Bulk Mailer Application/backen

Bulk Mailer Application/backen
Project & functionality description:

For an existing website we need a mass mailer application/backend to distribute different newsletters to different sets of subscribers (stored in database).

The mass mailer application/backend should consist of the following elements:
– Interface for adding content to the newsletter (rich-text, TinyMCE suggested).
– Possibility to personalize newsletter content and email subject (based on values in user database)
– All newsletters must be delivered individually directly to each subscribers email address (as opposed to BCC delivery)
– Template handling, for distribution of different newsletter layouts (templates are build by ourselves, based on a header/footer principle, with rich text content added from the application).
– Registration of number of opened newsletters (also registered on an individual basis)
– Registration of clicks on links in newsletters (on individual basis)
– Handling and registration of bounces (hard/soft) and other MDaemon callbacks (as delivered back to distributing mail server)
– Optional: message queuing (newsletters will be distributed from one (web) server only)

The application must be build in the current site environment, developed in a Symfony (doctrine) framework.

Expected time scale: 3 weeks

Website/forum To WordPress

Website/forum To WordPress
I need to transfer a website from pur HTML with a Forum to WordPress.
( website is http://xbarcelona.com )

As new Theme i need “Unsaid Words” from Vivathemes (already installed).
qTranslate is also already installed, so you easily could transfer the multilanguage content.

You have to :

– transfer all the content to wordpress pages and posts
– Create a page template for books.
– Create a page template for addresses.
– Create a page template for flights and airlines.
– You have to integrate the theme for the qtranslate language chooser. The flags should be displayed at the top right corner.
– You have to extend the theme with a new color set
– Create three plugins to manage the data (new db tables) for books, addresses, airlines.
– Transfer all the data from books, airlines and addresses to the new plugins/tables.
– extend the theme with a new image resizing functions (i will send you), so it’s possible to retrieve the images directly from attachements.

It’s possible to use the “wp table reloaded” plugin to setup the data for books, airlines and addresses, if you think it’s easier.

At the second step the forum must be transfered.
I need to use the “Forum-Server” Plugin for WordPress as new Forum-System. If you think bbPress is better, so please tell me, but it must be seamless integrated.

You have to :
– create a template for Forum-Server (or bbPress) that looks original like “unsaid words”.
– transfer all users and forum-entrys to the new forum plugin. Currently installed is phorum.

I will do two milestone payments : 40% for theme updates and content transfer and 60% for forum transfer and integration.

Work must be done in 3 days.


I want to make a New E-Commerce site Nicely design and Shopping cart setup. Please contact only BANGLADESHI Programmer. It will be gift flower site to Philippines and also SEO structure. My hosting is win server.Here is need to category like Romance, Birthday, Congratulation, Get well, New arrivals, popular flower, sympathy, New baby, Graduation, gift basket, Fruit basket, Cakes and teddies, for him, and Her etc. On the home page top of the photo will be changed continuously. all the product price will be $65.please don’t take any picture from any Philippines gift and flower website. All product will be three type of price like Standard, up great to Deluxe, up great to premium and price defer $5.Every Category need minimum 15 page and every page 40 item (Photo)will show. on the home page need one title bar to show metro manila delivery time and provincial delivery time with Philippines current time& date with a delivery option on home page For example (http://www.forever-florist-philippines.com/index.php).we want Live person chat by yahoo and hot mail. please you suggest me which shopping cart you prefer for make this site also SEO stricture.my billing system will be 2CO.com and paypal.com You can get help and follow from like that type of site: http://www.serenataflowers.com/flowers-by-post, http://www.streetdirectory.com/florist/japan/flowers/

Joomla Site Work

Joomla Site Work
I’m willing to pay $60-80 for this work. Since it’s easy work it needs to be done in less then a week. I usually choose somebody for project pretty quickly so make sure to check your messages on here.

Here are the issues. We need a simple order confirmation page made and a fax confirmation page made. See attached

Also 3 issues that use to work are not working. They are:

1. Details are not going into datbase or fetching from database. like billing summary, and payment details, account details

2. Fax not sending

3. Payment is not working so that the programmer can edit confirmation page as it comes only after successful payment.

Issue 1 and 2 use to work. So I’m hoping it’s an easy fix.

Finish Flash Animation Joomla

Finish Flash Animation Joomla
I need the animation finished in 8 hours max! dont bid if you cant do that in the next 8 Hours.

The job:

– Here:: http://tinyurl.com/yebzja6 you can found the actual demo
– Its a map, when you select one state you obtain the client list for that state, in the rigth box
– Client list is a fixed list (attached in excel file)
– I need activate the search funtions in the left side, so I think you need add the excel list into one array and search in the fields
– No database required for this operations
– Client will not add any additional record. Is fixed
– Fix some arrows pointing to the bad state when its clicked

Payment immediately only programmers with 10+ reviews 10 of 10 points, sorry for this (Im a developer here too) but I need to know then you are qualified for this urgent job.

In your bid add the word:: “sato”. No escrow payment, when the job is done you can show me the job working in yout server,I’ll paid immediately.

Im attached the flash sources and the excel client list

Paypal Subscription Fix In P 2

Paypal Subscription Fix In P 2
1)Currently we have fixed amount of price for subscription. Now what we want is…we are fixing some big prices for as upfront .. lets say, $100. and for the same the subscription that is auto renewal has to be $10.00 2)And some cases, the data stored is not sent properly like the customer’s paypal email id not being stored in database… we need to check this … Thx

Mysql Database Fixes Asap

Mysql Database Fixes Asap
I have a database that gathers checked out orders from a website that needs to be completed it is 90% done , it does recognize checked out order compared to previewed orders , it has multi admin levels , its for a essay writing company, basically how it works it the writers log in and get their own log in and password , then they simply grab the checked out orders that come in once done writing the essays then they simply upload it to the database where the proofers can come in and proof the essays out. Also there is a writing manager admin and a regional manager , and just Admin , and a proofing manager admin , all have dif access , all this is all ready done in the database . Right now i have a guy working on it but he needs little more help. All this is all ready done in the database but we are just basically making the database more user friendly. I paid a guy all ready to get it to this point but now i need another to wrap it up and help this guy whos working on finish it up. Larry the guy who is working on it now is basically cleaning up the code to make it easier for the next person to do the database and try to get my user friendly fixes done to it but is taking to long. I have 4 sites that need to be connected to the database. The database need to be in each site so the sites dont link out to another site for SEO purposes i dont want any of my 4 sites linking out to any sites. Please list bid amounts that would cover 2 to 3 weeks of work. Must be able to start asap. I want to finish this project.


‘ve included the “initial” requests jordan made to me about what he wanted done.

I went through and I’m fairly certain I have all the trivial changes completed.

in a nut shell here are the issues(reiterated in detail in the readme)

-the guy did the quick develop based on as I understand it a poor set of specs which were misunderstood. …

there are 213 files, to produce what should be capably accomplished in at least half that.

as an example: there are 2 inbox setups, one for customers(which the previous developer called orders,, i.e it is an inbox for the order, not an inbox for a user) and one for a staff member

… there is a language issue … he used inbox to denote email, and list of inboxes/inboxlist to denote “inbox” as we normally would think of it.

so the code is a hard to read due to the language barrier, and b hard to follow because he apparently hard coded as much as he could get away with.

some of the “relatively” simple and typical things one would do to make the overall architecture standard he DID NOT do. so there is not a user type, and he uses a pseudo-global $staffId to house the staffID or the customer ID depending on which logged in… etc.. and there may be other things I haven’t stumbled across or was too scared to appreciate.

I have done a LOT of programming but I am only slightly familiar with mySQL, (love the crash course) so I have tried to avoid messing with any of the queries and have been focusing on refactoring each page configuration down to a single page so that the changes can be universalized (somewhere between 3 and 10 different pages to view orders depending on what the “user” was intended to see as opposed to one page with flags from a databaseImage removed by sender.)

and somehow by consolidating the left menu pane i broke the login!(yeah i feel stupid, i uploaded all the old archive code and tried again and it is all the same less one line(which shouldn’t do anything?!) so yeah frustrating.


What I need done I have on seperate email and attached images as well for updates to make the database more user friendly.

*Make email system handle 1000 emails a week
*Make reply button work in email system
*Make new menu for writers , proofers , writing Managers , regional managers , proofing managers , so that when they grab an order it till go to my order menu so they know what they have grabbed
*Make payroll system work auto link it to the writers paypal account
*Any more minor fixes needed I might add for 2-3 weeks.

I need this done asap am willing to pay good money for this to be done right. Budget is 1000-2000US to get this done.

WordPress Thesis Theme Update

WordPress Thesis Theme Update
I have a newly installed Thesis theme installed for WordPress and need content from a static html page imported and formated into this theme.

1. Configure the thesis theme to have similar colors and design as my static page.
2. Add stylish web 2.0 buttons to sidebar. (RSS,Twitter, Facebook, Youtube)
3. Transfer and format content for 2 pages (home and product) This will require transferring info from my statitic site CSS files.

Some designers have faked their portfolios/experience so you will need to demonstrate that you can replicate my static page design in wordpress to be considered. You must also have feedback from at least design 30 projects.

Audio To Words Audio Cd/dvd

Audio To Words Audio Cd/dvd
Hi, This is a job requirement. Will send you a stack of audio cd / dvd of 10 pcs and I will require it in black and white words. Meaning you will listen to the audio and video and put it in microsoft word. Example Disc 1 : Topic ” How to invite people to the business” John A : “First of all welcome to the 1st disc of Professional Inviter, I have with my a special guest Ronny” , Guest Speaker Ronny ” Hi welcome John and thank you for having me” I want it in black and white words. (…

Flowing Cash P-time Job Online

Flowing Cash P-time Job Online
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Php/joomla Expert Needed

Php/joomla Expert Needed
customization of joomla site needed.

I have pages that are created using the address book module that is customized but I am not able to edit the css, meta data, or add any other content on the pages that are dynamically created. except for what is defined by the form to add the information. This will require php coding. If you actually read this description then please respond with the word information architecture. This should be very simple and I hope to hear from someone that can actually do this. No template messages please. I don’t care about all the services you can do or the other template sites you have done, I want to hear that you have actually customized some joomla modules and you understand my issue and you can resolve. Don’t just say that but something relative to this exact project. I need someone that has good solid php coding skills and also a background in customizing joomla extensions.

Email Form

Email Form
I need a web form for my aweber auto-responder. The problem with aweber forms is that they are so large I need to delete the footer and header to get them to fit in my thesis them blog sidebar and I can’t center the word to appear how I would like. I will need a form similar to the one found on http://www.projectmojave.com/blog/ It will different wording and color scheme but the size and graphics are what I am looking for.

Coldfusion/mysql Website. 2

Coldfusion/mysql Website. 2
Fantasy Football Website

This website should be coded in Coldfusion with a MySQL 5.x. I already have a theme, the layout and css written for this site. The site will allow users to create accounts in which they can then view reports based on the stored data. The users will purchase the rights to own an account via a PayPal pre-coded button which will be installed at a later time. The site will include 3 forms, one to capture the users new account info, and one that will email one of our experts directly, and a page that allows the owner to enter the players on their team. The site template has already been selected, so the designer will be responsible more for functionality than look and feel. Upon a users registration/sign-in, the home page will then give the user a more custom look based on the information stored in the user table. At this point the user will then be able to look at different reports via PDF’s and results of coded queries. Outside of the a couple of swapped images to give the user a custom feel, an email form and the one time original user info form, the site will be highly static. It will simply allow the user to look over information stored in our database(handled by imbedded queries, sorts), and reports created and uploaded by me.

The query driven pages will display the upcoming week projections and the upcoming year projections for Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker and Team Defense. These results pages must give the user the ability to sort the data by the requested categories. There will be a query page that gives the user an optimal starting lineup by using his players that he has entered and comparing them to the current weeks projections. There will be a query page that displays updated player news based on the players the user has entered as his. Please note this is AMERICAN FOOTBALL (NFL) NOT SOCCER, not that it matters for this project, but just so you understand. Thank you.

Only submit an offer if you are familiar with Coldfusion, MySQL 5.x, working with a windows based server, upon acceptance of an offer i will email you a zip file with all the information and screen shots that you will need to complete the task.