Need Quality Article Rewriter For 15 Articles

I’m looking to have 15 articles rewritten. I’d like each rewritten article to be 500-700 words in length. You will be given articles in sets of 5; each set will have a 2-3 days deadline. Payment is $2 per article rewritten. I will provide you with the articles, you don’t need to do any research.

The topics is male enhancement products. If you are not comfortable with this niche please do not bid.

Content needs to be 100% unique and original and I’m looking to buy full rights. If it doesn’t pass copyscape or if I can google chunks of it and easily find the original source, the article won’t be accepted.

To apply for this job, please rewrite the paragraph below:


While shopping for male enhancement pills, make sure that they have no side effects on your body and mind. It is better to avoid synthetic pills that are known for severe side damages to the internal organs of your body. We suggest that you opt for herbal pills as the herbs do not damage any of your body organs and has no adverse impact. Natural male enhancement pills are pretty much the only option if you are looking for a safe and effective male enhancement method. In rare cases Extenze may not work for you but its money-back guarantee makes sure that you won’t lose money in either case. Men have certainly increased erection size using Extenze and other similar pills, but the only way to see if it works for you specifically, is to try it.


Please PM me with your rewritten paragraph along with any other any other information about you (such as experience, etc). It is MANDATORY for you to rewrite the above sample paragraph to qualify for this job. It’s the only way for me to determine the quality of your work.

Please bid for 15 articles at $2 per 500-700 words article

Thank you for your interest!

Image Download 2

I’m looking for someone to download public domain images found at NASA’s website here –

Each aircraft has a link to a number of high resolution images available for download. I need the highest resolution downloaded as well as the correct caption that displays next to it to be embedded in the photo’s IPTC caption field.

I have several other databases that I need downloaded in the future as well.

I will need a sample three images sent to show that you understand how to embed the caption (can be done in itag or even Photoshop).

.net Programmer needed to create Inventory Software by rtokarchyk

We are looking for a software application coded using .net framework. We provide a service where we destroy hard drives for customers for data security reasons. It is necessary that before we destroy the hard drive, that we collect the information from the destroyed drives… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: .NET, MySQL, SQL)