Custom Joomla Development

Custom Joomla Development
We need some quotes from experienced Joomla developers who are actual “coders” , not just template specialists.

We need to incorporate the following functions:

* A multilingual interface, front-end and back-end, that works fluently with all site functions
* A business directory
* An online community
* Integration of the directory and community, allowing members to keep track of their favorite directory listings
* A custom module that will allow community members to create projects and add directory listings to those projects as needed in the appropriate categories
* Video streaming/integration
* Ability to view use the site on mobile platforms as well.
* Integration of a ad server that allows for the targeting of ads to language specific content.

PHASE 1: Getting the multilingual site up and running with a functional directory module and video streaming cabability.

1. Integration of Joomla/JoomFish compatible directory module.

We have evaluated both SOBI2 and Mosets Tree options. Most agree that the Mosets code is more in sync with Joomla’s API and we are leaning in that direction. We welcome SOBI2 ideas if you have them but you will have to prove to us that SOBI2 is stable and able to do what we need. Then, and only then, will we consider using this module. The directory module also needs to be compatible with Yootheme templates and SEF functional.

2. Address format and other directory module tweaks to match the chosen interface language. Since our site will be targeting English and Japanese in the front-end and back-end, addresses in the directory need to be properly formatted.

Case in point:

123 Apple Street
Shibuya, Tokyo 123-4567

Japanese ( to be viewed in Japanese characters ):
123-4567 Tokyo Shibuya Apple Street 123

We can explain this in more detail later.

3. Additional directory module/plug-in development for specific features we are looking to implement.

4. Video streaming integration

PHASE 2 : Integrating the ad server, community and other small additions

1. AJAX Poll Module

Joomla has a poll module already but it is weak and unattractive. We’d like to enhance that module with AJAX features so that it functions on its own in the sidebar without disturbing the main page’s content. Again, needs to be JoomFish compatible.

2. Integration of a community module

As stated above, the community feature is one that aims to allow members to use the directory (from Phase 1 above) to the fullest. Conversely, we hope to limit community interaction at first, due to privacy reasons.

Members should be able to manage their own profiles and these profiles must also be connected to their business directory listings.

Members must be able to save certain directory listings into their favorites folder.

Members must also be able to create “projects” that they can add directory listings to.

3. Ad server integration

At this point in time, we like the iJoomla Ad Agency module and would like to integrate it into the site but will consider other modules if more appropriate. Key point here is the ability to serve ads to language specific content.


We are looking to develop a relationship with a developer. This is not a one-time contract and the site will need to be carefully updated in line with Joomla and related module updates.

We will need to see specific examples of your previous Joomla development history.

You must also be willing to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement.

Please submit your estimates on a Phase basis as described above. We are looking for round number estimates.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Format Joomla Page

Format Joomla Page
I need this page
formatted to look closer to this list of songs.

When a link is click I need the article/ audio player to open in a small popup the same way as on (click the song title not the artist)

The page uses a great K2 content component that has all the fields we need. I just need them stylised and formatted.

So all the functionality is there and ready to go just need is it formatted.

We’re hoping to get this done today.


Chatroulette Clone Site

Chatroulette Clone Site
Need a 1:1 clone of

The script/source should have easy to understand comments, should we need to hire more programmers in the future. If the project is successful, expect future opportunities for employment.

Project should make use of Flashs new “RTMFP” , Client-to-Client cam connection – like on chatroulette – to save the traffic.

Website Clothing With Ajax

Website Clothing With Ajax
I am looking for a programmer who can make a good graphical site with ajax (ajax facebook like) where logged user (register procedure included) can use e-commerce and make some easy operation with clothing.

The site has to be developed with object oriented programming and classes.

I prefer to use some PHP framework to make develop easy.

The graphic can be like or

Thank you in advance for your time.

WordPress Theme From Mockups

WordPress Theme From Mockups
I have a blog design mockups (PSDs) that I need turned into a WordPress theme. This theme will be used for several different blogs.

I will need for several settings for the theme to be available in the WordPress control panel. For example, turning ad units on/off, changing the position of the sidebar from left to right, changing the header image, editing links in the header/footer, making changes to certain parts of the css color scheme.

Please only bid on this project if you have experience creating a theme in which these kind of settings may be set from the WP control panel. Please describe your experience in this area.

Urlmr 2.0

Urlmr 2.0
Hello, I have a link shorting script script that I have been selling for about a month now at and in my opinion it is fairly simple to work with and modify. You can see a demo of the script at I bought it from a person on a forum and I have full rights to it… anyway. I am currently on version 1.5 and I want to go on to version 2.0 soon but I need some help, the only thing the script needs in my opinion is a massive remodel photo and color wise, to make it look more modern, I would like two or three changeable themes but only if you can do it within the budget. The only other thing I need done and this is required! I need you to make a link tracking system, that will allow users to sign up and to login and see the amount of clicks, refer, and ip, and other various info that you can include in a click. I don’t have much money so please bid within the budget, also I will give the winning bidder a “nulled” it will have my license code removed, it is not normally nulled, I do not null scripts! Also I don’t want it to be given away, I have already had this problem before and I have dealt with it. I WILL TAKE ACTION IF YOU RESELL OR GIVE AWAY MY SCRIPT!!!

Super Fast Sugar Install

Super Fast Sugar Install
I want to have the sugar community open source CRM installed onto my system.

All the documentation can be found here:

if you are a Sugar Pro this should be a quick buck for ya!

I would also like to install the sugaryCB Joomla extension on a site that already has Joomla installed:

There is a link on the homepage that will need to link to the login page of the CRM.

These should be really fast projects for someone who knows what they are doing.

I would like to get going on this pretty quickly so I plan to select a bidder soon.

Again, please only bid if you have experience with Sugar and Joomla. If not, please do not bid.

Feel free to ask any questions via the PMB.


Urgent: Secure Form – Joomla

Urgent: Secure Form – Joomla
need a secure form created on my Joomla site – secure processing has to be set up and it has to integrate with my account so that payment are automatically processed.

Current form is at:
has to be recreated on

Secure processing is not yet in place – would need programmer to set up.

URGENT: needed within 24 hours

Pizza Site 2

Pizza Site 2
pizza online order
Multishop with different opening times for every day of week
where customer cannot make order if shop is closed
with different products for each shop
With admin side when you can add categorys, products, products attributes, where you can add easy toppings for each pizza sepperatly and also in main side customer can add and remove toppings without changing the price.
it has to be exatly like this website. enter 00980 aere code (use google translater to translate)
before you make a bid discust with me because i already payed before to programer ezone and he didnt do it the same way as i wanted , he took the money he gott good review and now he want answer anymore my emails. so i want pay nobody if the work is not done probebly.

Ecommerce Site On Joomla

Ecommerce Site On Joomla
Need to create an ecommerce system to sell designs my company creates. here are the requirements – ONLY Bid if you have the full ability to complete this project as stated:

1. People need to be able to add MULTIPLE designs to the cart and pay over a secure site.
2. I need this integrated with my existing company website on Joomla.
3. This will also serve as our design portfolio so that people can browse our work. thumbnail will be an area of the design and has to open to full, enlarged view of design
4. Needs to have sort options so that people can view items by category
5. items need a tagging system for proper search functionality
6. Security for payment processing
7. API integration so that payments automatically go into our account

Need this set up within one week. Second week will be for testing, tweaking, adjusting, and launching.

When responding, send samples of similar projects you’ve worked on.

Move Text From Html To Php

Move Text From Html To Php
I did a poker website you can see at

what i need is for you to remove the following text from the index page

“Making candles can be very exciting and a lot of fun. It is important to remember that candle making involves some basic concepts. Our how to make candles eBook covers everything from the basics to how to make Votive candles, Taper candles, Pillar candles, Container candles, Chunk candles, Gel candles and Soy candles.

If you are interested in making your own candles you need Our how to make candles eBook so grab your copy today for just $9.99 and you can download the entire book instantly after you pay. ”

I need you to replace the above text with the text and font sizes and colors exactly as shown at

I do not need the header or blue backround… i just need the text and images inside the white area placed onto my index.php file at replacing the text as mentioned above