Online Language Learning Websi

You will need to be able to produce the website in both Japanese and English Language. Programming language is flexible and developer can choose their own codes.

We will prefer:

Server operating system: Linux (Red Hat)
Programming language: PHP
Javascript libraries: SWFObject
Webserver: Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat)

We are a Language Learning School in Singapore and is planning to move our English learning course online. Our market will be Japan, so experience in producing website for Japanese will be good.

We will be providing lessons online so we will need a website where students are able to search for and reserve slots for our teachers. We will also need a logo designed for display on the website. We will like to post some youtube videos on the website as well.

We need:

Students will be able to register and log in to their personal area. Students will be allocated credits which will be used to book lessons slots.

In this personal area, they will be able to choose their own teachers from own list of teachers. The list should display teacher’s name, photo and the ability to hear a short introduction recorded by the teacher.

Once a teacher is clicked, it will bring up the teacher’s profile as well as his schedules and students can reserves a slot on the schedules.

Teachers will need to log in to teachers’ areas. In this log in area, teachers can upload their pictures, profile and a sound introduction. They can also select their free slots to teach students online.

Paypal function will need to be integrated into the website as teachers will be paid by paypal and students will pay by paypal. We will need a page where we can track the number of lessons taught to ensure proper payment. When students pay a monthly fee, the system will automatically credit it to student’s personal area where they can then use it to book lessons.

website design will need to be simple, professional looking and user friendly.

Further details will be given during deal signing stage.

12 Rocking Guitar Effects Videos on YouTube

Guitarists continue to love their effects units – both onstage and in the studio. There is an amazing variety of effects units available, and an almost infinite way to combine them. Here are 12 of the best YouTube videos demonstrating effects units and setups, starting with how The Edge sets up his rig.

1. U2’s The Edge Demonstrating His Guitar Rig (1/2)

“U2’s The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/1) Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Dublin September 2008.”

2. U2’s The Edge Demonstrating His Guitar Rig (2/2)

“U2’s The Edge demonstrating his guitar rig (2/1) Sir John Rogerson’s Quay Dublin September 2008.”

3. Herman Li Video Game Guitar Effects

“Herman Li from Dragonforce explains the video game effects used in Inhuman Rampage.”

4. How to Use a Guitar Effect Pedal : Pre-Delay Effects for the Electric Guitar

“Learn how to use the pre-delay effects pedal when playing the electric guitar in these free online music video lessons.”

5. BOSS GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Processor

“Johnny Guides you on a Tour of the BOSS GT-8 Guitar Multi Effects Processor”

6. Marshall Jackhammer Guitar Pedal, Gearwire

“Marshall Jackhammer Guitar Pedal. (not me) Notice the TV in the background has information on the Pedal.”

7. Boss Dyna Drive DN-2 Effects Pedal Demo

“Jason D. Spencer of World Music Supply demonstrates the extremely versatile Boss Dyna Drive DN-2 effects pedal.”

8. Richie Kotzen Zoom G2R Signature Guitar Effects Pedal Demo

“Check out Richie Kotzen demoing his new Zoom G2R signature guitar effects pedal!”

9. TC Electronic G Natural Acoustic Guitar Effects Processor

“In this video, singer-songwriter Laura Clapp of TC-Electronic demonstrates this sweet processor for acoustic guitar.”

10. Gig FX guitar effects pedal demo VOD Kilowah Chopper Pro Chop Megawah All of Them Part 1 of 2

“Most of the line from Gig Effects….very cool, optical pedals. Their wah pedals completely RULE! And I totally dig the VOD, which is three Chandler Tube Drivers that you can set up any way you’d like. This is the first demo I’ve done in STEREO, so forgive the blips and clips in the tone…I suck at the tech side of videos…and alot of other things as well!”

11. U2 – Metallica – Green Day – ACDC – Guitar Effects and Tones with Line 6 M9

12. Z Vex Effects Guitar Pedals Roundup

“This is a brief roundup of almost all Z Vex pedals (by Mr. Vex himself) taken from the NAMM exhibition at 2006 by Mr. Vex keeps his usual humour and good mood (I love that!) despite the fatigue of the show… My favourite, of course, is the Wah. ”

Moving Host For Smf Forum 2

Moving host for smf forum,

Very simple, basically I need an smf forum moved from 1 host to another (including the DB file)

Very simple job, basically will involve
1. download forum and database from server1
2. Upload forum and database to server 2
3. Upload the repair_settings.php file (ill give it to you) and make sure its all working fine.

a 2 hour job tops. cheapest bid with high feedback will get it, need it done ASAP

Moving Host For Smf Forum

Moving host for smf forum,

Very simple, basically I need an smf forum moved from 1 host to another (including the DB file)

Very simple job, basically will involve
1. download forum and database from server1
2. Upload forum and database to server 2
3. Upload the repair_settings.php file (ill give it to you) and make sure its all working fine.

a 2 hour job tops. cheapest bid with high feedback will get it, need it done ASAP

Design & Slice With Html Css 2

I have a draft of a design that needs to be finished up in a more creative look & then slice with CSS & XHTML.This template will be further implemented by my team on oscommerce.The HTML page will be compatible to all browsers like internet 7,mozilla & chrome

Its a template for a tshirts company engaged in screenprinting & embroidery.Please send me 2-3 links of your webpage designed not the whole bunch of links .

Redesign Of A Dating Site

A busy Manchester business is looking for a motivated and enthusiastic web developer to assist with the development of a recently aquired dating site. What we intend to do is redesign the site and add a little more functionalities such as one on more private chat and perhaps webcam.

The ideal programmer will have to be fluent in: php, mysql, JavaScript, css, html & good knowledge of apache, linux, nfs and mail server. An extended knowledge of the Cake php framework will mean a long time relationship because of other projects we have. (not necessary for this project though)

We are interested in a programmer based in the Uk, favourable for someone in or around manchester and we are not looking to outsource. fullstop!!!

Sql Injection Question – Easy

I have a site I want to do very basic SQL injection testing on (basically teach me)

$q = “SELECT username FROM `users` WHERE username=’$username’ AND password=’$password'”;

This code is in the page of a login form. Teach/show me how I can inject sql into this, to change it to something like…

$q = “SELECT username from `users` WHERE username!=””;
$q = “SELECT username from `users` where username=’bob'”;

I know this is probably pretty basic, so lowest bid that can give me a working example, or show me how to do it will get the bid. If you are the first person to provide a working example in the PMB, I will select your bid.

Cms Made Simple / Mod Rewrite

Opening Multiple Store Locations

I will like a seperate body class <body class=””> dynamically inserted (not replacing existing classes) for each location based on the location in the URL.

This is so each location can have their own color scheme.

Also where the text of the location is listed will need that text filtered out and replaced with the correct City and State text.

Example text

The finest East Texas windows and doors.

The finest Shreveport / Bossier City windows and doors.

The finest Houston TX windows and doors.

htaccess, php array, and mod rewrite would be a way we will not have to mess with the database.

It will involve finding locations hard coded in the HTML and replacing with a <php echo $location;?>

.htaccess and mod rewrite to take the location embedded in the URL and save that url segment into the $location variable. also replace dashes in the url with spaces and capitalize the location in the page output but not the URL use <php str_replace ?> for that

It is one site with hardcoded html in through out the content.

Pages should have proper region in place of the East Texas that is currently in there.

All regions share same content. The only thing different is the

<body class=”*region* … plus other classes …”>

and the

<span class=local>*region*</span> scattered throughout the content

Can I please hire someone to fix this.

If you think it is better to use smarty variables and therefore ‘database stuff’ then talk to me about that.

Restoring A WordPress Database

Yet again, I have made a mess of my blog and need the backup file to be restored.

I recently did a backup for my WordPress blog using the “WordPress Database Backup” plugin. I tried restoring the .sql file, but when I went back to my blog I got this message:

Warning: require(/home/mysite/public_html/wp-includes/compat.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-settings.php on line 265

I tried to change the chmod of various files and directories, but nothing solved the problem.

I am looking for someone who can solve this problem quickly.

Add Cms

I have a site already designed and coded, and I need your help with integrating a CMS. I would like either Joomla! or WordPress, depending on which one you think is a better fit for my site.

I need to be able to make edits to each page on the site. I am not very experienced with websites or CMS so I need editing to be fairly straightforward.

My website is a business site, where I offer professional consulting services. Some of my business is done online through online purchases. My site has a Homepage and 5-10 subpages.

I have all of the html, css, and psd files.


Customization Retail Site

Need a very experienced AJAX programmer to create a shirt customization module similar to but must be made with AJAX and not Flash. I need the customization module designed from scratch, however it must have similar features and functionality. The rest of the site can be made with ASP.NET or PHP but will be similar to and will include some minor features from couple of other sites. I need a complete fully functional and fully operational turnkey website with all necessary applications and programs that would allow users to place their design onto shirts, mugs, buttons, signs, and etc, and allow users to sell their design. I need the website to be able to process information quickly.

Money will only be released when project is completed, tested, and satisfactory. Please do not bid on project if you do not have enough experience because you may not get paid if we do not get what was promised. No upfront fees will be payed, only after completion of project, however, entire amount will be placed in Escrow until project is complete. Budget for project is $1,400.