HDRI Spherical Map [P025] (HDR Images)

Create stunning reflections and lighting and get 3D renderings of the highest quality with realistic shadows and reflections.

This is Full Spherical 360×180° High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) without any disturbing elements (e.g. camera/photographer), so you’re able to use it as high-end source of reflection for your renderings.

HDRI is generated from 9 differently exposed images (2EV stops).

HDR Panorama is provided in the industry standard .HDR format, so it is supported in most popular 3D-applications, such as 3ds max, Blender, Cinema4D, Image Studio (Alias), LightWave, Maya and dedicated renderers like Vray, Yafray, Yafaray and Kerkythea.

1 HDRI 6000×3000px (full spherical 32-bit, format hdr)
1 HDR 2048×1024px (reflection spherical map 32-bit, format hdr)
1 HDR 360×180px (environment spherical map 32-bit, blurry, format hdr)
1 BACKGROUND MAP 6000×3000 (spherical map 8-bit, format tiff)
Containing sIBL file.

Download HDRI Spherical Map [P025] (HDR Images)

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