QuadAir Roadster 7i (Vehicles)

2D Concept Art in 3D?

Yes, these are based on 3D geometry. I’ve developed tools that allow me to explore and invent as freely in 3D as I can with 2D tools (traditional or digital)… perfect for concept work. But make no mistake—these are 2D Concepts… not 3D models. If you want to know more about the process, please see the Blog link in my profile.

QuadAir Roadster 7i Concept

  • Highly realized Vehicle concept.
  • Compressed Air powered Ultralight
  • For the driver who always wanted to pilot a cartoon

In the ZIP Package

High Rez Grouped/Layered Photoshop files:

  • Detailed Multi-Layer, Multi-View Blueprint with major vehicle components in seperate layers for isolation/clarity.
  • Multi-Layer, 4-view Design Sheet with:Alternate views of Convertible and Hardtop modes; Alernate Line Drawing Layers and Editable text.
  • Annotated twin Exploded View sheet w/editable text layers.
  • All created with ultra-clean, descriptive line work — Not based on meshes.
  • All Photoshop images more than 3000px in larger dimension.

Quicktime Movie:Bonus: See the turntable movie right now

  • Simple 360 degree (1 degree per frame) turntable of the QuadAir Roadster. Quicktime Player required.


  • Help File – Notes about setup of Photoshop files, info on the images & concepts.
  • Concept Description – Notions on History/Storyline and possible uses.

I’ve worked to provide high aesthetic quality and useful imagery — beautiful presentation materials, if you are going that route — and just pleasant to look at and work with.

Note: The Photoshop files use Adobe’s Lithos Pro font (has shipped with Photoshop for many years, so you probably have it). As an alternate, all-caps Helvetica will work.

Download QuadAir Roadster 7i (Vehicles)

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