Flash Slideshow

Flash Slideshow

• Delivery date is next Monday March 8, with minor revisions on Tuesday March 9. We are on US Central Time (GMT-5). Prefer Yahoo IM during business hours.

• Slideshow substantially similar to attached mockup. Can scroll forward, back, auto-scroll both ways, see progress bar on bottom re how many photos in this slideshow, sort by type, enlarge on click and go to php page description.

• We would either like to use a MySQL database table that can be sorted by Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites. OR if you have a suggestion let us know, i.e. xml pages.

• Each slide has event name and thumbnail 100×60.

• On MouseOver the image enlarges to 166×100, adds a link “see details” and displays the fields Blurb, Date, Short Location. On click it goes to that event number on one of 5 pages: Type | Date | Location | Favorites | Kid Favorites (i.e. if “Organize by:” was selected as DATE, then it goes to that event number on the “sorted by date” page.

• In the slideshow, visitors can click the picture and go to that event description.

Seven fields are used in the slideshow:

1. Event Number – hidden field chronological
2. Event Year – 4 digit numeric (we want to use this program multiple years)
3. Event Name – 60 alpha-numeric characters
4. Types (Date Location Favorites Kid Favorites) – Impt: will be multiple types 1-4 types. I.e. a kids puppet show might be
5. Photo Name – a JPEG thumbnail 100×60 that on mouseover scales to 166×100 in images/eventslideshow
6. Blurb – the 120 character description (4 lines 30 characters Textarea) you see in mockup “Five stages of music…”
7. Date – date(s) of event can be up to 10 dates
8. Short Location – 18 alpha-numeric characters

This project is ready to go NOW. Please see our reviews for “GREAT COMMUNICATION” and “FAST PAYMENT.”

Thanks for looking! PMB if questions.

Programar Urg Tly – Script M 2

Programar Urg Tly – Script M 2
Need Programmer to do Script Modifications
I have all the scripts
a) I give you the scripts, one after another.
b) Give a standardised list of mods / addons that would be used across all scripts
c) You start integrating them from 1 Script and move on to another and so on.
d) I need them installed and few mods standardized so that each can be added to almost all the scripts
e) Debugging and Testing.
People with php mysql are must

The clones are of following :
Videosharing like Youtube
B2B like Alibaba
Auction like Ebay
Jobsite like Monster
Lancing like Elance
Social networking like MySpace
Image Sharing like Rapidshare
Classifieds like Craiglist
Searchengine like Google
Dating like Match

I will pay only via Scriptlance escrow and on successful live testing of 1 month on server
People with excellent track record respond

Fix A Bug On WordPress Plugin

Fix A Bug On WordPress Plugin
As the wordpress plugin http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/digg-digg/ is resulting in lots of javascripts for each bookmark such as Digg, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz and others, thus slowing down the speed of loading the page substantially, I need to comment out the javascript code for each of these plugins now shown at the very top before each blog post is made, and then save the image for each respective bookmark as a graphic hyperlinked to the bookmarking url.

This ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION on top would achieve the same result, but load the blog and its pages MUCH FASTER !!!

Prefer WordPress Experts who frequently install WordPress Plugins to perform this job, as they will be more familiar with WordPress and its Plugins. Payment for a job fully done and not partial completion !!!

WordPress Plugin Fix

WordPress Plugin Fix
I am seeking a php programmer with experience in wordpress plugins.

The plugin wp-o-matic is no longer supported by the author, and it has a glitch when used with wordpress 2.9.

If you respond to this post, please list your specific experience with wordpress.

This plugin grabs posts from specific feeds, and re-posts them to a wordpress blog. The problem is that sometimes there are duplicate postings — sometimes a long list of duplicate postings.

There was a fix that supposedly worked prior to wordpress 2.85, however it is not working with 2.9.

The programming should be simple for a person who has experience with these plugins.

If I cannot solve this problem with a fix, I will try downgrading wordpress to an earlier version and see if that works.


Add Hotspots To Map Of Usa

Add Hotspots To Map Of Usa
I have a map of the USA, and want to have a ‘hotspot’ map created, so that the user can click on each state.

Map graphics are high quality, 600px wide, delivered as PSD or Fireworks PNG (your choice).

Maps doesn’t have state codes (e.g. TX), so I would like to have those added too, with a little line to the smaller states (example attached).

Delivery should be a HTML page with clickable map, and updated graphics file (PSD/PNG) with states two-letter codes added on a separate layer.

Simple Html Site

Simple Html Site
I’m willing to pay $75-100 for this work. It must be done in 5-7 days. You’ll need to make it on my server or put the files after you make them on my server, because I can’t show a link to someone else’s site to the client.

I need someone to take a illustrartor document and chop it up and make it into a simple html site. Don’t use css for the site. As the client knows html, but nothing about using css.

For the initial roll-out version, I need 6 pages: I’ll pay $15 for each addional page added. Since it’s html each new page is not more then an hour of work. All the page will be based off the the design I give you.

1. Main Page (also know as the Sales Letter)
Use content from their site. The homepage will have a series of videos on the homepage. For now just use youtube vidoes. Since it will be easier for the client to add it to the site. They will just add the video to youtube then paste the code in their site.
This video type may change though. For now use youtube videos.

2. Product Order Page
Use content and text from their site for this. It connects to paypal and the merchant service ClickBank. It’s not like a ecommerce site really. They only offer like 1 product.

3. About Us
This will be provided.

4. FAQ
You can take all the text from their old site

5. Contact Page
Needs a contact form.

6. there is either a 6th page or some design that is going to be made that will be put on the homepage. I’m not 100% sure on this. Either way I’ll have the design for you in a few days.

Here is the most important part: You must make everything symertrical and balanced. If text starts 1 inch from the top of the page. It must be like that on every page. Everything has to be the same and symertical on the page.

Clone Auction Listing Templa 3

Clone Auction Listing Templa 3
Hello 🙂

Looking for a clone design like the auction listing at:


Easy job for designer. Need quickly.

* * * Please DO NOT bid if you can’t provide us this design * * *

Hardwood Floors Articles

Hardwood Floors Articles
Hi there!

I would like 15 articles on hardwood floors.

I would like the articles in the following categories:
Hardwood maintenance / tips (2 articles)
Overview of hardwood (1 article)
Installation of natural hardwood (1 article)
Installation of engineered hardwood (1 article)
Maple hardwood (1 article)
Oak hardwood (1 article)
Bamboo (1 article)
Red oak (1 article)
White oak (1 article)
Birch hardwood (1 article)
Beech hardwood (1 article)
Jatoba hardwood (1 article)
Cherry (1 article)
Overview of Brazilian hardwoods (1 article)
Tigerwood (hardwood, not the cheater 🙂 (1 article)

These articles need to pass Copyscape and be free from any copyright violations or restrictions. I will test the articles before final payment.

I would like at least 2 relevant pictures or diagrams in each article.

These must be written well with respect to grammar, spelling, and relevant content.

I would like this completed within 5 days.

Transaction Details – Please read:

I will provide full escrow. Upon completion of the articles and after your handover of articles to me, I will check that they have passed the copyscape plagiarism test. I will provide full payment if they have passed the test. I will deduct $5 from your payment for each article that does not pass, but, if none of them pass, then this deal is over. Sorry for the terms, but, based on my last dealings, I feel compelled to put this in.

I will provide up to a $50 bonus for the quality of the articles over the agreed upon winning bid. This is completely at my discretion.

Quick Small Sites Help

Quick Small Sites Help
I already have 2 full templates done. Below is what is required for 2 sites:

1) This site will need a header, some text, a thank you page and a privacy policy page to be added. These will then need to be uploaded to the host.

2) This site needs a header, an image, a few links, background color changed and include a webform and text to it. A page for privacy policy and another with a thank you page will also need to be added. Once complete the finished work will need to be uploaded to the host.

I will provide details and be available for most of the day to answer questions.

I expect to this done quickly as I need to get the website up fast.

An example of what I am looking for can be found at www.reducedebtnow.net

Gallery Website

Gallery Website
Hi everyone,

I am looking for something similar to the following Site: http://www.oddlondon.com/.

– Easy to maintain.
– Banner ads as options on either side of the main information on every page.
– A variable number of Buttons below the title (logo) but above the gallery images.
– A forum as one of the buttons (I do not know if I will use this yet so it must be able to be disabled).
– A contact form that automatically sends an email to a designated account.
– As you move the mouse over galleries and images a box appears around that image. This box should change color when you click on it.
– Search engine optimization
– I would also like the option for people to register to the site if they want with the database avaliable so that I can email everyone.

Similarities to http://www.oddlondon.com/:
– I will have a number of different galleries so having the index page list them in the small boxes (with an image from that gallery) is ideal.
– I will also require the name of the gallery on that box
– Once you go to the gallery, just as with this site, all the individual images will be below which will get enlarged when they are clicked on. I need the images to be excellent quality. I have found flash sometimes blurs images slightly so would rather use HTML if possible.
– Gallery pages should have the title (logo) shrunk to the top left corner and will be the link to the home page.
– buttons will have moved up on the page to again sit just below the title (logo)

I think this is everything, let me know if you think of something else. I don’t mind if you use flash but this site is all about the photos. I will be showing detailed images of really small items so it must be good.



Add Hotspots To Us Map 2

Add Hotspots To Us Map 2
I have two maps of the USA (just different colors), and want to have a ‘hotspot’ map created, so that the user can click on each state.

Map graphics are high quality, 700px wide.

Maps doesn’t have state codes (e.g. TX), so I would like to have those added too, with a little line to the smaller states (example will be provided).

Even though there are 2 maps, they are identical except for the their color, so the ‘hotspot map’ will be identical, but state names needs to be added to each map.