Six Articles For Seo

I need 6 differents (500 words) articles for these subjects.
aluminum extrusion (2)
aluminum tubing (2)
aluminum tubes (2)

Examples of articles we need for advertising our website. We will use the articles for seo.

” The Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions”
“Designing for Aluminum Extrusions”
“Why Use Extruded Aluminum?”

Thank you.

Business Website Needed


I need a Business Website with admin Panel Behind

The Website Will have The following sections :

1. Home

Here is the structure I need

The design will be provided when the project is started.

So basicaly I need a structure exactly like this one in which the user/admin creates comments and post them online.
If user wants to post a news/ or comment he cand do it from his profile page and it will be aproved or rejected by the admin.

Also please take a look very carefouly at this page because it’s very important to have all the details there.

Next sections are :






About us


Please provide Portfolio of your Previously works done with this complexity and with admin panel behind.

Please be reasonable in bids and take in consideration this is a chance of getting a long time relationship with many other future projects.

Bottle Design In 3d


I am looking to have a 3d image of a bottle created/tailored that I may use for my webpage. I already have the .3DS file that I will provide you, however I would like it tailored such that it has a material map layer that I may use rap different bottle labels.
This project is not difficult so please bid accordingly

I have enclosed a sample of the bottle style as well as the .3ds file

Thanks. It may help If you show your work

Content Writer For Websites 2

We are looking for a blogger to write 5 small blog articles or posts a month. These articles will be posted on our blogs. Along with the bid turn in your previous work piece.

This could be an ongoing work so please put in your best bid.

1. We will only provide keywords that we wish to use in the anchor text. You will have to think of nice and interesting topics or headlines for the articles.
2. Length of each article should be minimum of 220 words or more.
3. Interesting content that will not bore readers.
4. NO cut copy paste from 5-6 articles already available online and compiling them into 1 article. Absolute no. Article should pass copy scape.
4. Fluent in English

Please submit your writing work samples with your bid. Please mention a flat rate for per article.

Really Creative 2 Logo Needed 2

lets do the Thinking Cap — I want to use this on hats- I have several ideas for invention logos besides THINKING CAP and i want to make sure you and your team understand what inventions is- people who come up with ideas, innovative people, people who are always thinking of new ways for things to be done–
I wanted to have an element that shows someone is thinking, hand under the chin and eyes looking up
I also wanted to have a logo made for GOT INVENTION? with inventor related things making up the words-or something around the word for people that have an idea, bright and fun-
So here are 2 projects to start with– I have another 12 more after this, so hopefully we can do a great job!
Thanks and looking forward to seeing how they look!