Ghost Set Sound (Human Sounds)

Ghost Set Sound is a great sound effect for creativity, fantasy and ideas. Ghost Set Sound is presented with 3 sound effect options. You yourself can do any time between a sigh and a moan of a ghost. This is convenient when the finished animation, directorial idea or plot. Ghost Set Sound is a classic high quality sound effect and flexible settings for projects and audio collections. Ghost Set Sound great for comics, videos, movies, animation, intro, outro, videos, logos, horror, show, advertising, web, educational videos, tv, radio, youtube, vimeo, trailers, games, 3d graphics, After Effects, Motion Video, etc. As an element of advertising, slideshow, flat animation, infographics, transitions, cinema or other applications and video.

This item includes – wav 44100_16 bit & mp3_44100_320 kbps in zip file. 1. Ghost Set Sound 1 (0:12) 2. Ghost Set Sound 2 (0:09) 3. Ghost Set Sound 3 (0:10) Total playing time, sfx Ghost Set Sound 0:31

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Download Ghost Set Sound (Human Sounds)

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