Scrap Sites To Database

Need all data mined to something I can open or import into MS access from these sites:

Fields would be something like this – year, sport (“football” or “baseball” depending on which site is being scraped), brand, #, description, price.

entries would be-
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|1|Peyton Manning|5.00
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|2|Drew Brees|2.81
2007|Football|Finest Refractors|3|Donovan McNabb|2.83
and so on… for every year, brand… basically all category entries on each site. On the left hand side menu, you can use that menu for break down of the years and brands, etc.

If there is anything else you can think of to add, feel free, also would be nice (if using access) to have a query form and decent report/list displays, and also an entry form to add new or edit corrupted entires… but non of that is required at all, especially if you are quick and thorough.

This should be easy for someone with auto mining experience, and I don’t plan on paying a bunch for something that you should be able to automate. Should also be able to handle hammering/blocking issues if they come up… and also don’t bring their sites down or anything like that. I want the data asap, but understand if it might take an extra day or so as to be courteous to the site owner.

I don’t pay up front, check my feedback. If you provide solid work, and seem to be dedicated to being impressive… it could lead to future more profitable work. Thanks!

Design For Packaging

We are repackaging our product, the ShotBong (please see to see our product and how it works), and we need someone to put all the pictures/wording together on our new package pdf file.

I attached the blank pdf file of the package and I attached images of what I want (in general) for the package. We have all the wording and images ready to go. We need someone to place it on this package, add a simple, attractive, powerful, professional background, and use COOL, ATTRACTIVE, POWERFUL FONTS for the wording to enhance the look of the package.

NOTE: This is packaging for the front AND back of the package. I want this project completed as soon as possible.

There are a couple files (I think two or 3) that need to still be converted to high resolution so that it will look good on the packaging. I will need you to do this also.

We will probably select a couple bids because we want a wide range of designs.

Thanks and good luck!

Automate Twitter Tasks

THIS SOLUTION MUST FOLLOW TWITTER & Facebook TERMS OF SERVICE and USE PROPER commands so we do not get banned from Twitter. You as developer are responsible for figuring out the best way to do this and acquire and assign any authentication keys for my project (and give them to me).

I need a PHP MySQL HTML system that:
* Lets people register
* Setup password and user name. Add twitter name and password to profile. Add facebook name and password to profile.
* Allows logged in users to Unfollow people that do not follow them
* Unfollow all people
* Follow people by keyword searches (and limit the number of people to follow per day)
* Post schedule tweets (upload a file of 140 characters per line (csv) and schedule up to 24 a day, once a day, every 1 to 7 days.
* The system should also let the user post the same messages (scheduled tweets) to Facebook.

Update Script Or Database

I have changed hosts and now have a problem either in the script or database of my website.

My old host used older php and older mysql and the new host uses the most recent versions of both.

The website is not completely un-functional but when a user or the admin logs in the menus are not displaying for either, and they are pulled from the database. And remeber it works on older versions of mysql and php but not on the newest versions.

I will give the website files and the database.sql, you will need to fix and test on your server and your server must run the latest versions of php and mysql.

Then I will need to install on my server and test before I make any payment. NO ESCROWS.

I will not reply to messages that are just pasted in. I will only reply to messages that actually say something about my particular job.

Please no outrageous bids.

Modify Php Code


I need a programmer to combine the code of 3 files into 1 if at all possible.

This is how it works now:

User clicks on link

the clicks file opens a framed window and opens clicks2.php in the header frame, a timer runs down and then clicks3.php opens in the header frame.

Would like to get all of this into one file if possible.

I have attached the 3 files.

If chosen I will put payment in escrow, you rewrite the coding and then I will test it.

Php / Mysql / Some Html And Cs

need developer that can work on a project requiring PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, and some HTML and CSS. This is a rather large job I’m guessing 80 hours+. Willing to pay by the hour. I will pay fairly for the work done.

Project is an e-commerce-ish type of project created by honocart . Scope includes admin and user interfaces, account status, pulling very large BD information in a presentable way, exporting DB info, charging credit cards, cron jobs, . Very heavy on DB info that needs to be accessed. Scope of how system is set up will be agreed upon.
I have to be able to evaluate other PHP sites you have designed, so lease send examples. I am interested in a 4-6 month consulting agreement so I have to be confident you will be available for continued work and modification. Paid of course.

Write 20 Google Adwords Ads

You will write 10 ads for one website and 10 ads for another website.
The ads are for Google AdWords and are in English – you must be familiar with the rules and style guides that Google produces and conform to them.
The ads must have dynamic headlines; you will write description line 1 and description line 2 – I will take care of the display URL and the actual URL.

I will provide you with the keywords you are targeting but the overall industry is computer IT Training for one and boat supplies for another.

I would love to have these ads in the next couple of days and if I am happy with the work, will push more ads your way.

Please quote for the 20 ads in total.

Jquery Gallery Customization

A sample of the existing slideshow that i would like customized can be viewed at:

I would like to have existing JQuery scripts customized with the following features:

– Fading background colors with each photo transition in the slideshow. Each photo would have its own unique color that would fade in with the photo.(see for sample).

– Thumbnails for the slideshow positioned vertically to the right of the slideshow. (see for sample).

I do not have the jquery/javascript skill to complete this task myself. I am only looking for someone who knows javascript and jquery comfortable enough to make the above customizations.

Groupon Clone Needed 404

i am willing to purchase a groupon clone which you had made for some of your previous just have to make a few customization to make it my own.i will provide the ftp information,you have to set it up.

I wish to see the working demo in your server before i purchase it.
So only people who had already made the site and have a demo need to apply.
Others please excuse for this job

Simple Keyword Tools

We need a simple keyword tool made in PHP.
The keyword tool will have 3 features.

User paste a list of keyword in a text area and choose one the 3 options and get result as follow:


(if user choose option ”ADD QUOTE” he get result as above)

“white high heel”
“glitter high heels”
“pretty lady with the high heels on”
“pleaser high heels”
“high heel shoe chair”
“steel high heels”
“red high heels”
“beige high heels”
“satin high heels”

(if user choose option ”ADD BRACKETS” he get result as above)

[white high heel]
[glitter high heels]
[pretty lady with the high heels on]
[pleaser high heels]
[high heel shoe chair]
[steel high heels]
[red high heels]
[beige high heels]

(if user choose option ”SPIN KEYWORDS STRUCTURE” he get result as above)


user should be able to use it with 1000 of keywords or more.

Please bid only if you can deliver this in the next 1 or 2 hours

we will also give you a good review

Quick Tip: Create Metallic Text on a Concrete Background

In today’s quick tip tutorial I will demonstrate how to create some cool metallic text on a slick concrete background. This can be done in just a few steps so let’s get started!

Step 1

Create new document, 1280 x 1024 and name the default layer "concrete."

Step 2

Go to Filter > Noise and apply the following settings.

Step 3

Go to Filter > Stylize > Emboss and apply the following settings.

Step 4

Add a Level Adjustment by clicking on the icon in the bottom of the layer palette.

Step 5

Apply the following settings.

Step 6

To make this more realistic press Cmd + Shift + E to merge all layers.

Step 7

Press "W" to select Magic Wand. Set Tolerance to 5. Click on second icon to activate "add in selection option"

Step 8

Now click anywhere on the document to get a random selection.

Step 9

Once you have your selection, pick the dodge tool "Range: Highlights" and "Exposure: 100%" and randomly paint inside selection. You should now have something like the image below.

Step 10

Repeat Step 9 a few more times with different selections and brighten up selected areas using the dodge tool.

Step 11

Now press "T" to select the type tool. Type out whatever text you like. I chose the Planet Kosmos font.

Step 12

Go to Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay and apply the settings below.

Step 13

Add a Layer Style using the following settings.

Step 14

Download this metallic texture and paste into your document. Then, make a selection of your text.


Step 15

Press the layer mask icon to add a mask onto the metallic layer and set its mode to overlay and opacity to 70%. That’s it! You are finished!


Final Image

Take a look at the final image that we will be creating.


Joomla Article Word Count

I need a plugin for Joomla that will display the number of words in an article. I need to be able to place the result in the content template with a variable. Additional requirements are below.

• All HTML should be stripped prior to counting the words.
• I need to optionally select sections and categories for which word counts are created in the output.
• I need to select multiple categories and sections. I don’t mind entering the id’s to make my selection.
• I don’t want to enter {plugin} code to call the plugin. I want it automatically called for all articles in the selected section/categories.