Quick Tip: How to Use the New “Post-Thumbnail” Feature in WordPress 2.9

Quick Tip: How to Use the New “Post-Thumbnail” Feature in WordPress 2.9

Up until the release of WordPress 2.9, setting up “post-image” support for your blog was a bit more tedious a task than it really needed to be. Luckily, that’s no longer an issue. I’ll show you how to get setup in this four minute video quick tip.

Step 1. Edit your Functions.php Page

// Enable support for post-thumbnails


// If we want to ensure that we only call this function if
// the user is working with WP 2.9 or higher,
// let's instead make sure that the function exists first

if ( function_exists('add_theme_support') ) {

Step 2. Insert the Image Tag into your Loop

Within the “if have_posts()” loop, simply place this piece of code anywhere you like. At that point, WordPress will insert an image tag onto the page accordingly. Please note that you’ll have access to a “wp-post-image” class that you may then work with to format/style the image.

<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>

Socialengine (smarty) – Desi 2

Socialengine (smarty) – Desi 2
Brief –
Need homepage web page re-designing

Details –
I am planning on creating a custom development which will be based on / modifying the Social Engine script. As the script uses the Smarty template system you will need to be familiar with this system. I am ONLY wanting the homepage re-desiging at this stage, so I can get an idea what can be done with Smarty.

I really like the colour scheme, fonts, top menu bar and layout used on gracieacademy(.)com and would use this site for my main inspiration. And I also like the combined login/register box used on skinpoison(.)com

What I want on the homepage
Header – logo (I will provide), support link (with flash light up), contact us
Main – loign/register box, space for flash “what is” presentation (just a blank jpeg to show location, flash not being created yet), 3 or 4 graphical links, News section(test, will be replaced with RSS), Event section(test)
Footer – copyright, privacy policy, SSL certificate logo, version number

Will need a lot of work doing for development design and in depth coding, so if you know SoicalEngine we could hopefully do a lot of work together.

Terms –
You will need to be familiar with SocialEngine and Smarty
100% Payment will be made immediately on completion of work, or escrow can be used,And then feedback left.
Positive for a job well done 🙂
Please contact me with any questions that you have BEFORE biding

Quick Template Tweak & Upload

Quick Template Tweak & Upload

I have a full template that needs some text edited and links refreshed.

Attached is am image of the template I will be sending, so you can see how simple this job is.

I expect the project done super fast and uploaded to my site.

This is he first of 10 similar project. So a good job done will can lead to more.

Many thanks for ready my project

Modify Our Websites Portfolio

Modify Our Websites Portfolio
The task is to create a databas based portfolio located in a thickbox, where you can upload projects ( incl. text png/jpeg images).

Currently we have a portfolio with a database but the problems are:
1. it’s too slow to load the portfolio cause everything loads at the same time 2. the old design needs update 3. We need an easy way to add new projects to the portfolio through the browser (a cms for the portfolio).

Overview for all projects (overview.jpg)

The attached images have explanations in swedish, here is translation:
kategori val 1 = category choise 1:
This is four main categories,
1. the first symbol (the factory) show all projects,
2 the second symbol (ipod box) is programming, 3.the third symbol (the eye) is communication, 4. the last symbol (the triangle) is design

each category will have sub categories = translation: kategori val 2

The portfolio will have a page index which should direct the user to correct page. (translation: Direkt sidbyte)

The big black page changing buttons should have an animated hover function, and grow out with mouse.

IMPORTANT: When clicking the page changing button the entire page (div) should scroll left or right and the new page should appear.
(u can use easyslider if u want)

The images that are shown in the overview should be shown depending on what category they are assigned to.
For example: IF design is chosen for main category, and sub category web is ticked, then the picture tagged with web is shown in the overview. IF user untick web, and tick branding, THEN the branding tagged image is shown for the same project.

Conclusion: each project can have different pictures shown depending on which sub category 2 is ticked.

Project View (projectview.jpg)
Back button = translation: tillbaks knapp

When clicking the image it should open up in a lightbox preferably =
translation: förstora knapp

The images to the right= translation: byta bilder knapp, should switch the main image.

Like in the project view the big black switch page button should make the page scroll left or right like the previous.

It is very important that the project design is nice and code is structured, so other programmers can modify it without problem.

If you dont understand everything I be available on msn or skype.
You will get ftp and database acces. The database is already structured, in english.

Small Facebook Page Project

Small Facebook Page Project
Hi, I have a small project. Please read below:


1. Add a “custom tab” to an existing Facebook Page. The “custom tab” will take you to a new page you will create:

Inside the page, you can

a) type in your “favorite drink”, hit submit – and
b) be able to share your “favorite drink” on your wall – and
c) have friends be able to become a fan of the page and suggest someone to join

2. The new page will also need to display the top drinks, which will need to hookup to a database.

3. I will also need a way to pick entries/usernames at random (maybe simple math + mySQL) – this can be on a html/php page

Should be simple. Thanks,


Under 2000 Usd Clone Myspace

Under 2000 Usd Clone Myspace

Do NOT bid on creating social network script or selling any Social Network Script software. I have almost all version of them.

I need additions customisation applied to an already existing script / software that utilizes social network concept.

Require programmer/s / team/s with experience in social network platform software

These software have most of the functionalities required and have worked fine and we need customisation of same on a strict time frame.
People with previous solid social networking experience contact ASAP.
People with experience on Boonex, Dolphin and such script will be given preference.

This is 1 job of several jobs to be created.

Agree to and sign a non disclosure agreement regarding the privacy of our software and site details.
The site and its files are strictly confidential and not for distribution or to be used by the programmer/s or 3rd parties.

Magento Migration

Magento Migration
I’m willing to pay $180-$250 for this work. It must be done in 21 days or less. Visual progress must be show everyday.

My client has a site that needs to be moved over to a magento template she bought. This migration will also involve you installing the magento template on her new server.

Project requirements:

• Understand EXISTING Store with approximately 500 SKUs is currently at:
http://store.mysite.com hosted by an online shopping cart.
Login to e-store admin to be provided.

• The Main Site is at:
www.mysite.com hosted by another hosting company on a shared server.
Login to Server to be Provided.

• Store Pages will be Magento and URLs of ALL product pages redirected so that everything is now on ONE site.

• Content Pages will need to be easily edited. So a plugin to edit each page or add pics to each page. Just like jooomla. I know magento has a lot of these plugins. The main goal of the plugin will also be to edit and add the 100 or so articles she has.

• Require thorough analysis of existing site structure and map out of new structure/map/nav system/menus/categories/url re-naming.
• Site structure is to be re-created / redirected to new URLs

• Data Migration of Products, Customers, Order History Databases, Images, and Product Downloads in my new Magento Store.
• The client wants to be able to ftp a page over if she so chooses. I know this is weird and hard to do, but she needs it to be able to change pages look then ftp it over like you would a regular html page. We can limit the pages she can do this with, but atleast some pages need to work like this. So it needs to the Ability to FTP my SOME “SQUEEZE PAGES” outside of CMS to server and have them display with no additional coding necessary to .htaccess file.

• Migrate old Blog from Blogger to Wordrpess

• Link Pages will be LinkMachine; Optionally, we can use a magento plugin for this if it works better and import existing links. And Design to Flow with the rest of the Joomla Skin.

• Affiliate Program: idevaffiliate; Existing data needs to remain in TACT. And Design flows with the rest of the Joomla SKIN. Will provide Magento Integration instructions from their site.

• Fulfillment will be handled by SBC-Fulfillment – They have a Magento Extension.

• Aweber Code: 1) Popup, comes up on every page of site, including store pages, 2) also within the skin somewhere static on the site.

• SiteMeter HTML Code on every page

• Affiliate and Google Adwords Tracking code on “Success or Thank you Page”

• Google Analytics Code throughout every page

• I-phone Recognition/Template (Magento Extension)
• Magento Pages – Require WYSIWYG editor in ALL pages

• Easily upload my digital products through FTP.

• Study a couple sites of my competitors and some other sites I’ll share with you to make recommendation:

Other features/functions/extensions/plugins:

• Testimonial Slider/Rotator
• Featured Products Slider/Rotator
• Big attractive rotating banner, like on my site I have now …
• Easy way for me to add YouTube Videos to site.
• “Add This” Bottons, integrated to show up on all content pages and product pages.
• “Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIN links/images/banner to my online profiles integrated into SKIN.
• Secure ONE-PAGE Checkout – page turns to https:
• Connect to Cybersource (My Merchant Account) – Magento has extension for this
• Customer can Bypass Checkout – Using Express Checkout Methods; Paypal, Amazon, or Google
• Set up Shipping: Please set this up according to the fulfillment center specs.
• Advise on Personalize the Automatic Emails that get sent
• Set up for Wholesale or Advise on this

Provide 6 months – 12 months support on Bugs/Glitches to be included.

Any design changes or mods she wants to the look must be made.

Basic Html

Basic Html
My e-commerce website currently looks like this (sunstarclothing.bigcartel.com) and I need a web designer to make it look like the screenshot I have provided. Some basic html is required and the project needs to be completed within 2 weeks. I currently own 2 domains and they both need some basic html applied. The work will have to be done through www.bigcartel.com using their design page which I will provide as to not interrupt the e-commerce website itself. Below is a list of tasks to be completed:

– create intro page.
– link (sunstarclothing.com) to (sunstarclothing.bigcartel.com)
– create “header bar” at the top containing page links.
– connect links to their proper pages.
– incorporate mailing list system.
– create “subscribe to mailing” list box.
– upload pictures.
– link social networking sites.

I will provide all the pieces necessary to complete the project, and I basically need a web designer to put it altogether and bring my vision to life. I assume the hardest task of this project would be to incorporate a “subscribe to mailing list” system at the top right corner of the header bar. Please review the project and the screenshots to have an idea of what I am looking for. Thank you in advance.

One Page Website Design

One Page Website Design
I need a unique yet professional design for a website that I am building. All I need is the design for one page (the homepage). It should be user friendly and look great. The final deliverable will either need to be a PSD document or valid HTML and CSS; however, please let me know which you plan to do (HTML or PSD). I expect that the less work it is, the lower the cost. Additionally, I am not looking to spend a lot for a one page design.

I am looking for a talented, flexible designer to do this project who can create a unique relevant design quickly no matter what the site is about. I would like to maintain a relationship where, if this goes well, I will post future projects on Scriptlance privately just for you.

Please provide many samples of your work or your online portfolio