30 articles a day needed – $1.25 an article II by cseba

Hello, This is an article writing project. I need 30 articles written a day. (you’ll be given your article assignments by 9.30 am Thailand time (GMT +7) and you’ll need to send them in completely proofed and ready for publication by 3.30 AM Thailand time, the next day… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Articles, Editing, Ghostwriting, Proofreading, Research)

Unix Vs. Windows

I need someone to be able to write a paper compare and contrast Unix vs. Windows on two points:

-Hardware requirements-

· Compare and contrast the hardware requirements of the operating systems.

-Availability of application software User interface-

· Compare and contrast the availability of application software for the operating systems.

Must be able to provide at least 2 reference and be able to write and type in English.

Length of paper: 1-2 pages.

Scrolling Image Gallery With Music

I need to produce a ‘slideshow’ that looks like this:
http://www.desmondtalbot.com/portfolio5.htm (see http://www.desmondtalbot.com/portfolio6.htm for another image.

Must closely match design (including look of buttons, which can be supplied)

Could be made in Flash, but happy to consider other options and would welcome advice on the best way of doing this.

1. 18 changing images (finished images to be supplied). Size approx 770×500 px, to sit inside a template which will be provided.
2. Needs to auto start on opening page but visitor to be able to control (forward/back/stop/play)
3. Music to play on start with button to turn off sound as shown. NOTE: Please advise what format music will need to be provided in.

Required this week.

macro-economics assignment (introductory course) URGENT by ECG

Hello, I have this macro-assignment assignment due tonight (in about 8 hours). It is an introductory level course (first year undergrad). It has 7 questions. Please see the attachment I need someone to do it ASAP… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Academic Writing, Finance, Financial Research, Mathematics, Research)