Small Paypal Delivery Issue


I have the same issue on 4 sites. It is probably something that will take a few minutes. The previous programmer said he fixed it but didnt fix it on all the sites and I dont have time to wait for his response. Check out one of my site…

when a user pays by paypal or by credit card, I am using software that gives them a download link for the ebook after a successful purchase. However, on all 4 sites, this has not been completed and it sometimes just gives a thank you message and says the order will be sent instead of just giving the user the download link for the ebook.

I need this done today..

Professionalsonly. Web&graphic

we are trying to create a full operational E-learning website for persuing driving license.
I will need grafics design and web design.

you can log on creating an account by following this tutorial.

notice, CAP stand for the zip code so as you can see i picked a random reagion searched the zip code on google and put it in.

some classes are repeated totally or in part in one category or another, due that one category is about motocycl classes and the other is about autocars

a lot of the time one class is using the animations or grafics fro m another class even in the same category.
In each lesson a multimedia is playing or static grafic, and the speaker is talking so its not animation playing all the way around every class, so don’t

just calculate how long are the classes and automaticly think that is how much animation or grafics you will have to make, it doesn’t work that way, some

stuff are repeated as i saied and some times with one frame the speaker talks for a 3-5 min or more.

Project part A

we are not making the speaker way of doing the classes as on the website, we are going to use the grafics and animation you will create for making real

classroom video, where the teacher will use your work as a multimedia support to the explnation.

GRAPHICS prefer to be completed with in 30 days

1- you will deliver to us all the orignals of the work, objects,pic , animations ecc.
2- they can’t be a copy of the classes be creative but very clear. every topic or slide explains a subjet o point about signals or rules and that have to be

clear. (change angle, surrounding color , objects )
3- basicly its a short animation for each signal or rule, some times it just a picture.
4- after we get the multimedia we will record the video
5- in some grafics you will see numbers or words , i will tell you what to put and where in the grafics you will make.
6-as you see in the website the multimedia is devided in slides, you will have to create seperate slides and animation so the teacher orgnize them in the

right order for the classes
7- top interessting biders will recieve a slide or animation from the web site to make and be creative on, and from that outcome i will decide who will have

the job

Project part B


1-the system can’t accecpt same id from different places at the same time, get both out and send alert to adminstration.

2-send alert e-mail to adimnastration if the same user signs in from more than 2 different ip adresses

3- all website have to be copy protected, no test selection , image copy ,rightclick disabeled , no video downloding, the classes have to run in a script

protected window like in

4- each class starts right where the student stoped last, can always choose to start any class from the begning

5- send e-mail to users that haven’t less than a specific time ( able to mangae from admin panel ) in a day or a week to make them feel part of a real


6-once we have a good number of users we will want to make a top student of the week or what ever, which have to be calculated automaticly though quiz

statistcs and classes watched

7- i want to set up preparation calculator to take the real test, that tells every user how far he is in being prepared to take the test.

8- web site have to be protected against any hacking or spamming, and the contnent have to be protected.

payment upon progress


i got full 2d grafics of all the road signs and questions ready.
you will have to create a Quiz plat form (true/False) type to upload this questions and signs on.

the website have the type of quiz interface and features i want

check out this tutorial i made from a website to show how it works ,because its made with italian interface.

############## ###################

1-the student have acces his own statistics.

2-automaticly repropose wrong answered questions

3-give explenation window for wrong answered questions.

4-quizes divided by subject or total test available.

5- showing grade of praparation of every subject or total preparation calculating how many times the question to the related subject or in the total exam was

answered right or wrong.

6-buttons to show correct answers, or submit the exam

7-exam simulation is timed



9- in the same window where the students will see the classes,i will that the video stops two or more quizzez comes out the student answer and proceed with

the class. search for the class name (Incroci e norme sulla precedenza) there is a very good exampel of how they make the class inetactive where the student

have to resolv a quiestion and proceed. i also show that interactivity in the #sign up tutorial#

10- users have the otion to enable or disable the msgs or sound they get after a erong or right answer or at the begning or the end of the exams or single

subject exersize

11-every sign or rule have 8 to 12 questions,usually half are true and half are false, i want to be able to make 3 random combination of the questions for

the same sign or to make the number of quiz even bigger combin question from different signs and rules


payment upon progress

Project Part C


– No spam, bots, robots, link farms and/or exchanges
– No visitors from auto surf sites. No fake visitors.
– No dynamic links, redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links.
– No black hat seo or tricks.

Website Analysis
Keyword Analysis
Research for potential buyer’s centric Keywords
Content Analysis
Competitors Analysis
Present Link Popularity Report
Initial search engine ranking report
ON-Page Optimization Implementation
Meta Tag Optimization
Title Tag Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Site content optimization
HTML code optimization
Robot.txt Validation
Google Analytics Set up
Broken Link fixing
Beta Search Engine Submissions
Sitemap Creation
XML Sitemap Setup
Off-Page Optimization:
1. 300 Directory Submissions
2. 60 Search Engine Submissions
3. 100 Press Release Submissions
4. 50 Article Submissions
5. 100 Classifieds Ads Submission
6. 20 Blog Posting
7. 200 Social Media Bookmarking Optimization
8. 100 Link Submissions
9. One RSS (Real Site Syndication) file creation for the site and send across 30 sites to update the site

payment for results,till we get top 1st page

All deliverable will be considered “work made for hire”
under U.S. Copyright law. Buyer will receive exclusive and complete
copyrights to all work purchased.
No part of the deliverable may contain any copyright restricted
3rd party components (including GPL, GNU, Copyleft, etc.) unless all
copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on
the site per the seller’s Seller Legal Agreement


maintenence have to be granted.
willing to pay bonus for complete good work on time.

thanks for you time.

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if you have a demo for me send me a private message with your demo or if you can make this script, i have a basic script: and i wanna modify this script.
if you can modify my script, its better for me because i have the admin panel, the template editor, member, …

i dont know how much are the cost of this project. If you want, i can pay you (your bid) + 5% of ALL premium sale (LIFETIME) (you need to create this module if you want the 5% of all sales).

Combining Flash/as3 Components

Client is a small non-profit organization. We are designing a Flash template which we will use to create e-learning courses. We have already completed a large percentage of the design work. We have created or found the various Flash components that we would like to use. We have created a very detailed description of all pages (screens) which we need along with a rough design. We need an experienced and talented Flash and ActionScript 3.0 Designer to combine these components into a template, add the content to the template for our first e-learning course, and then package it for delivery to our trainees. We will also need clear, step-by-step documentation so that our design team can replicate what the programmer has done for the creation of future courses.

A detailed description of the project is attached along with supporting files.

session-intro-video.swf was too large to upload. It can be downloaded at:

Along with your bid amount please briefly describe the following:
1. Your education.
2. How much experience you have working on similar projects. Flash? AS3?
3. Links or files showing similar projects that you have worked on if available.
4. When you would be available to start working on the project and how much availability you anticipate having over the next few months.
5. Briefly describe why you think you’re a good fit for this project.

Basic Ecommerce Site

Need a basic eCommerce site quickly designed and developed from detailed requirements document. Future enhancements planned, but not part of this specific project. Rough page layouts have been created (not in html) and detailed requirements. Need to have the html and backend coding developed from the requirements and layouts.

Site will include a customer interface and admin interface. Customer interface will include home page with single login, static pages (about us, etc.), catalog page (with flash like interaction), product details page (or popup), cart, checkout and payment processing integration. Admin interface will include add and manage products in catalog, manage static pages (about us, etc.), download of order data, some customer service functions (order shipment tracking, status, notes, etc.). Catalog will make use of attractive mouseover interactions.

Attached requirements and screenshot documents are draft versions. Final requirements will be provided upon bid selection.

Please submit a bid customized to this project that includes the following:
1) total cost of project
2) estimated completion date (assuming starting next week)
3) how much maintenance support you will provide
4) anticipated architecture used.

Winning bid will be selected based on schedule, cost, and your prior projects.

Thank you for your bid.