to get the knowledge of the status on the sales of the products)
o View Mini-sites and Buyers Statistics across each site

o Add / Update / Delete Global Products (Canvas, Calendar, Apparels etc.)

o SEO based Content Management System for required Products, Categories and Pages ex: Contact Us, About Us, and Help…etc.
o Email Modules (Manage Notification mails etc.)
o order form that includes the high res attachment of the photos that will be used in the photo product and a snapshot of user created item on the product customizer.

o The admin needs to be able to manage the orders by creating order sheets, search sales and order history across all sites and across sites of specific photographers, needs to be able to store customers information for mailings and processing orders.

1. Photographer

This user will be making the event websites covered by him for his customers. His functions include

o Add an event that will automatically create a personal website for their customers (Event Host).
o an invitation email must be sent to the host that included their mini sites password as well as a temporary host login password
o He can customize the mini-sites name and will be provided with name suggestions by the application.

o When publishing the site the photographer will be offered to select from a few option that will effect the pricing of the product on the site he would like to publish.
o the image uploader needs to be able to have the option to drop the photos in different folder on the minisite into re-namable files directories.
o Can upload events photos with a limit closer to 2000 images per event using bulk image uploader module.
o Can View Own Statistics that include no. of event sites and sales across each site and search through his sites order history and profits
o The photographer must be able to add delete photos or delete full site in case and from the clients published site
o The pics uploaded by the photographer will be displayed to visitors after applying the watermarking process specific to event’s site or photographer

2. Host

This user is the event host whose event is covered by the photographer. His functions include

o Manage Account settings (Site password, Host Password, Email)
o Manage Photos (Delete/hide, rename folders, set order in which photos are to be displayed to the buyers)
o Refer/Invite a friend module to Invite Friends to the event website. (the invite template must include the minisites particular password)
o The ability to connect their FB and other SN walls to be posted on their mini sites
o Manage Comments/blog posted by the buyers/visitors.

3. Buyer

o This user can be the attendee/friend of the Event/ Host or general user. His main functions are determined as:
o The user can create an account that will allow him to save his projects, view his saved pictures folders, and track his orders.

o Browse the photos of the event in a slideshow style.
o Rate the Photographer
o Use photos to create prints on products (canvas, calendar, apparels etc.)
o Can save the favorite image for later use (favorites folder)
o Buy/Place order for the custom prints using a shopping cart integrated with an payment gateway
o Rate the individual photos and it creates a folder titled Top rated photos (specific to each event ) which stores the top rated photos in the order that they are rated.
o Can post comments to the photo
o Tell a Friend/Email Photo option.
o He can store the pictures in his saved folder for later use, and track his order history.
o While placing an order buyer can preview the order with an image customizer module like in
o Email confirmation for the orders that are placed by the visitors
o Site-wide Search Functionality for ALL SITE VISITORS to search for event (by bride and groom name and/OR date of event)
o Any visitor (who has been granted access to the site) can invite their friends as well. And connect to their SN accounts
o 2.1.5 Miscellaneous
o Other requirements as discussed are
o Integration of a music player with the mini site.

Additional notes:

The client will have some “administrative” control over their page, like adding and deleting photos etc.

The next level is that the client will also be able to invite visitors to “their” site where they can purchase the photos of their event.

So photographer uploads the photos, creates the site, client invites friends, friends purchase photos and photo products from the site.

Four levels here me the adminstrator, the photographer to monitor sales activity on the mini sites he created, the client, and the visitors.

There is two parts here essentially, the photographer’s site where they will create an account, and create mini sites for their clients.

And the minisites where the clients will invite their friends and will be able to leave messages, browse through the photos and purchase the photos and photo products.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:

I have the exact layout and functionalities determined, including the html of all the pages necessary for the site, as well as a complete list of the requirements with specific examples from other sites. I have a clear understanding of exactly what I need and what needs to be done and am available all day to help move the project forward.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:

There will need to be a few applications which need to be built here as well:

A bulk uploader for the photographer to upload pictures into the specific sites and the specific folders

A gallery viewer with slideshow capabilities A simple flash photo gallery

A watermark function that will appear over the photos uploaded.

Get a Website Gallery With Bio Clone

Website Gallery With Bio Clone
I would like a clone of this website I believe this site is written in php or html but I’m open to other languages, however I prefer php. I want a secure admin with full control of the website. I due want some changes. I would like to change how the pictures appear. If you take a look at this is how I want the pic to appear from the sets. If we could darken the background the better. To make myself clear the picture that blow up from small to big in another page I want them to pop up. In the page with the individuals info i need the sites featuring moved and space to add a shore bio on each individual person. As I stated before I want a clone so everything that this site provides banners, search, a through z I want a clone as they might say.

I will not put a price because it might be a lot of work so I don’t want to under estimate. Give me a quote and if it fits my budget we can work out a deal.

Will need a database written in mysql for all info. Unless you know of something else we can use.