Js Optimization 2

Got a script uses a countdown timer which is JS now the site uses PHP SQL CSS JS etc.

All the hard stuff is already done just need some tweaks please bid accordingly.

Please NO copy and paste portfolios responses I want to know you read this and understand what you are about to partake upon.

you need to be at the top of your game dont want no beginners here I have alot of time and money invested in my script, if you think your going to get a free copy think again certain sections we have incorporated a tracking licensing system and every thing in encoded in ioncube, we will not provide you wit h a unencoded source for any reason dont ask, you dont need to edit anything inside the encoded file set, we encoded it we know. Have had bad experiences with people on here trying to steal my source code and it has NOT ended well for those people, so be forewarned.

If your even hesitatant in your abilities dont waste my time im tired or hiring people and firing them and cancelling projects as a result. You will need to know
all interations there of
html of course
Paypal IPN

You must be able to complete this in the time frame you bid NO Excuses, NO escrow not going to do it been burned 2 out of 4 times on here 50% loss so dont even ask FUll payment upon project completion and testing.. Yes everything must work. I will test fast upon completion. Payment to be made directly via paypal if i use scriptlance to transfer i can do but its going to cost you 3.9% deposit fee not me… I dont like scriptlances paymetn systems or escrow systems and especially dont like the milestone system people cant stick to them and that angers me.. I may be inclined to use the milestone system again and pay upon milestone but lets be clear here a milestone is accomplished once it is live on the server and verified working. I prefer to pay in full upon completion but am willing to work with the right person, just dont have much faith in the escrow system here or scriptlance ability to handle it.

I have my own project collaboration area which you will use during this project.

No crazy bids ill ignore you .
I dont care if you have 0 reviews or 10000 reviews I just need to know you can do it
and do everything you say you can do
andyou can do it in the time you bid

I fixed the timers myself last night kept getting crazy bids on that someone could of made a quick 50$ on that project seriously people 1200 bids for a simple JS fix… 🙂 took me 45mins to isolate and repair.

Need Javascript & Dom Ninja 2

I need a master JavaScript & DOM coder for this project.

This project can vaguely be described as a tool selecting and calculating and tracking position of objects on a webpage.

This involves:
– a user interface for selecting a section of the webpage by click on objects or text
– strong DOM knowledge required
– searching objects in source code and calculating positions of objects and tracking their movement on a webpage

Please do not bid if you have only intermediate skill in JavaScript and the DOM, you need to be very good at both for this. This job is relatively small and, but it will not be if you are not proficient in JS and comfortable with the DOM.

Some jQuery code provided to help get started (for the source code searching and calculating position part).

Need Javascript Coding To Add To My WordPress Site

In order to complete the site, we need some simple javascript code to add to use within our WordPress template file. The website is for an association of merchants. We need javascript for one of our webpages that allows a user to input a website address and then click the submit button. The submit button will either take them to a page that says the particular website is a member merchant or to a page with a generic message that the website is not a member merchant. We will create all the webpages, we just need you to write the javascript for us.

The form will have the following:
“Please enter the website you would like to verify: www.[textbox]
Submit Button

We would like simple script that allows us to add on to it as new member sites join, for example something like this that is intuitive for us to figure out:

case ‘www.123.com’:
url = http://abc.com/?page_id=30
case ‘www.xyz.com’
url = ‘http://abc.com/?page_id=18’
case ‘[new entry]’
url = ‘http://abccom/?page_id=43’

We also need code for a CAPTCHA to work with the form.

Are you interested in this project? If yes, then how much would you charge to provide us with that script and how long would it take you to complete?

We need this done sort of quick.

Thanks and if you have any questions, please let me know.

$2.00 articles originals/$1.00 Rewrites USA Writers Only by ar2coolwriter

Hi, I have just opened an article directory and need more content on my site. I am looking for dependable writers that can write original articles and also do re-writes of articles. You will be required to write one original and then a rewrite of that same original… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Article Rewriting, Articles, Blog, Medical Writing, Travel Writing)

Before & After Pictures for muscle building website by RIISHI

Hello I am looking for someone to SOURCE and CREATE 7 SETS of before and after pictures for a muscle building site, which are all male and have to show off their torso’s..and show a REALISTIC, yet distinct improvement from a before, not so great body, to a muscular, lean body… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Advertisement Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Photoshop)

Add Online Payment Capability – Php

I have a website that is complete and up and running. The client has a clearance vendor for CC transactions and I have the full instructions as to what data stream to submit in order to achieve online payment. The details of this will be shared with the winning bidder, but for estimation purposes, understand that you will have to collect 11 pieces of data from the user, submit a data stream through a procedure call and then parse the returned result. Final data will be emailed to the client and the client’s customer after the transaction is completed indicating whether or not the transaction was successful.

The form is already designed. All I need is someone who is a little more familiar with PHP to get it working for me. I have a test bed area to which you can have exclusive access.

This is an urgent request with a due date of 7/29/2010. Please do not bid if you cannot complete this by then.

Happy bidding.