Quick Written Articles 2

Quick Written Articles 2
I have a small quick article writing project.

I require 15 articles no less than 400 words each with no duplicate content.

These articles are to be writting of different subjects from my promotional products website (www.promoproductsexpress.com).

This is a quick job that I require finished as soon as possible, I will make myself available at any time of the day to get this job complete

Logo Integration 3

Logo Integration 3
We have joined a trade organisation and need to show the logo on 10 Websites we own. This is straigtforward but the person integating tthem will need to make sure they sites we have are not damaged by bad coding or putting them in in the wrong size. Excellent communicatiion skills are required. WARNING TO ALL BIDDERS : if you send a Bid or PMB saying: I CAN DO THIS OR WILL BE DONE forget it!!!! Alos do not send me links of your work that fail it wastes everyones time.

Need 4 Custom Backgrounds Made

Need 4 Custom Backgrounds Made
We need 4 custom backgrounds made for the following social sites.


You most be very professional we need something made with good graphics and to custom fit each social site we will give you the login details of each one so you can test them out as you create one.

After we see some of your work, we will give you the full details we need someone who is good in photo shop and can create some amazing graphics.

Thanks, Justin

Mma Site With Leaderboard

Mma Site With Leaderboard
to get more familiar with what i’m looking for, you can see similar sites at mmaplayground.com and cageplay.com ….a lot of basic features from these sites is what i’m looking for including; membership w/profile, ability to charge membership and give those members extra features, forum for members, and 2 leaderboards(members select fights and are graded in +/- units) and a second leaderboard for longest win streak(so i need to be able to manually adjust the fights dated by time).

an admin panel is a must where i can control most of the site. the closest thing i can find online to what i want is at poppydog.com – they have a registration system and members area tool, password protector for web pages, multi poll survey builder, poll builder

essential needs are:

-member database, able to modify, delete, notify members. paid membership option which changes what the member can do

-i can post polls that will display for members when they log in. poll/voting builder, i am able to display polls, whichever ones i want and wherever i want

-a voting application(like college football top 25 where i can get votes to establish a top 10, and a way of tracking 1st place votes in the voting poll

-the 2 leaderboards as described above; must have the ability to grade the fights and change the times of the fights(which affects the win streak count)

– members forum, member profiles with options to customize

-a custom homepage, example would be like http://www.coolhomepages.com/store/cart.php?target=product&product_id=17026&category_id=3

**will need help uploading to my webhost and some support. let me know what type of support you are willing to give. I am fairly green so keep that in mind. : )

If you have any questions about the project, please reply and i will be happy to fill you in so that you can make a more accurate bid.

thank you


Website Designs

Website Designs
Hi Graphic Designers

I am looking for the people or company that designed these websites:-


However, if you have any other websites that you have designed that match the standard of the ones I want please submit the urls so I can check them out.

I will be especting initial designs as jpg then once we agree on which one I want, I will requir the full design material as PSD. I will need some standard things with each designs [favicons; home page designs; sub page designs; form page designs].

I am looking for someone to work with immediately.

I need some designs done asap.


Sell Me Your Unpaid Projects

Sell Me Your Unpaid Projects
Hi all programers have you done a job for some one that never paid you for the finnished work or decided to end the project before you finnished but you were almost done or have you done a project that is unique that you can sell me the script clone code app. ect… if so please send me a PM with what programs , Scripts or projects games apps ect… you have ready to sell give me a run down of what it is you want to offer me and an asking price a demo is required

Dynamic Real Estate Site W/cms

Dynamic Real Estate Site W/cms
Need a Fully Dynamic Real Estate Site created. The Customer needs to be able to:

– Automatically import MLS Listings
– Google Map Property Search
– Manage users (there will be three kinds of users… sellers, agents and buyers)
– Newsletter System
– Some pages might need dynamic content… bu nothing fancy

The idea is to make the site as easy to use as possible. I want to use as much ajax as possible to reduce the amount of times the page refreshes. I will be handling all of the markup and styling… I have already layed out some of it here:


It’s a very Jquery/Ajax heavy site so you’ll need to be well versed in both. My server is setup for PHP so That’s what I want. There will be changes to the site over months/years, so I would like a flat rate quote for the work to get it setup and then an hrly quote for changes.

Also provide an estimate for how many hours it will take to get the site up and running. I will convert this to a featured project before I formally accept a bid. I’ll PM you to notify you if your bid has been accepted.


Quick Php Mod

Quick Php Mod
Hello, I have a php craigslist type script, I need some simple features added to admin

1. In admin, I need to be able to have the option to make an ad that is posted never expire. Currently it only allows for timed expirations.

2. Currently when an ad is published it shows the Date listed on the ad, I would like this to be removed.

3. When using firefox in 1360X768 pixel resolution, the “post an ad” page needs to be longer as it cuts off the portion of the web page where you can add photos.

Php Messaging

Php Messaging
I have a small social Network, it can be viewed here www.guestlist.net

I need my users to be able to message each other privately,
They must see notifications when they have new messages and be able to delete them.

I would also like a facebook type wall where users can post to each others profiles publicly .. these should be able to be deleted by both sender and receiver.

Ideas For Php Seo Scripts

Ideas For Php Seo Scripts
I’ve developed (and had developed) almost a hundred SEO-related scripts, and now, I’m finally out of ideas.

This project is not based on programming knowledge – it is based on overall knowledge of SEO, as well as creative thinking and knowledge of development (know your limits! Don’t send me a script idea that is implausible or impossible to create!).

If the script cannot be created using a combination of HTML, PHP, and Javascript, then it should not be sent to me as an idea! (Please avoid sending Flash and AJAX ideas – I don’t want to use anything else! Script setup should be simple, so please avoid scripts that would require extensive setup as well.)

I would like a list of a minimum of twenty (20) NEW tools that I do not currently have listed as part of the Ultimate EasySEOScripts package (see http://www.easyseoscripts.com/ultimate/). I will not set a maximum for the number of tools you can suggest, but realize that if they are not feasible, or are doubles, then you will not receive payment for them.

Each idea should have a title (similar format to the current titles at EasySEOScripts.com), a short one-sentence description summary, and a 4-6 sentence description of what the tool will do and how it will do it (you MUST include where data will be pulled from, what method it will be pulled by, what fields would need to be input by the user, and what fields would be produced by the script).

Scripts must pull from FREE SOURCES ONLY! Please do not send me ideas that require me to purchase subscriptions to sites, or pay setup fees!

If the functionality is already covered in one of my current scripts, then you will not get credit for that idea.

I will pay $2.00 for every workable idea that does not have the same functionality as one of my existing scripts.

I will pay an additional $3.00 for every idea that I eventually develop (total of $5.00 for a workable idea that I eventually develop).

This is an easy $100.00 for the right person. All you have to do is put your brain to work for a half hour or so.

REMEMBER: I am NOT asking you to develop anything, just to come up with the IDEAS for the scripts/tools!

To qualify, please include a UNIQUE idea IN YOUR BID (include the title and short one-sentence description summary at least). If you do not include a unique idea, you will not be considered as a candidate for the project.


List of current scripts is below – remember, you cannot use any of these as your ideas!

Website Rank Checkers:
Fake Rank Checker
Alexa Rank Checker
Multiple Keyword SE Position Checker
Multiple SE Position Checker
Multi-Rank Checker
Search Engine Position Checker
Site Rank Checker
Multiple PageHeat Checker
Multiple Fake PageRank Checker
Multiple Compete Rank Checker
Multiple Compete Statistics Checker

Source Code SEO Tools:
Source Code Viewer
MD5 Encrypter
HTML Encrypter
HTML Optimizer
Website Speed Test
Single-Level Sitemap Creator
.htaccess URL Rewrite Tool

Header/Tag SEO Tools:
HTTP Header Extractor
HTTP Header Viewer
Meta Tag Extractor
Meta Tag Generator

Search Preview SEO Tools:
Search Engine Saturation Checker
Spider Viewer
Spider Viewer (Keyword)
Search Engine Listing Preview
Website Resolution Viewer
Text Website Viewer
Google Datacenter Search
Google AdSense Calculator
Google AdSense Preview
Robots.txt Viewer
Bing Indexed Pages Checker

Website Submitters:
Automated Directory Submitter
Automated Search Engine Submitter

IP SEO Tools:
Reverse IP Lookup Script
Ping Script
IP Locator (country)
Firewall Scanner
Reverse IP Lookup Script (Bing)
Multiple IP Address Checker
DNS Lookup
IP Address to Hex/Decimal Converter
IP Routing Lookup
ISP Cached DNS Lookup
IP SPAM Database Lookup
IP Tracepath

Keyword-Based SEO Tools:
Keyword Density Checker
Keyword Click Value Tool
Keyword Suggestion Generator (Yahoo!)
Keyword Suggestion Generator (Google/Bing)
Keyword Rich Domain Finder

Link-Based SEO Tools:
Link Popularity Checker
Link Suggestion Checker
No Follow Checker
Reciprocal Link Checker
Link Analyzer
Backlink Checker
Valid Link Checker
Multiple .EDU Backlink Checker
Multiple .GOV Backlink Checker
Multiple DMOZ Backlink Checker
Yahoo! Directory Backlink Checker
Multiple Yahoo! Directory Backlink Checker
Multiple Authority Link Checker

Social Bookmarking SEO Tools:
Twitter Links Finder
Multiple Digg Link Checker
Multiple Delicious Link Checker

Code Validators:
HTML Validator
CSS Validator

Domain/URL SEO Tools:
Domain Typo Generator
Domain Availability Checker
Domain Age Checker
WHOIS Lookup
Domain WHOIS Retriever (com, net, org)
URL Shortener
URL Redirect Checker
URL Obfuscator

E-mail SEO Tools:
Free E-Mail Address Checker
E-mail Image Generator
Anonymous Email Script

Miscellaneous SEO Tools:
Website Status Checker
Online Calculator
Browser Details
Countdown Generator
Javascript Hit Counter
List Cleaner
Unix Time Converter
Google Banned Checker
Favorite Button Creator

Wizard Form 2 WordPress Plug 2

Wizard Form 2 WordPress Plug 2
I have AJAX refresh form that I would like to add more features too as well put the form of a WordPress plugin so any form can be re-created within admin.


If you wish to work on JUST THE FORM, without incorporating it into a plugin, please PMB me so we can discuss creating a seperate project.


The form basically allows the visitor to choose any starting point (any input field) and narrows their available options using AJAX refreshes in other fields with each new field entered. Not all fields are working. There are 12 fields, six have been coded for refresh and can easily be copied for the remaining six.

A working link of existing form will be provided in PMB as well links to all JQuery plugins mentioned below and along with more exact detailing of features.


The form requires steps in a Wizard Form (plugin) along with a validation (plugin) to ensure that steps are completed before moving on.

During the initial refresh (user enters valid data in one field) the form needs to switch form input boxes to drop-down form fields on the fly for fields that have less than 10 results.

Also, on refresh, if a field has only “one” result, it must become non-editable with a CSS change to show no further editing is required.

Dynamic clickable links (that enter pre-loaded values in fields) must too be populated both on form load, and on refresh.

A “results” number must also be displayed after refresh to show how many results their current query would generates, as well as auto-refresh the table if less than 50 total results.

Lastly, an exanding rows (plugin) must be combined with a data table (plugin) to show the data that the query would generate, as well offering table sort, search, pagination and more (all included in the plugin), but custom sorts must be coded.


WordPress plugin form would allow admin to easily set and manage all options listed above, so multiple types of forms could be created within admin with no files needed to edited other than css.

Artikel Writer Photo Blog

Artikel Writer Photo Blog
Looking for competent English writers who have a good knowledge of
Photography, and who can write articles in perfect English for a blog.


Photoshop tips & Tricks
Photography advise
Camera information

All text need to be original, and not a copy from the internet.
You need to write it in your own words.

Needs to be SEO and Keyword Density good.
There are also some articles that needs to be rewritten on the website. (Intro text) That, and the 3 articles below I need to have a bid on first.

I need to have each week 3 articles written for the blog from at least 500 words each.

Your tasks for this job now, to see if you can do it:

1. Write 3 times a 500 word article for the blog.
2. Give a price that you like to have for these articles.
3. Tell about what subject you are making 3 articles about.
4. Need the articles within 3 days, after I choose your bid.
5. Tell me that you read this in the message you are sending.
6. Each article must maintain a keyword density of 2-3%.

My requirements:
1. Must use perfect English.
2. Must be free from grammatical, spelling & punctuation errors.
3. Must be free flowing, informative and add value to the reader.
4. All articles must be 100% unique and pass Copyscape premium & EzineArticles.com in order to be paid.
5. We will own all rights to articles after payment is made to you.
6. You cannot resell any articles submitted to us.
7. The keywords provided need to be used in a logical, conversational manner throughout the articles.

I only pay true Escrow when you have done the work.

Please include in your Bid:
1. How many articles you would be able to deliver per week.
2. How quickly you can do each one.
3. Samples of articles or links to some Ezinearticles.com you have published.

* We need to start this project immediately.

* We need someone that checks their email regularly and can communicate regularly. If you are not serious and cannot supply a MINIMUM of 3 articles per week, then please do not bid.

Please DO NOT bid if you aren’t able to meet all of the above requirements.

Easy Search And Quote Script

Easy Search And Quote Script
I need to add a pair of functions and upload data to a site.

The site will be deployed using this script:


The main page of that script show be relocated under the name of “Directory”

Then a search option should be added, cloning the functions and data (directory of providers) from this site:

www.all_medical_touris_m.com (take off the underscores)

It means that at the main page the visitor will see a search engine with categories, and will ask for a quote.

The personal information from the customer will be sent by mail to all the providers loaded in the category he selected who has certain user level (paid), and will be available on their private section of the site.